Trudeau Uses Pandemic To Imitate China-Style Citizen Data Capture

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Canada’s COVID Alert app, frequently promoted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a way for users to protect their health, is being used for data collection say a government panel.

The App Advisory Council has been investigating what purpose the Liberal government-promoted application could be used for “beyond a government service to Canadians and the public health systems.”

The degree to which Cultural Action Party are surprised by this development is zero. This is, after all, a staple of society as maintained within communist nations such as China. In fact, the country so admired by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau happens to be the world leader in private citizen data accumulation.

Surveillance Society:

China had originally developed what it called a “Golden Shield” surveillance system,  allowing access to national, and regional records on each citizen. This ambitious project has thus far been mostly confined to a content-filtering Great Firewall.

“Based on government’s monitoring of Chinese citizens, it’s clear that China puts a greater emphasis on government access to data than it does on protecting individual and company privacy.”

Because of this, Beijing gains further control over Chinese society, while leaving data security of its citizens vulnerable to exploitation.

Is the government of Canada utilizing the current pandemic to mirror the practices of the Chinese government? Could the Covid virus be functioning as subterfuge for a full scale Canadian citizen data capture agenda?

In how many ways has CAP pointed out the “coincidental” parallels between the political behaviour of China’s government, and the Liberal Party of Canada?

We are beginning to lose count. And still there are new examples. Good thing we do it, so that a sliver of society can gain insight into the matter. Just think if CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and National Post followed suit.

On this basis, it is possible that general society would come to comprehend the agenda of the Trudeau government. Unfortunately, this has not–and never willoccur. What can one conclude other than mainstream media’s total dedication to protectionism surrounding Canada’s Great Reset agenda?

“The Council has indicated the Government of Canada must continue to carefully consider the risks of public perception and trust from a privacy perspective when considering additional data collection.”

“The expected outcomes associated with additional data collection should be clearly articulated to ensure it outweighs the risk.”

Such is the folly of this committee’s thinking. Amazing how naive bureaucrats can be. From CAP’s perspective, the inherent risk is the goal. In the fashion of communist societies, our ruling government want to collect as much personal data as humanly possible.

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Why does government want this? Because data is power. A quick example. Consider a customer card from Safeway Foods. Say this entitles a shopper to a 10% discount– ostensibly a benefit to the customer. And yet, this benefit cannot hold a candle to the benefit for Safeway Corporation.

Through a process called “data mining” the corporation learns the tastes, preferences and buying habits of customers based upon age and related metrics.

So it is in data collection for government. Here’s a hypothetical example: the data shows that the use of Mandarin, Farsi and Punjabi languages are growing exponentially in Canada.

Holding this knowledge, government could justify a change in Canada’s Official Language Policy.  Justin Trudeau now has the hard evidence. Lacking this, such a decision would be arbitrary.

Such is a theoretical example of the power of citizen data capture. And as every astute Canadians knows, power means absolutely everything to PM Justin Trudeau. Understanding voter-habits and related information is gold in the hands of our Liberal government.

Once again, Justin Trudeau has torn a page from the “Great Playbook” of his preferred form of governance– communism.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

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