Trudeau Uses Black Lives Matter Tactics To Demonize White Canadians

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Against the grain of media presentation, Canada’s National Post recently published an article which breaks a taboo within society.

The article mentions “white people” in the headline. How anti-Justin Trudeau this is. After five-plus years in office, Canada’s ruling prime minister has not once verbally referenced our nation’s caucasian communities.

Within PM Trudeau’s ethnically-obsessed society, has yet to make reference to Anglophone-Canadians, “Old Stock” Canadians, or any variation there of.

This is, of course, 100% intentional. Not to say that our prime minister has not alluded to these folks. This Trudeau has done on many occasions–by indirectly branding Anglophone Canada racist, bigoted, and xenophobic.

“The Liberal government’s recent federal budget includes a massive expansion of race-based programming, including a new drive for race-focused data collection, funding earmarked for what Ottawa is calling equity-deserving groups.”

“It’s a ramping up of an initiative first begun in 2019, when the[Liberal Government began] rolling out antiracism training within its departments in a bid to combat a federal bureaucracy that they asserted was shot through with “systemic racism.” 

How curious it is that within the entire spectrum of “anti-racism” programming, not a single reference has been made to the actual perpetrators of the racism.

Obviously, the guilty are the caucasian citizens of Canada. Thus it is that Anglophone Canadians have been transitioned to a “demonized– yet unmentioned” community. Based upon the history of ethnic oppression, this is an ominous sign indeed.

“Unlike the anti-discrimination movements of the past — which sought only equal opportunity untainted by prejudice — critical race theorists hold that government and society is so immutably slanted towards white people that ignoring race is itself an act of white supremacy.”

As Global Affairs Canada materials espouses,  “if you aren’t an anti-racist, you are complicit.”

How Black Lives Matter this is. The irony cuts like a knife. The entire anti-racist movement instructs society not to stereotype blacks, Asians, Muslims, Sikhs, or any other non-white community. Meanwhile, the most virulent stereotypes toward “whitey” are perpetuated by BLM and others like them.

Extent to which mainstream media question the hypocrisy contained within? Blink, and you missed it–because it doesn’t exist.

Talk about a one-way path to the community doghouse. The Canadian government– Global Affairs Canada in particular– are today perpetuating Black Lives Matter-inspired racism against white Canadians.

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Should concerned citizens be surprised? Not in the least. Every move in this attack upon an identifiable community happens to be pre-ordained.

It all rolls up into something 38 million Canadians have heard about– the “Great Reset” initiative as perpetuated by government, media and our educational institutions.

What we have here is a globalist revolution– an unprecedented, pre-destined political and social transformation. Thinking back on examples of the past, one  commonality sticks in CAP’s craw:

Within all political revolutions, a designated “fall guy” community has been part of the process. 20th century Europe, Cambodia in the 1970’s— you name an example, and a designated “villain community” has been an essential component.

Under Justin Trudeau, Canada’s unspoken revolution involves a national transformation from a free and democratic society to a communist-inspired  socialist dictatorship.

Let readers take a wild guess as to which identifiable group qualifies as post-modern Canada’s “fall-guy” community.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Uses Black Lives Matter Tactics To Demonize White Canadians”

  1. Have you noticed Trudeau is not with his wife anymore. Maybe she is hating what the worst Canadian leader in history is doing to Canadians with all the uneducated decisions ha has made including legalizing pot.What a looser this idiot is I am really ashamed of the country my parents immigrated to.and my dad and 3 uncles fought for in WW11.

  2. I have been telling this to people for years until it effect them personally not on their minds it will be to late by that point


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