Trudeau Transforms Canada To 3rd World-Dominated Country

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Throughout the first century of our country’s existence, the majority of new immigrants came to our shores from European nations. Over the past 50 years, immigration policy shifted to where it stands today– 90% of migrants to Canada now come from Asia, Middle East and Africa.

New reports from Statistics Canada inform us that Anglophone-Canadians are being silently set-up for minority community status.

“Some 62% of the recent immigrant arrivals were born in Asia, with 18.6% coming from India alone. This is the first time India took the top spot of Canada’s newcomers.

“In 2021, 92.2% of Canada’s recent immigrants lived in one of Canada’s census metropolitan areas. This is higher than 67.7% for the Canadian-born population.”

In terms of major urban centres, Vancouver had the second-largest proportion of immigrants, at 41.8%, with migrants making up over 50% of nearby Richmond and Burnaby.

“In all, 69.4% of recent immigrants do not speak English or French as their mother tongue. Most immigrants who do not arrive in Canada speaking an official language, reported speaking Arabic (10.3%), Tagalog (8.4%), Mandarin (7.9%), and Punjabi (6.5%).”

This is the largest immigrant share of Canada’s population since Canada was founded as a country in 1867. This figure accounts for 8.3 million immigrants in 2021. In 2022, just 10% of our migrant population come from European countries.

At which point we turn to the flip-side. It’s the unspoken element of the equation, one in which government and media refuse to allude to.

In 2022, white Canadians are minority communities in Richmond and Burnaby B.C. Considering immigration trends, this dynamic will become a standard in all major urban centres. To be followed in due time by our rural communities.

“Among Canada’s 41 largest urban centres, the proportion of immigrants was also above the national average of 23.0% in Calgary (31.5%), Abbotsford–Mission (26.1%), Edmonton (26.0%), Kitchener–Cambridge–Waterloo (25.8%), Hamilton (25.6%), Winnipeg (25.4%), Montréal (24.3%) and Windsor (23.3%).”

Fast forward a half-century, and migrant communities will be a majority in these communities– known in the political realm as “ridings,” or “constituencies.”

The unspoken goal of PM Trudeau and the Liberals is to capture every one of these ridings. Understanding that in general terms, migrants vote for the party in power at their time of arrival, a capture of 90% of our current 338 federal ridings seems an inevitability.

Upon which Canada is to find itself at an axiomatic point in our nation’s history:

What is the point of federal elections when a single party controls 95% of all federal ridings? Simply put– there is no point. Upon which our nation loses its democratic statusas it transitions to a one-party-state.

In CAP’s opinion, this trajectory is understood by PM Trudeau and his motley gang of globalist practitioners. One day–30 to 50 years down the road– it is to become a reality.

To acknowledge Canada’s demographic transformation, Statistics Canada, a division of our federal government,  this week issued the following statement:

October 16th, 2022: Canadian Census: ‘A rich portrait of the country’s religious and ethnocultural diversity.’

Permit CAP to tell you why it is a falsehood. It is “rich” for some, and incredibly poor for others. In typical fashion, every element of Justin Trudeau’s cultural transformation agenda is detrimental to Canadian of European origin.

Media say nothing, because the Liberals are paying them to say nothing. The flip-side spoken of includes a element of complete silence: on this basis, what is the fate for Anglophone and Christian Canadians?

Words cannot properly indicate the impact. In a nutshell, English Canada is finished. Not French Canada, or Quebecois culture. Yes, they have their challenges. Yet, because our prime minister is of French-Canadian descent(possibly, see Castro, Fidel), cultural retention is a primary concern.

For the rest of us, we may as well adopt the 1960’s surfing tune “Wipeout” as our theme song. Or perhaps “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot:

“So long, it’s been good to know ya” being the appropriate vibe. Media say nothing of the sort. John Ivison, Andrew Coyne, Terry Glavin, Chantal Hebert, John Ibbitson.

All these leading journalists are “Old Stock” Canadians. Not one of them is willing to lay it on the line:

Our communities– white, Anglophone, Christian– are to become minorities in Canada within 50 years. Why the hold back the truth? Because their publishers and editors won’t let them state the truth.

A hidden, silent agenda of community decimation. Sound familiar for history buffs? It’s that “old black magic” called communist propaganda. Governments of history indulged in the practice– Mao Tse Tung in China, Joseph Stalin in the former Soviet Union. Silence was golden for these despots, and the same is true regarding current PM Justin Trudeau.

In case anyone thinks the agenda is less than comprehensive, we turn to the world of religion:

A Canadian media article published in early 2022 tells the story:

“Gone by 2040: Why Some Religions Are Declining In Canada Faster Than Ever”

Witness as mainstream media take the edge off the findings: it is not “some religions”– it is Christianity.

According to Statistics Canada, citizens who report non-Christian religious affiliation are set to double by the year 2036. An article from Western Standard News tells us that the population of Muslim-Canadians has tripled over the past 15 years.

Let CAP cut to the chase– every demographic prognosis leads to the same conclusion: Anglophones and Christians are being transferred to minority status, to be superseded by 3rd World immigrants and their religious affiliations.

Media don’t care. Canada’s academic world and their plethora of “visiting professors” love this kind of thing. But most of all, Justin Trudeau is over-the-moon. It’s his deepest dream. To inflict punitive damages upon Anglophones is a joy.How else will he get Anglos back for the colonial founding of our country?

Liberals, Statistics Canada, Media, Academia, Corporations. All rave on a regular basis about the joy of immigration quota increases, refugee intake, family reunification, 3rd world community vibrancy, “Islamophobia” and such.

None speak of a downside for Canadian-born, generation citizens. Push forward to the future, and what could be found?

Will Anglophones and Christians become second class Canadians in due time? Has Justin Trudeau set up our communities for social inversion? So many critical questions– so much silence from CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest.

Guess what, fellow patriots? The future of Canada is Asian, Middle Eastern, and African. In terms of religion, the next major wave– Muslim immigration– will ensure that Islam becomes our nation’s dominant religion.

All this and more is in store for the destiny of Canada. In the meantime, silence is the word for the rest of us. Sounds more like 20th century fascism or communism than Justin Trudeau and his ridiculous sunny ways, no?

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Transforms Canada To 3rd World-Dominated Country”

  1. I have been saying this for sometime now. And who is to blame, the people who voted for this french man.

    Of course he has no use for the English speaking Canadians. Not only is he making us a minority he is making us the lower class people of this country. A country that should have the richest people of the wolrld not people so far in debt that we will lose everything as he raises interest rates and raises our income tax rates. People who try and better themselves by seeking higher paying jobs are being punished with higher income tax rates. why should one person pay 16% income tax and another pay 39%. I thought we were supposed to be treated like equals. Lower our tax rates and tax us on what we buy. the economy can only thrive if we have 25% more money to spend.

    Raise the GST to 10 or 12 % and tax everyones income the same flat rate of 18%. When we have paid our debts off then we will spend even more money and the income from the GST will be enough to run this country. If the politicians are held accountable for what the money is spent on. Quit giving our tax dollars to foreign countries and look after our homeless and get them back into society. If we let him continue his ways there will be no English speaking citizens in CANADA. Maybe Western Canada should become our own nation, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Without the money from the western provinces the Liberals will be no more. Our vote in the west does not mean anything its all decided once Ontario and Quebec have voted. We need to make this country great again and stop allowing people from the third world countries come here and over populate our land like they have done in their homeland. The western provinces have every thing, oil, agriculture, fishing, lumber, and minerals.

    We should not be paying income tax in this country, Trudeau’s father Pierre sold us out withhis foreign investment. Sure we got jobs but we should be the ones that own the companys not the the the foreigners who take the money back to there country. Is socialism really that bad, if the government was the one running the oil industry there would be no income tax. The Saudi Arabians dont let other country’s take their oil wealth from them. Are we better off letting the Americans reap the benifits from our oil and lumber and minerals and give us some jobs, I think not, Canadians should be the shareholders of our wealth and be the ones getting a dividend checque every month from the government, plus be working with no income tax and less hours.

    How did we end up in this situation, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, thats how and then we let his son make us even poorer yet. I would like to say I am proud to be Canadian like I was growing up but when we work hard and put more hours in and take home maybe 15 to 20% by the time we pay the gas tax, and sales tax and income tax and the carbon tax. thats another joke, how is this carbon tax helping the world, is the money being put into ways of eliminating polution, not likely its being spent by our government who knows how.

    I know i was off your topic of immigration but making us poor is making us a minority.


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