Trudeau Transitions Anglo-Canadians To Post Modern Scapegoats

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The recent suicide of public school principal Richard Bilkszto captured media consumers attention this week in Canada.

According to media, his suicide has been attributed to hyper-aggressive Critical Race Theory dissemination and political correctness within the Canadian public school system.

Far less awareness can be applied to the “root cause” of our public school’s transition to woke propaganda institutions promoting hatred against an identifiable community.

Without the support of our Liberal government, both financially and ideologically, it’s unlikely that blatant “reverse racism” against Canada’s Anglophone communities would have penetrated our society.

It is with great irony that we attribute the phenomenon to PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government. For nearly eight years, our prime minister has claimed to be “standing up for the rights of Canada’s racialized communities.”

The flip-side of the equation– the running down of Anglo-European Canadians by government– is being omitted by both government and the press.

More irony abounds. The scapegoating of these communities has wormed its way into our controlling institutions. Government, media, academia, as well as the corporate business environment. Such circumstances render this post-modern movement “systemic,” an accusation Trudeau advances regarding prejudice against racialized Canadians. One doesn’t need a Phd in 20th century history to recognize the parallels.

Scapegoating can be defined as “the practice of singling out a person or group for unmerited blame and consequent negative treatment.”

“This concept can be extended to projection by groups. In this case the chosen individual, or group, becomes the scapegoat for the group’s problems. Political agitation in all countries is full of such projections.”

For CAP, Justin Trudeau is Canada’s foremost agitator, the most extreme in Canadian political history. It’s a condition prominent among national leaders dedicated toward “revolutionizing” a society.

“Scapegoated groups throughout history have included almost every imaginable group of people: genders, religions, people of different races, nations, or sexual orientations, people with different political beliefs, or people differing in behaviour from the majority.”

What makes Trudeau’s socialist revolution unique– the factor rendering it “post-modern” in conception, is that in our case the targeted community constitute a majority of Canadians— for the present. Liberal government immigration policy will transition Anglophones to minority status somewhere around the year 2044.

Media say nothing. Paid by the Feds to play the silence card on the fate of Anglo-European Canada, our press tow the government line. Transitioned to neo-communist control over the past half-century, leading educational institutions are out for “Old Stock” Canadian blood.

Opinion Time: Critical Race Theory promotes hatred against an identifiable community– a breach of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The bad news is that it doesn’t matter. Consider the reaction to Richard Bilkszto suicide by members of Canada’s political class.

Simply put– there is none. Can you imagine? Not a single Mayor, City Councillor, MLA or MP has stood up to condemn the treatment of the now-deceased public school principal.

The same goes for School Trustees. At present, these people are more like cult members than educators. The extent of political correctness in this regard is comparable to national socialist  propaganda in Europe at the time of the Second World War.

In Canada, eh? What a pity. Just goes to show how much a society can change when a megalomaniac becomes leader of a once-healthy western democracy.

Justin Trudeau’s narcissistic personality disorder has damaged our country. A not-perfect but delicate social balance has been thrown off its axis. Pitting religion against religion is a speciality, in addition to building a dividing line between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

Canadians don’t want this, but they got it anyway. It’s what occurs in the pre-revolutionary stage of pending transition to an authoritarian state.

“Divide and conquer” may sound like a tired cliche, but in Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada,  it’s as fresh-as-a-daisy.

Rid the PMO of Justin Trudeau and his woke socialist revolution, and perhaps Canada can get back to a condition of relative social harmony.

Modern-day Anglophones and other Canadians of European heritage have done nothing to deserve a systemic government backlash against our communities.

Looks like Justin Trudeau believes otherwise, eh?

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  1. He’s laughing at us Infidels.

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    Arif Virani, a Toronto member of parliament, was appointed justice minister in a broad cabinet shuffle by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week…


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