Trudeau Transitions Canada To Vehicle For 3rd World Political Problems

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Call it the under-belly of immigration policy in Canada. While media has spent a half-century promoting the so-called “upside” regarding the world’s largest intake of 3rd World migration, they refrain from pointing out an inevitable downside.

Import enough people from foreign nations, and in time the political problems of these countries will transition to Canada’s problems.

In the post-modern political era advanced by the ruling Liberals, this scenario has unfolded in spades. Chinese police stations on Canadian soil? Not a problem for Trudeau and the Liberals. Sikh nationalism as a fundamental of contemporary society. New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh is down with that.

Ottawa, October 10, 2023—The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, issued the following statement:

“Today, I am announcing that, as part of this commitment to welcome 15,000 migrants from the Americas, Canada will welcome up to 11,000 Colombians, Haitians and Venezuelans through a new humanitarian permanent residence pathway.”

Simply put, they never stop. And for as long as the Liberals are in power, they never will. Not  when Khalistan comes to Canada. Not at the point in which our “Old Stock” Anglophone communities are transitioned to a political relic, in addition to a minority community.

Seeing as media never indulge in these ideas, they are freed from speculating on how Canada transferred to the world’s “salvation army nation.”

Pierre Trudeau began the process with an ingratiation of communist China. In this case, their meddling has become Canada’s problem, as exemplified by alleged federal election interference for the benefit of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Justin Trudeau brought Islam to Canada, and thus the problems of the Middle East. One only has to glance at a newspaper to see what has transpired. Empowered ideologically and financially by the Liberals, mid-east political consternation has planted itself on Canadian soil.

Jagmeet Singh has brought Sikh/Punjab/Khalistan politics to Canada, inclusive of terror accusations. At present, our Hindu and Sikh populations–roughly equal in quantity– face off in a battle of wills among their diaspora communities.

Every bit of it fully endorsed by our ruling government. On this basis, one might believe the Feds are in favour of the social chaos emanating from the results. Many will scoff, but it’s not as crazy an idea as one might believe.

Pourquoi? Because looking at the situation in an historical context reveals a profound truth.  Socialist revolutions rely on social chaos to achieve success. Mao Tse Tung knew it, as did Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin and various other despotic rulers.

Can it be that PM Justin Trudeau is cut from the same communist cloth? If he isn’t, his globalist backers certainly are. Consider LGBT politics in Canada. What has it accomplished apart from manufacturing social discord? Pitting parents against children. Dividing formerly healthy family units into dysfunctional “people-kind” entities. Transferring control of children to the state, as it exists in the Trudeau family’s preferred nation of China.

Race, Ethnicity, Sex, Gender, Religion. Witness as the core components of a healthy western society go sideways at the hands of another in a series of socialist trouble makers. Justin Trudeau is that very thing, regardless of how hard CBC try to propagandize Canadians into thinking otherwise.

What is it which made Canada the dumping ground for the problems of the 3rd world? The answer is found in what legacy media never speak of– our affiliation with the United Nations.

Adopted 28 July 1951:

United Nations Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Status of Refugees and Stateless Persons convened under General Assembly resolution 429 (V) of 14 December 1950.

“No Contracting State shall expel or return a refugee in any manner whatsoever to the frontiers of territories where his life or freedom would be threatened on account of his race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.”

So say Canada’s masters at the United Nations. Wanna know what Cultural Action Party think of this? Signing on to this program is one of the most foolish moves the federal government of Canada ever made.

In doing so, Canada became a proxy for the troubles of so-called “developing nations,” an archaic term that should have been put to rest decades ago. Did you know? On a technical basis, the world’s most populated country falls under this category. It’s called India, which also has the fastest growing economy on earth.

Media suppression of such facts enables a sublimation of a critical element of the scenario:

“Important non-signatory states in South and Southeast Asia include India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia. In other regions of the world, non-signatory states include Eritrea, Libya, Mongolia and Cuba.”

Bingo– Canada becomes responsible for the problems of the world’s developing nations. Think this constitutes the end of the foolishness? Let’s not be daft. After all, another Trudeau family member took over in late 2015.

Here’s what transpired:

“The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration purports to set out a common understanding, shared responsibilities and unity of purpose regarding migration.”

On December 10th, 2018,  United Nations members gathered in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh to formally adopt the pact.

“Canada played an active role in driving the agreement forward, and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said Monday that Canada will sign on.”

Of course he said it,  and of course he did it. Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen is  a refugee from Somalia. One of Justin Trudeau’s top globalist warriors, Hussen would sign this thing if it was the last piece of parchment on earth. He loves it, and lives for it, as advocated by boss-man Trudeau.

Guess who refused to sign? A country called the United States. It would have been a balmy December day in Nunavut when Justin Trudeau would refuse to move forward on signing the pact. Trudeau also lives for this kind of thing. Anything to “internationalize” the country being the woke Liberal creed.

We come to understand the historical progression of our country into a model of globalist affectations. Additionally, we recognize some of the key players in its advancement.

Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Ahmed Hussen, as well as previous national leaders like Jean Chretien, Brian Mulroney, Paul Martin, et al. They’re Liberal in the main, with a touch of NDP and Conservative thrown in for good measure.

All told, these are the circumstances under which a hi-jacking of Canada took place. Pierre Trudeau’s Multiculturalism, coupled with immigrant-empowering Charter Rights, laid a foundation for our post-modern format.

Bringing about a fundamental question naturally eschewed by establishment media:

Who benefits, as opposed to who suffers? In this regard, citizens of our country have been propagandized to the max. Media in Canada perpetually position the “hard-done by” as racialized Canadians, while light-skinned citizens maintain “white privilege.”

In reality, it’s the complete opposite. The benefactors are Canada’s new arrival, 3rd world communities, while the negative fall-out lands on the shoulders of our Canadian-born Anglophone communities.

Communism always inverts truth–that’s a rule. And as far as CAP is concerned, Justin Trudeau is a communist revolutionary, and nothing less.

8 thoughts on “Trudeau Transitions Canada To Vehicle For 3rd World Political Problems”

  1. i think i figured it out, there was a theory or belief (not sure if its a fact or made up internet meme) that the british, irish and europeans sent their degenerates, their trash, their poverty class into the “new world” aka north america, but it also alludes to australia, new zealand in order to enrich europe/uk/ireland.

    could we be in a scenario where the rest of the world… is also doing the same? if you were the indian government, or china, or russia, or latin america (wherever it doesn’t matter) and you had a bunch of trouble makers… wouldn’t you want to deport them? and could canada, uk, america, australia, nz and now europe as well be the dumping grounds for all of these civilians who are up to no good?

    did i just break the code?

    and since all these imports have issues with their host countries, canada, rather than defend the host countries where these imports come from, we -canada- willingly attack all those countries (except uk/can/us/nz/aus and europe) of course, since we’re all part of the dumping grounds

    which would mean, if you’ve watched cartoons and tv past 30 years, could be the reason why we have shows like ‘rick and morty’, futurama, simpsons, movies like idiocracy and wall-e

    are we…. a multiculturalist dystopia? “there’s no diversity because we’re all burning in the melting pot”

  2. justin trudeau gave a speech that he does not allow terrorism (talking about hamas/palestine)
    at the same time, state television (CBC) which is the same thing like PBS and BBC in UK said to not call hamas as terrorists. either the whole country is confused, could be all western countries at this point, either they are all liars and trying to divide society

    or there is a force, a power which allows the importation of political opposition in these so called “first world countries”

    because if the political class is not aligned with the population they import from other countries, something is seriously going on… again either they are all ignorant, liars, buffoons… or there is a group who is covertly allowing opposition in our borders (which obviously shows signs of having power over governments and politicians)

  3. almost every “western” app, website and video game i browse has non stop toxicity and racism against “whites” in general. i don’t know if this is just my own devices or whether this is a “western” phenomenon, but being “white” is almost a crime, just like being native american/canadian.

    when i get upset and tired of the “western” hate against my skin, i tend to be persuaded by the opposition, like the east… and then when i praise the east… not to sound tinfoil, i become a domestic terrorist instantly… i am radiated to a point where my bones hurt and to a point where my heart feels like it will endure a stroke, i’m not talking about emotions or psychology, i’m literally talking about my physical body, i’m not even age 40.

    i bought a huawei phone in january, and then the ballon fiasco happened, so i trashed it and bought a samsung, and the fiasco disappeared.

    i’m all and well for praising western countries, but not when they despise me. just like justin trudeau and liberals, they claim allegiance to israel in media, but in reality, they import millions of people who oppose what canada stands for.

    canada imports cultures and religions that do not blend with what the politicians are saying in the media, but at the same time, when i myself, as an anglophone, start to mix with the new cultures and religions, i get targeted by my own government with bots and psyops in apps, websites and games.

    this… schism… this dichotomy… this inversion… this schizophrenic nightmare… almost makes me not want to consume anything regarding tech and media of all forms, not just hollywood, but bollywood, anime, video games, books, it also makes me want to toss my tech in the literal trash, because no matter where i browse, i am instantly targeted.

    why… am i hated on so much? what did i even do? at my core i’m just a gamer, i just want to play games, instead when i am in a game and someone finds out i’m white, i’m trolled, harassed, bullied to a point where i’m forced to log out.

    what the hell is wrong with this place?

  4. explaining the current war written in 2023 zoomer internet lingo so that the status quo can evolve consciousness from their ignorant slumber

    hi, i spend my time online playing video games <<<>>> what the hell? <<<>>> what the fuck is wrong with these people, can’t i just play mario and drink my coffee? <<<>>> like… i’m just…. going to block twitter and cbc and the star and cnn and national post and all this propaganda <<<>>> i’m not a muslim, im not a jew…. i’m in canada trying to play god damn mario kart at 3am in the morning while my mom is asleep <<>> do these… people think we’re stupid? do they think we can’t see what’s going on? they literally want to divide us for no reason, like i’m seriously just on mario kart and now suddenly i’m forced to pick a side when my own country is apathetic? why do we even care about these overseas countries? <<<>>> ???? is it illegal to not care about religions and countries i’m not part of? what did i do to have to endure this crap? i’m literally chilling here in my bed, and my country is asking me full compliance on religions that don’t like me, they are asking me to neglect the fact that palestinians are walled off and living in poverty… i’m supposed to strap my boots, pick up a rifle and sacrifice my life for israel? otherwise i’m a domestic terrorist or something? and our politicians wonder why we feel alienated? what did i do to deserve this crap? if you want to fight wars, you go fight them, leave me the fuck alone buddy, i’m not the one shooting people over religion and borders, i’m playing mario kart, i guess i am a domestic terrorist…. god damn, i’m literally just existing and i’m a threat to my own country now because i refuse to represent something i have absolute no relation with

    hoooooooookay buddy, why don’t you calm down a little bit? maybe you need a reality check, we’re mortals, and war won’t solve your empty soul, you know what will tho? a good diet and exercise and perhaps this quote “repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven, conscious of their fleeting time here”

    i’m not with stupid, sorry, you’re going to have to find some other boot licker, because my boots, are going in the trash. cya

  5. they really hate me, remember, i am mentally ill

    conservatives/liberals: lets import jihadists, palestinians so on so forth
    also conservative/liberals: lets tell the world we defend israel

    me: ??????? so who’s side am i supposed to be on? because i don’t want to join the war, i’m a domestic terrorist now?

    conservatives/liberals: yes… hold on, we are bringing in more migrants

    me: ????? what the fuck, and you call me mentally ill? how backwards is this country?

  6. Hi: Given the feverish penchant for historical revisionism; with the concomitant target on the backs of [elites exempted] Euro-descended people–The (unknown source) statement “[Europeans sent their degenerates, their trash, their poverty class into the ‘new world’]” seems less like honest history, and just another knife slash into the Founding Fathers of North America. They are the courageous settlers who willingly (The Pilgrims; or Pilgrim Fathers) risked their lives in search of a better; freer life. The (more timid?) among them moved north, and became known to history as the United Empire Loyalists. (Canada.)

    Settling/founding/building North America was not for the lazy; or weak of heart. Many died. The survivors–and their descendants–persevered, and planted the roots of our highly successful; prosperous (once free; democratic) nations. Our unholy; unthankful domestic enemies soil themselves by referring to our forefathers (and mothers) as “degenerates/trash.” What do these same people have to say about our British/Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Scandinavian ancestors? (And us.) Nothing true; or noble.

    The anti-White Whites are to be pitied. Despising your ancestors (and yourself) for being White is something that needs to be carefully examined. It borders on pathological, and it doesn’t hold up to the reality. Sadly; Thanksgiving must be a “hate” word to them. A day to gnash their teeth, and deny their blessings. In Trudeau’s “post national” country; I suspect that the word “blessing” must be expunged from the Woke vocabulary. It brings one uncomfortably close to thinking about the ultimate source of our blessings.


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