Trudeau Trashes “White Politicians”, Canada RACIST NATION Say Federal Party Leaders

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged the last thing many people wanted to hear was another speech on racism from a white politician.

“I’m here because I want you to know that our government is listening. We hear your calls for justice, equality and accountability. We acknowledge your frustration, your anger, your heartbreak.”

So what shall be done about this racist country of Canada? Seems PM Trudeau already has his answer--throw Anglophone and European-Canadians in a collective trash bin.

Who else is in on the action? Try 3rd World-centric NDP Party Leader, Jagmeet Singh–he is always good for a fresh round of hammering the society which years ago permitted his family to migrate to our country.

Jagmeet Singh: “How many more people need to die before there is action? How many more speeches will be made? How many more protests need to happen before something is done?” 

Before “something” is done? Talk about an articulate, lucid statement— Not! What a hollow piece of nothingness this is. And no, the Superior Singh does not name the perpetrators of all  social misery in Canada–white people.

Next, Green Party leader Elizabeth May steps up to deride and disparage her own community:

Denouncing racist acts is one thing, said Green Leader Elizabeth May. “But can we get to the root of it?”

She urged an inquiry to weed out white-power groups in Canada and make sure they are not infiltrating police forces.

Says Ms. May:

“Because if there is one thing scarier than a white supremacist with a gun, it’s a white supremacist with a gun in uniform.”

So the root of racism is white people and their “power groups.” Make sense, fellow Canadian patriots? Now for something completely different:

When is the last time that, as an example, half-Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen slammed Islamic supremacists  for murdering Christians en masse in the Middle East? This would be never.

How about when NDP Globalist Jagmeet Singh took a “pot-shot” at Sikh-Canadians? When has Elizabeth May called out hate preaching from the pulpit of various Canadian mosques by way of their “spiritual leaders?”

How about never. How about the fact that Canadian society has been cajoled into the creation of an anti- European Canadian country. Unlike the self-protectionist nature of 3rd World Canada, many Canadians of Anglophone origin enjoy attacking their own communities.

A natural, organic social development within society? Not a chance. Post- George Floyd murder, Canadians find that Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Elizabeth May and Andrew Scheer have all jumped on board the bandwagon.

It is not Pakistan–a nation which persecutes Christians on a daily basis–that is a racist nation. Guess what? China’s imprisonment of over one million Muslims is not racism. Afghanistan is rated the number one persecutor of Christians on planet earth.

A racist nation? In MP Hussen’s Somalia, being a Christian will automatically open the door to a jail cell. Racist?  No– in the minds of Trudeau, Singh and countless Anglo-bashing politicians, journalists and university professors, it is CANADA which is a racist nation.

You know the one, right? This is a western country that maintains the highest per-capita immigration quotas in the world. The hero of the “multicultural warriors” is Pierre Trudeau, founder of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Buried By CBC: Trudeau Sells Off All CANADIAN GOLD, Selling Gold Industry To China

Canada– which institutionalized anti- Anglophone “diversity” ideology for the benefit of new 3rd World arrivals to our nation. How much of this form of legislation and civil rights implementation is found in Saudi Arabia, Iraq or China?

Nothing at all. CAP will say it again: Our nation as it existed for its first 150 years is gone. The true meaning of Trudeau’s post-modern Canada has now been revealed.

Or it would be, if Canadian media were not in the Anglo-bashing business along with government.

A most interesting paradox: by way of establishment media in Canada, when a non-white migrant from Somalia commits a crime, media brand the incident an “isolated case.”

People must not generalize. In no manner does the incident apply to a larger general community, identifiable religion or anything of the sort. Government, media and our academic world remain wholly vigilant in this regard.

Conversely, when a punk from Quebec murders Muslims in cold blood, the stain shall be upon all Canadians. By way of media, the incident is directly related to the Christchurch murders located 10,000 km away in New Zealand.

In other words, the incident is leveraged by mainstream media to disparage ALL Canadians of European heritage. Who takes the action on this? Why, this would be Canadians of European heritage--who are “partnering up” with Canada-hating ingrate 3rd World journalists handed space in media pages to attack our nation, its history, identity, heritage and culture.

True or false– there MUST be a purpose for this ironic social inversion. Where is this actually leading our nation? Notice how CBC never speak of any aspect of this.

Why not? Because government controls media output–just as government does in China. In other words, a hidden social agenda is flourishing in Canada. Media are prevented from writing about the future of our country.

Since CTV and Globe & Mail have not a single thought on the state-of-our-nation in 2038, CAP will pipe in:

In 2020, Canada is on the verge of serious political and social trans-formation. The post-modern enemy are those who comprise Anglophone Canada, as well as the general European-Canadian community. French Canada gets a break–  due to the Quebecois-centric nature of Canadian politics. 

The communist Trudeau family, their Laurentian Mountain uber-rich buddies, the billionaire Desmarias family(Power Corp), former Bank of Montreal(BMO), Jean Chretien, and other Liberal-Globalists of modern history.

As for English Canada, CAP believe this to be a “marked” community. To locate our people within Justin Trudeau’s post-democratic Canada, kindly check your local trash bins.

Canadian Federal Party Leaders Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May, Jagmeet Singh and Andrew Scheer have all informed our nation that this is where our people belong.

Andrew Coyne, John Ivision, John Ibbitson, Chantal Hebert and other leading Anglophone/Francophone  journalists are going along for the ride. “No problem at all” is the media “catch of the day.”

Talk about a “stacked deck”– yet this is exactly what European-Canadians are up against. Anyone remember a social phenomenon forced upon our nation by Pierre Trudeau?

This is called “equality for all identifiable communities” in Canada. Do you as a citizen believe this to be reality? CAP doesn’t– because it is a lie.

A new Canada must feature new phenomenons– for example. the transition of European-derived citizens to the bottom of the social structure of the dying “Great White North.”



14 thoughts on “Trudeau Trashes “White Politicians”, Canada RACIST NATION Say Federal Party Leaders”

  1. Omg I am soooo sick and tired of turdeau and the garbage he spews out of his mouth .I dont know what canadians he thinks he is speaking for because the majority of canadians hate him and do not want him speaking for us, It must be the voices in his head . Long and short of it you, Trudeau, are a complete moron

    • “Multicult” Canada is getting a huge lift via the George Floyd murder. This is creating Black/Muslim unity as white Canadians head toward second class status in Canada. The goal is to brand all whites as racists,then transfer ll the power they hold to 3rd World Canada.

      Justin Trudeau is leading the charge as Somalian Supremacist MP AHmed Hussen is transformed into some form of “hero” of all non-white peoples in Canada. Within two decades, Anglophone Canada will become the new First Nation…as CAP coined them, “Second Nations” Canada.

      • Yes I’m well aware of communist propaganda, like the CBC and the universities, but I do expect Canadians to do a little research on their own.

        • the more research Canadians did on their own while ignoring CBC and the rest, the better a person understands the trouble-making political methods of King Justin of Kanada.

  2. Has anyone out there heard Trudeau condemning the takedown of John A. MacDonald statues? I can’t recall anything.


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