Trudeau Using Covid To Pursue Dictatorial Status For Canada

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Within authoritarian societies, government pursuit of control of its citizenship is top priority. Most Canadians understand how a country like China epitomizes this political dynamic.

In Canada, not so much. Despite obvious factors such as the pandemic’s dissemination from China in early 2020, those who marginally follow our political landscape are having trouble making a connection.

Since the advent of Covid, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been using the virus to move Canada toward a condition of neo-communism. Because this structure involves government control of a nation’s media, the truth can be difficult to discern.

As published by True North News, Justin Trudeau recently stated that  “Covid’s not done with us yet,” urging Canadians to get boosted every six months to avoid restrictions, lockdowns and mandates in the winter.

He said 80 to 90% of Canadians need to be “up to date” with their vaccinations for this to happen.

Cultural Action Party offer a variation on the statement:

It isn’t that Covid is “not done with us yet.” It’s that Trudeau is not done utilizing Covid to restrict our personal freedoms. Big difference. How much more blatant can it be?

Covid comes from China, a communist society. Upon arrival, Canada begins to morph into a neo-communist society.

“Justin Trudeau is fundamentally transforming Canada. Disturbing trends continue to show that Canada is tending increasingly to resemble China’s basic dictatorship.”

“This is part of a Digital monitoring of people in Canada. It fits a pattern that Justin Trudeau is interested in emulating, namely that of the Chinese Communist Party, specifically what they call the Social Credit System.

There you have it– not. These words are drawn from an interview in a non-Canadian publication called FrontPage News. As opposed to this commentary appearing on the front page of Canadian news– a virtual  impossibility in 2022.

Is PM Trudeau intentionally using the pandemic to instill fear in society to an extent that Canadians willingly give up their individual rights?

It worked for fascist governments of history. All totalitarian takeovers include a common theme– creation of a vilified nemesis community. For Trudeau, it’s the “unvaxxed” of society. The fact that these people mainly consist of white Conservatives is not a coincidence.

We speak of a community that is being transitioned to the doghouse of society. Driving Truckers, Oil Workers, and Farmers into the dirt has its advantages. So too does dividing Canadians by ethnicity. New Arrival citizens are Justin’s preferred peoples, Old Stock communities are extraneous. End of Story.

Well, not quite.

“As winter comes, there’s a real risk of another wave of Covid. We must ensure everyone is up-to-date on their vaccinations. We have new vaccines coming out this month that are tailored against Omnicon, and everyone should get out and get vaccinated.”

— PM Justin Trudeau

Can patriots not see the set-up? Reading between the lines tells us that Trudeau wants Canadians to believe citizens can never become fully vaccinated. And the outcome is? Try perpetual control of 38 million citizens by way of the pandemic “fear factor.”

Our country is in serious trouble. How plainly does CAP have to state it? Through this method of control, previously existing rights–best exemplified by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms— are sublimated. All for the good of the public, of course.

CAP call it a ruse. It’s nothing short of a communist-inspired bid for transition from a healthy democracy to authoritarian state. As found in China, the country which Justin Trudeau “most admires.”

How it works: a Covid jab is only effective for a six-month term. As Andrew Lawton of TNC states, this places Canadians “on a carousel of boosters to go to the end of time.” 

Translation: Perpetual control of our citizenship. Perfect for a wanna-be dictator like Justin Trudeau.

“When you see someone masked in another country, what do you call them?”

Answer: a Canadian tourist. Ours is the singular country in the western world that has decided it wants to live in “Covidstan.”

As in, government has decided for us. To overlook this is the greatest of errors. When Mr. Lawton speaks of the unique application of Covid, he’s telling us that our federal government’s approach to the pandemic is one-of-a-kind. It’s unique nature belies a fundamental truth:

Canadian society is being manipulated into transference away from a liberal democracy, and into a Liberal Dictatorship. The point here is not that Covid doesn’t exist, or that the pandemic is necessarily fake.

The message is that our government is unique in its utilization of Covid. In Trudeau’s post-modern society, it exists as a political weapon. So too for Canadian media, paid to tow the Trudeau line till the cows come home on an Alberta Beef Farm.

Is there any element within society that Trudeau and his Liberals will not leverage to twist Canada into a condition no citizen ever asked for?

The answer is no. We speak of fundamentals of authoritarian governance. Every aspect of society is grist for the communist indoctrination mill. This is how the government of China–with media as disseminator– control the behaviour of its 1.3 billion citizens.

Justin Trudeau has brought this to our country– and there’s more to come. In 2022, Canada is being pushed toward replication of the communist nations Trudeau most admires.

Internet censorship– an emulation of China’s Great Internet Firewall— is on the horizon as we speak. The ArriveCan app represents our country’s move toward replication of China’s Social Credit System. Ditto for Digital ID, today a staple of Chinese society.

Not only does Justin Trudeau admire China– he wants Canada to be them. If not for establishment media, a majority of Canadians would comprehend this in clear terms.

2 thoughts on “Trudeau Using Covid To Pursue Dictatorial Status For Canada”

  1. “Justin Trudeau recently stated that “[I’m] not done with [you] yet…” BTW–As readers likely know; The nine month booster was reduced to every six months–It’s now down to every three months. We live in interesting times.

    The months ahead will be full of (non) unpleasant surprises. Trudeau’s gonna Trudeau….Pretty easy to predict his moves. “Fully injected” will now be how many shots? If Pierre P. wins the CPC leadership on Saturday; he’ll hold Trudeau to account. That is; if Turdo shows up in the House of commons. (Will there even be a sitting Parliament??) Trudeau is in for a fight.

    I think most sensible Canadians have had more than a belly full of this (power grab) Covid theater. More toxic; potentially fatal “boosters?” No way. Trudoh–There will be “consequences.” Yes–For him politically; we hope.

  2. Prince Philip reportedly said: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”
    Hopefully he infects the transminister to the point of skeletal remains. 😎


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