Trudeau Transitions “Old Stock” Canadians To The Poor House

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“Everything old is made new again.”

A quote attributed to 1700s author Jonathan Swift, it’s been cited by figures as prominent as Winston Churchill and Mark Twain.

In what serves as one of the greatest political cover-ups in the history of Canada, it appears that PM Justin Trudeau has taken the concept into the deepest recesses of his so-called “heart.”

We refer to a social juxtaposition screaming to be understood throughout Canadian society:

Our prime minister has gone and inverted the social order within our country. Those who have yet to pay a dime in taxes are top priority for government. New arrivals to our nation are placed on a silver platter, while long term citizens languish in shrinking bank account balances.

“Old School” Canadians can go take a walk on the wildside. Trudeau doesn’t give a damn what we want. If possible, the PM would take our entire body politic and throw it in Lake Ontario.

Canada is today a hi-jacked nation. As far as generational Canadians go, government are squeezing the life out of old school Canadians, both financially and demographically.

Media say nothing. Even if they did, you can’t read about it on Facebook or Instagram. Like censors straight out of Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union, it’s no-go time on distribution of news media on the world’s top social media platform.

‘Immigration Minister Highlights Tax-Free First Home Savings Account to Help Newcomers Reach Their Home Ownership Goals’

How sweet it is. For Justin Trudeau’s chosen Canadians, that is. As for the rest of us and our offspring, we will not be privy to these kinds of privileges.

“A TD report released in late July also warned that continuing with a high-growth immigration strategy could widen the housing shortfall by about a half-million units within just two years.”

Upon which the Feds respond in kind:

“The Liberals are doubling down on their commitment to bring more people into the country, arguing that Canada needs high immigration to support the economy and build the homes it desperately needs.”

After which CAP offer our commentary:

Written-in-stone, cast in concrete, this social dynamic is here to stay. That is, for as long as the Liberal Party are controlling the destiny of society. Unfortunately, the length of their term in office may well verge on forever.

Cultural Action Party[est.2016] knew it from the get-go. We saw it in the gleam in Trudeau’s eye upon his ascension to the post-modern pulpit of Canada back in 2015. If we were mind-readers, we would say his thoughts at the time went along these lines:

“You people have no idea what’s in store for you now that I am prime minister.”

Eight years later, and we’re still stuck with World Economic Forum’s Queen of the Woke Ball.

“This policy has been implemented largely in response to the steadily escalating housing prices in Canada, which are a combined product of the acute labour shortage in the field of construction and the unprecedented immigration influx that has been witnessed by the country in the recent past.”

How is all this affecting home affordability for the offspring of Canada’s Anglo-European communities?

According to a May, 2023 article from the Financial Post:

“Terrible housing affordability is forcing adults aged 34 and younger to flee the cities in which they grew up, the report said. Younger Canadians also are putting off marriage and waiting longer to have children.”

We ponder the implications. Multi-generational Canadian cannot afford homes, thereby being denied a primary avenue for wealth accumulation: home equity.

Our communities are getting married less often, and having fewer children. We contrast these facts with socio-political policy advanced by the Liberal government.

Abortion. Euthanasia. Diversity. Critical Race Theory. LGBT. Transgenderism.

Every bit of it damaging to “traditional” Canadian communities. On a pragmatic level, we have an introduction of Carbon taxation, record rates of personal and household debt, in addition to rapidly rising inflation.

In the woke Liberal world, those who have paid taxes for decades suffer, while non-tax paying new arrivals are offered the cream of the crop in terms of purchasing their first home on Canadian soil.

Is Justin Trudeau, with full intent, consciously working to invert Canada’s social order? If so, can this be considered ‘payback time’ regarding our nation’s colonial foundation?

Is the motive be found in the English/French cultural dichotomy dating back over two-hundred years? Is government’s long term goal an inversion of society, whereby the “racialized” supercede Anglophone communities in terms of socio-political power?

Is the tacit goal of government to transition white Canadians to the bottom of our nation’s social barrel?

Call CAP crazy, but we believe these questions to be fundamental to present-day society, in addition to the fate of our communities in the long-term.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post, Global News, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal.

Not a single word on any aspect of what we are speaking of. Why? Is it because our theorizing is so far out-to-lunch that it belongs on planet Mars?

Or can it be that media as funded by government are hiding a pre-meditated national transition to an entity no Canadian ever asked for?

Canada’s youth need more than just policy announcements and prayers; they need urgent action” says a report dated May 24, 2023.

Urgent action? Forget about it. Faster than you can say “woke warrior,” all the action is being focused on the Liberal’s preferred class of Canadian: 3rd World immigrants and refugees.

“Immigrant families who have been in Canada for more than two decades tend to be worth more than families who were born in the country, new data from Statistics Canada shows.”

Holy Cow. And here patriots were thinking that Canada’s hard-done by are the immigrants, while whitey spends his time soaking up the sun on a beach in Mexico.

“The average wealth of established immigrant families — those whose major income earner was aged 45 to 64 and landed in Canada at least 20 years earlier — grew from $625,000 in 1999 to $1.06 million in 2016, an increase of $435,000, or more than 69 per cent. Comparable families where the major income earner was born in Canada are worth less on average.”

This doesn’t sound like suffering to CAP. Nor will it for general society. Pourquoi? Because mainstream media refuse to expose such data to 40 million Canadians.

Working in lock-step, the Liberals and their media slaves work to deceive general society, while granting all priority to a chosen “new arrival” class.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Transitions “Old Stock” Canadians To The Poor House”

  1. On a slightly positive note, more ” old stock ” Canadians are taking notice. If you follow the comments section on various media sites, it appears the pendulum is swinging more toward anti immigration in this once beautiful Canada.
    People are reading more & more about crime and discovering media posts like the following today on CP24 ” The three suspects—identified as Richmond Hill residents Ranvir Saffi, 24, Kuljeet Singh Sivia, 23, and Brampton resident Jasman Pannu, 21—are facing 83 charges in total. ”
    And on the west coast, this headline on the Breaker: ” Chinese immigration consultant jailed in Shanghai has deep ties to Vancouver ”
    The Liberal government will continue to ignore ” old stock ” Canadians because it has accomplished forming a group of MP’s that represent the majority of it’s new voter base. What MP will stand in the house or represent the majority of Canadians by mentioning issues that come from their constituents ? Keep telling ” old stock ” Canadians that it’s your fault these immigrants revert to crime.
    And while it’s at it, how about a nice financial donation to your local non profit so you can analyze why all Canadians don’t bow down to you.
    The same MP’s are also coming up with new programs that are geared to these new immigrants so they can have exactly what you worked for all your life. Give it to me now is the attitude and if not, you’re a racist.
    Yes this Country is broken, however even today there’s news suggesting the Feds need to seriously look at the effects of international students as it applies to housing and fraud.
    ” old stock ” Canadians, keep the message going that Canada is a great Country and immigration needs to be assessed.

  2. News title: ‘Immigration Minister Highlights Tax-Free First Home Savings Account to Help Newcomers Reach Their Home Ownership Goals’

    The hidden part: ‘Immigration Minister Highlights [cash infused] First Home Savings Account to Help [non-Whites] Reach Their Home Ownership Goals’ Yeah. Hussen: “Will Two hundred thousand dollars per arrival be a good down payment for my compatriots? Do I hear three?(What about existing immigrants? Where’s their privileged windfall? Somehow; Be certain that they’ll be included in the jackpot.) The Trudeau “government” goblins are hard at work. The polar opposite of government; as it was intended.

  3. My son worked for the provincial government as a top IT manager and supervisor for over 5 years and was refused the same wage as the East Indian that he replaced. His predecessor was grifting the government on job duties for years until he got caught. As a result my son was forced to take a job that paid him his proper wage, in Japan no less.
    When he sold his house and accepted and signed the offer a Philipino real-estate huckster came to the house later, demanding my son sell the house to him for a slightly higer price. My son said ‘No I signed a contract, as that is how it works here in Canada’ It got so heated My son had to call the police as the moron would not take no for an answer. Real estate board only slapped his wrist with a warning. Then earlier this week I saw another east indian family with a brand new SUV full of kids all dressed to the nines with gold bling, stopped on the side of the road taking pictures of a real estate sign for 150 acres of prime farm land just west of town. It’s got to the point I no longer reconize Canada anymore as I have noticed 90 percent of the homeless in our town are all white male youths between 18 and 35 years old with no jobs and addicted to foreign drugs brought here via Chinese run drug networks across Canada. This is Turds Canada hijack by the race bater Sing for the sake of a dental plan folks. Diversity is our destruction.


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