Trudeau Uses American Murders For Gun Laws That Would Fail In America

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Canadians would no longer be able “to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns in Canada,” explained PM Justin Trudeau as he leverages an American mass murder incident to validate gun restrictions in our country.

New gun control legislation tabled by the Liberal government this week include a national freeze on the purchase, sale, importation and transfer of handguns. Government has committed to “buying back” assault-style weapons– despite the fact that they didn’t sell them to owners in the first place.

Under the proposed legislation, the Trudeau government could maintain the right to seize handguns from citizens who have committed no crime. Government previously proposed working with provinces and territories to place restrictions on handguns. The Liberals eventually abandoned the idea, consolidating restrictions on a national level.

“The legislation comes after a number of mass shootings in the United States, including a recent shooting at an elementary school that killed 19 children and two adults in Uvalde, Texas. Trudeau said in response to the massacre that Canadians are remarkably united in wanting to reduce gun violence at home.”

In other words, Justin Trudeau leveraged an incident in another country to justify gun law restrictions in Canada. Because our media refrain from pointing this out, they have the privilege to toss aside a critical point:

The Trudeau government’s gun law would be struck down in the United States. Professor of Law Joseph Blocher, whose specialties include constitutional law and the Second Amendment, told Newsweek that he thinks there is “no chance either politically or constitutionally” that a similar ban could gain traction in the United States.

A article published this week in American media outlet The Hill speaks to the issue:

“Trudeau: On Guns, He Seems To Be Operating Under The Wrong Constitution.”

A slight modification may be in order. Justin Trudeau is operating under no Constitution at all. Such is the way in society when the will of government supersedes the will of law.

Far be it for media to ask a salient question: where does it stop? Should government maintain the right to scour the planet in search of incidents that assist in rationalizing domestic policy?

Not that Canada is devoid of home grown gun tragedies. Yet, timing suggests that the  recent murders of 19 students and two teachers in UvaldeTexas, has been utilized by our prime minister to justify gun restrictions in Canada.

In a video report from Fox News, arch Trudeau nemesis Tucker Carlson stated the following:

“It seems that helping prevent school shootings is not the point of this exercise. Amassing more power is the point. We know this from what’s happening north of us. Justin Trudeau wasted no time in using the tragedy in the U.S. to his own political advantage in Canada.”

“Uvalde is more than 2000 miles from Canada. Because of what Salvador Ramos did in Texas, Canadians are no longer allowed to defend themselves. That law would allow authorities to confiscate guns from citizens even when they have not committed a crime.”

What a difference a pseudo-dictator makes. Welcome to “no core identity” Canada– land where the law no longer serves as a core component for government decision-making.

How long before general society comprehend the true status of Trudeau’s post-modern Canada? Government can do what it wants, when it wants, and nothing can be done to stop them. With media rationalizing every draconian move, personal freedoms are being hustled to the periphery of society. When will the Canadian majority come to recognize an irreversible transformation? Right about the time it is too late to prevent our globalist seduction from succeeding.

The Trudeau government leverage American social tragedies to validate laws that would never be passed in America. According to CBC News, “the game-changer is the proposed national ban on the sale and importation of handguns which will stem the flow of these guns.”

Cultural Action Party augment their messaging. This may be a game-changer, but it is not the game changer. This is found in a political transition which must be understood by all Canadians:

Our country has been transformed from an authentic democracy to a neo-communist society. With mainstream media in his pocket, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Cabinet hold the destiny of Canada in the palm of their authoritarian hands.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau Uses American Murders For Gun Laws That Would Fail In America”

  1. In 2009 when I was put on trial as a ‘threat to public safety’ for serving in the military with a firearms license, I attempted to warn people of the consequences of this type of legal/political behavior.

    Our government tried to put me in prison for 5 years, as a preventative measure, to protect the community from some form of violent attack. When I am classified, politically and legally, to be an enemy of our country, for serving it…you may know our country is doomed.

    A house divided cannot stand; this man (Trudeau) and his handlers are ones who divided it. These edicts (not laws) are in place not to prevent tragedy, but to make an Order of Canada the country’s law making process.

  2. The gist of Trudeaus statement: “… Canadians are remarkably united in wanting to reduce gun violence at home.” Excuse me? What gun violence? Canadians are united? People buy this lying shmuck’s imaginary crap by the ton. No wonder we’re sinking fast.


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