Trudeau “Tries Everything To Avoid” China Election Investigation

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In what is progressively degenerating into political theatre, former leader of the Conservative Party MP Andrew Scheer had some pointed words this week for PM Justin Trudeau:

“Justin Trudeau has known about this and has done nothing about it for months. It was only after conservative pressure to call a public inquiry that we are here.”

“Never forget that Justin Trudeau has tried to do everything to avoid this,” claimed Scheer. “He had to be dragged kicking and screaming.”

Of course he has. It should be apparent to all Canadians that what has been alleged– Chinese government meddling in past federal elections– may well be part of a plot to instal Mr. Trudeau as prime minister of Canada.

If it isn’t, then mainstream media are responsible for the obfuscation. Don’t you know? CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and other leading media outlets work for Justin Trudeau. In return, the PM shuffles off billion of taxpayer dollars each year to keep media pumping out anti-Conservative Party rhetoric, in addition to a general cover-up of Liberal government improprieties.

Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] has said it before: within a healthy democratic environment, a scandal of this magnitude would bring down a ruling federal government.

Because we live in what has been transitioned to a pseudo-democracy, also known as a neo-communist state, it hasn’t happened. Perhaps backroom Liberal strategist Kate Telford— a person fundamental to PM Trudeau’s socialist seduction of Canada– offered up a well-worn strategy.

“We need to drag out the investigation as long as possible. We will waste three months by employing ‘good family friend’ of the Trudeaus, David Johnson, as ‘special investigative agent’ per China’s election interference.”

After this amounts to nothing, we’ll select a Liberal-biased judge from Quebec to head up a fresh inquiry. It too will amount to nothing. After nine months pass, all the energy will be drained out of the spectacle.

Such it is that Quebecois Liberal Cabinet member Dominique Leblanc selected Quebecois judge Justice Marie-Josée Hogue to “work her magic” regarding election interference by the government of China.

Astute observers in Quebec would call this a “cirque a trois pistes.” In English, it means a “three ring circus.”

In ring #1, our Liberal government. Ring #2 contains the government of China. In the 3rd ring, mainstream media.

Intertwine the rings, and witness one of the greatest potential political injustices in Canadian history. Marie-Josee Hogue to pronounce the Liberal Party guilty? Not for all the farms in Cuba.

We come to understand the essence of Liberal Party politics. Do anything and everything to fool 40 million Canadians into believing that we are dealing with “the party who cares.” Position social justice as a core component, thereby fooling voters into believing in “moral righteousness” as professed by the Liberals.

“We will always stand up for the downtrodden of the world. 150 of these downtrodden can begin fighting in the streets of Canadian cities, as refugees from a backwater dive called Eritrea have been inflicting on our society.”

It’s a sham, to be sure. Distilling Liberal government policy down to its essence, CAP come up with the fundamentals:

— Import millions of Liberal voters into Canada for the purpose of maintaining a Liberal government in perpetuity(emulation of Chinese communism).

— Overwhelm Canada’s “Old Stock” and Anglophone citizens via mass migration(transition whitey to minority community).

— Reinvent Canada as a neo-communist society, to be followed by the real thing( import so many 3rd World migrants that existing Conservative ridings transfer to Liberal control).

— Position all push-back as racism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia(brand society racist haters).

–Purchase media to deceive our citizenship(China-style propaganda).

Pray-tell, fellow patriots? Who came up with this dastardly plan? It can’t be Trudeau himself. He doesn’t have the brains for it. Kate Telford? Gerald Butts? Possibly– with the influence of what has been shaping Canadian society since day one of Trudeau’s reign.

International forces from beyond our borders. Globalist entities like United Nations and China. Socialists such as Klaus Schwab from World Economic Forum. “Good friend” of Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, media mogul George Soros. Foreign environmental organizations like Tides Corporation. Virus-pushers like World Health Organization. Non-profit Open Border Society, and many more.

“Conspiracy theory!” scream detractors.  Perhaps, and perhaps not.

Regardless of culpability, one point is difficult to deny. The complexity of the assault on freedom and democracy in Canada could not be cooked up by a bunch of MP backbenchers. Nor could the PMO come up with this independently.

The entire structure reeks of international political collusion. The Liberal Party began selling Canada to China and other globalist entities a long time ago. So far back that Pierre Trudeau was prime minister at the time.

Apart from a few Conservative government blips, the Liberal-Quebecois-China triumvirate has been politically dominant. Together, these forces have been chewing away at the tree trunk of democratic governance in Canada for more than half a century.

In 2023, the dynamic has culminated in a mock investigation of election interference by the Liberal-Quebecois cabal.

There is, however, one obstacle standing in the way of being permanently transitioned to China’s North American plaything– a victory for the Conservative Party in an forthcoming federal election.

In order for this possibility to come to fruition, one thing is needed: a fair, impartial federal election free of foreign intervention. Will it happen? Or rather, is Canada going to be once again manipulated via foreign election interference as a fourth consecutive term is handed to the Liberals.

The future of freedom and democracy in Canada hangs in the balance. And the deadline for the Liberal-Quebec judge to hand in her verdict on China’s interference?

 “Justice Marie-Josée Hogue, the new commissioner of a public inquiry into foreign interference, will have 16 months to conduct an in-depth probe into China, Russia and others’ efforts to disrupt Canada’s democratic institutions, a deadline experts worry is extremely tight for the scope of the task.”

By which time all emotional resonance will have been extracted from the investigation. Communist types sure are a sneaky bunch, eh?

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  1. I would say that this piece pretty much hits the nail on the head!!

    When you see Africans on a street in Canada, behaving like this, it’s an example of what a Communist State, Dictatorships, and Banana Republics look like?? Trudeau has no love for the ordinary citizen in this country, his type of gov’t works on the backs of these types of administrations, again, found in “Third World Countries”!!

  2. fear of the reds has been in existence since 1950s “McCarthyism”, it’s an excuse to put fear into society to impose draconian laws.

    but does brad know this? or is he part of it?

    “fear fear fear” = take your rights away

  3. i can’t read this blog anymore, everything is a threat to brad, except christianity.

    after a certain point, its beyond any meaning.

    believing the saviour of humanity is a white man from a jewish tribe is deep mental illness.

    now you’re going to call me anti white, no brad, why would god’s avatar choose whites over anyone else, why jews? what kind of brainwashing do you have to be part of in order to believe this non sense?

    you’re just as bad as islamists, where if you are called an infidel if you don’t believe what they do

    but if you don’t adhere to christianity, according to brad, you’re the source of all of humanity’s problems – which is everyone not converting to his dogma

    go to st pauls hospital in vancouver, since you live near it, and ask to stay in the psych ward for 2 months. please, do us all a favor


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