Trudeau Uses LGBT, Islamophobia To Destroy Freedom Of Speech In Canada

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A Liberal government bill that will require Google and Meta to pay media outlets for news content that they share or otherwise repurpose on their platforms has become law in Canada.

Ostensibly for the purpose of creating laws to establish a level playing field between online advertising giants and a shrinking news industry, ramifications of Bill C-18 reach beyond global tech giants paying royalties for news exposure on social media.

In what has become a standard in PM Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, it’s the unspoken and unexposed which are of equal or greater concern. That’s the way government want it to be. The tactic, appropriated from authoritarian governments of history, runs like this:

The main goal– in this case censorship of the internet– is sublimated in favour of a secondary concern positioned to be the main impetus for the passing of a law.

Totalitarian governments of history specialized in this, and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are no different. The bottom line, as it always is with our PM, is control.

Within communist nations, a ruling government has a hand in every critical element of society. In Canada, internet communication is far too freewheeling for the likes of wanna-be dictator Justin Trudeau.

“For the first time in its decade-long history, a Pride festival in Timmins, Ont., had to budget for security this year. Previously, there had been no online threats, no reason to believe safety was any issue. But hateful anti-LGBT rhetoric rhetoric has ramped up across the internet, and the northern Ontario city of 40,000 was not spared.”

Time to tune into the methodology. Next to the Feds, no one wants internet censorship legislation to become a reality more than mainstream media. As a result, government and the press are working together to achieve a common goal.

LGBT politics illustrate our example. Manufactured by government and media to take its place as a critical societal issue, Pride propaganda serves to advance a premeditated government agenda. All criticism is “hate,” and government know what must be done with hate– it must be censored.

Thus providing justification for the passing of an Online News Act, and further  impediments on free speech in Canada.

“A free and independent press is fundamental to our democracy,” says Argentinian import Minister of Heritage, Pablo Rodriguez.

As opposed to independent political blogger Spencer Fernando, who offers his thoughts on internet censorship:

“First and foremost, it’s about the fact that online social media platforms have made it easier for Canadians to question the government and share information.”

“It reduces the power of the government, because even when the government bails out media outlets, independent outlets can still thrive on social media. This creates an avenue for Canadians to – if they choose – bypass government narratives.

Say no-can-do on that one. Within authoritarian societies, bypassing government narratives is a giant no-no. Reality is what the ruling government say it is– the exact goal of PM Trudeau and his neo-communist crew of political actors in Ottawa.

If there was no trouble, there would be no need for censorship. To facilitate an erasure of freedom of speech, the powers that be look to what the school of psychology label fundamentals of human existence: race and sexuality.

On the sex-gender side, we have LGBT and Pride. On the race-religion front, we have something government-media refer to as “Islamophobia.” We note an affinity among these disparate social conditions. Place an identifiable community on a pedestal– as  Trudeau has done with Canada’s Muslim communities, and witness the social consternation which naturally results.

Can it be a coincidence that all criticism of LGBT and Islam arrive in the same swimming pool of condemnation? “This is hate” — end of story. It’s what legacy media have to say, and it’s what Justin Trudeau has to say.

Of course, if no hate exists, no justification for internet censorship will exist either.

Bingo. Astute Canadians come to comprehend the globalist gameplan.

Step 1: Government create the circumstances to justify internet censorship.

Step 2: As agents of government, media overplay the prejudice card, providing justification for federal control of internet content.

Step 3: In the name of social equity, government pass laws to control internet content, reducing freedom of speech to a level found in communist nations like China.

Think this to be a clever ploy? Not to fret– our Liberal government didn’t think of it. We leave this to historical propaganda ministers like Joseph Goebbels, as well as those in charge of government propaganda at the time of China’s communist revolution and the Russian Revolution under Joseph Stalin.

Let the war games begin: Government/Media against The People.

Cultural Action Party call it Canada’s “Woke Revolution.” Utilizing totalitarian principles of 20th century history, Justin Trudeau is gunning for complete control of Canadian society.

“A government that believes in freedom of speech, and believes in true Liberal Democratic values as we once understood them would be happy to see a proliferation of media outlets and perspectives thriving online, writes Spencer Fernando.

Manufacturing social chaos as justification for seizing control of a society is the modus operandi of our Liberal government.

If not for establishment media, millions of Canadians might come to understand how Justin Trudeau is systemically stripping away individual freedoms in a dying democracy called Canada.

2 thoughts on “Trudeau Uses LGBT, Islamophobia To Destroy Freedom Of Speech In Canada”

  1. I’d like to peer thirty years into the future–and see how all of this plays out. Meanwhile; “The current year”–There aren’t enough expletives to describe the front man for this in-your-face evil. The being behind all of this multipronged destruction is the Lord of the Flies–the source of the unrestrained power we see operating through mini-Fly.

  2. Fernando also believes that Putin is a full-on villain attacking an innocent nation. The reality is, he just wants the plonker that is the Ukrainian “leader” to mind his own damn business. He is simply protecting his own territory and sending a clear message for the other guy to butt out.

    Ukraine’s fight is not our fight, and our money needs to be kept on our shores.


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