Trudeau Using Race, Ethnicity To Re-Define Canadian Society

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“Gagandeep Singh was the driver speeding the wrong way down the busy Greater Toronto Area (GTA) highway after attempting to rob a liquor store in Bowmanville, ON. He crashed killing four people including himself.”

“Singh, who was fleeing from police, was reportedly an illegal immigrant out on bail for multiple other crimes, one of them allegedly violent.”  

Four Canadians are dead, including one infant and two grandparents. Sad it is, made more so by way of a comment from Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland:

“Freeland said it was ‘not very Canadian’ to point these details out, such as Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre who has, since reports of the driver’s background surfaced.”

The tragic situation bringing about a fundamental question. What makes a citizen of our country “very Canadian?” Is it accurate to claim that our Liberal government’s view of what it means to be Canadian exists in contrast to the general public’s idea of its meaning?

PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are doing everything in their power to lock-in a unilateral definition of what it means to be a Canadian. Their version constitutes the essence of globalist ideology— incessant focus on what they consider to be Canada’s “oppressed” communities stands at the pinnacle of political ideology.

In this regard, Liberal government social hierarchy is borderline fascist in conception. Step-by-step, in incremental fashion, Team Trudeau are engaging in an agenda of social inversion, first alluded to with the PM’s “post-modern” society proclamation.

At the top of the social ladder sits Trudeau’s preferred peoples: Muslim, Sikh, Chinese, Homosexual, Transsexual. It is this structure which puts forth the proposition that the Liberals stand in support of the oppressed, the down-trodden, and “racialized” victims of hatred, bigotry and xenophobia.

Lost in translation is the impact of Liberal government social policy for the rest of us. It’s one thing to advocate for social equality; it’s another thing to purposefully damage and erode particular segments of society.

That mainstream media neglect to focus on these concepts is, in CAP’s opinion, entirely calculated. It’s one thing for government to approach race and ethnicity in a capacity applying to all. For example, a hypothetical statement of this nature issued by our prime minister:

“The Liberal government values all identifiable communities in Canada: white, black, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Gay et al.”

To which we add a compelling point. In nearly nine years of our current incarnation of a Liberal government, not one of their MPs, or the prime minister, has made a public statement of this nature.

If they did, it would constitute the bald-faced lie of the century. Take the residential school unmarked graves accusations as one example:

“Despite Claims Of 215 ‘Unmarked Graves,’ No Bodies Have Been Found”

“The remains of these missing children buried individually or in a mass grave, have received no confirmation.Despite making explosive claims about ‘missing children’ and ‘undocumented deaths,’ Chief Casimir was still careful to add that, ‘at this time, we have more questions than answers.'”

“Such a note of caution didn’t stop the media, politicians and nearly everyone else from acting as if they had more answers than questions.”

The sub-text of the situation resulted in an attack on the Christian faith, and in more ways than one. First, there is tangible damage in the form of 85 Catholic Churches being set ablaze or vandalized.

In a broader context, the Trudeau government placed a black mark on the forehead of the Christian faith. Branding the arson attacks “understandable,” the PM indulges in religious community bias, rendering Canadian churches “not worth bothering about.”

In contrast, CAP point to a recent ethnic-related development:

May 4th, 2024-– Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today highlighted investments included in Budget 2024 to preserve Sikh Canadian heritage:

” With a $6 million investment, we’ll be working closely with the Sikh Arts and Culture Foundation and the Royal Ontario Museum to build a space dedicated to Sikh arts, culture, and heritage.”

In contrast, we point to animosity targets those of Judeo-Christian heritage, where the doors swing open to militant hatred against an original settler community, based on warring factions in the Middle East:

“As a result, the Jewish community is subject to abuse, intimidation, obstruction and to vandalism of their businesses, community centres and places of worship.”

The Liberals pretend to care, but they really don’t. What we speak of goes to the core of general society, and the idea that instead of “managing” a nation, Trudeau is in the business of permanent national transformation. On this basis, our traditional communities are being run-down in favour of 3rd World ethnic communities so deeply coveted by the Feds.

In this regard, nothing can touch Liberal Party devotion to Canada’s Islamic community. All-pervasive it is. Media won’t inform you, but after China and India comes the Middle Eastern and Africa. Quietly perpetuated by former Liberal immigration minister and half-citizen of Somalia MP Ahmed Hussen, the set-up for mass Muslim migration to Canada is ready to roll.

We zone in on the high-level agenda at hand. We have here Justin Trudeau’s version of a “Silent Revolution,” a tip-of-the-hat to Mao Tse Tung’s Silent Revolution in China.In this regard, the silences are manifold. Silence regarding the future of Canadian society being front-and-centre in media’s suppression of the future, and ultimate destiny of our country.

Truth is, the set-up came early in the game. Immediately upon securing office, the Liberals began to unroll an unprecedented assault on mainstream society. The ticket was racism, and it still is. By branding oppression against minorities  “systemic” in nature, Trudeau knowingly assaulted Canada at its very core.

Out of government’s sacrifice of “Old Stock” Canadians came the vicissitudes that set-up Canada for its fall. “Ours is a racist, xenophobic, and homophobic society.” New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh, has said so much, in addition to branding our country “genocidal.”

Working the “colonialism as a crime” angle,  our government transitioned Canada to a self-hating, masochistic society. And not only a decimation of our original settler communities, but a pre-meditated assault on the institution of democracy itself.

It’s the “thing” about prime ministers from the Trudeau family. They forever give Canada away to foreign interests. Pierre Trudeau with his ingratiation of China; Justin Trudeau and the importation of Sikhism and Islam.

Conveniently, or financially motivated, legacy media never piece together the puzzle for Canadians to comprehend–  a primary reason for the success of the woke globalist assault.

It is really “un-Canadian” to speak out against an illegal immigrant from India who killed four innocent citizens, as Chrystia Freeland claims? Bollocks to that– it’s a sad joke. But does it really matter?

Seems no matter what Canadians believe, desire or request, the Liberals have no interest. They are playing the long game, and in this regard, they have learned from the best– their friends from the government of China.

Understanding the likelihood of a Pierre Poilievre-led election victory, Team Trudeau put the pedal to the metal in terms of leaving the Conservatives with a fractured society and sub-standard economy.

Media are set-up do their part, the goal of which is to thrash the living hell out of a future Conservative federal government. After which the Liberals return to do what they do best– destroy Canada and re-inventing it as 3rd World dominated, Anglophone-oppressing socialist state.

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