Trudeau, Trans-Pushers Attack The Traditional Canadian Family

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“Canadian businessman and Muslim activist Kamel El-Cheikh has organized a 1 Million March 4 Children on Wednesday, September 20, to protest schools indoctrinating and sexualizing children with LGBT ideology. Protestors have also planned a Canada-wide school walkout on that day.”

Upon which CAP pose fundamental questions to readers:

Is the LGBT revolution an organic social development? Or rather, is the movement a social construct designed by malevolent forces for the purpose of creating social chaos in society?

Seeing as no media organization in our country has broached the subject, Cultural Action Party will take a stab at it. Our hypothesis being rooted in the ideological source for government attack on the traditional family unit.

“The traditional Marxist view on families is that they perform a role not for everyone in society but for capitalism and the ruling class (the bourgeoisie).”

Founder of communism Karl Marx preached dissolution of the traditional family. LGBT activism in Canada preaches the very same. Leading proponents in the Canadian public school system appear intent upon upsetting parents.

In China and other communist societies, control of families and children falls to government. The LGBT movement advances the principle that public education, and therefore government, maintain jurisdiction over our children in terms of human sexuality.

The parallels are apparent. The problem is that no one speaks of them. Not academia. Not media, and certainly not our federal government. From day one in office, PM Justin Trudeau has robotically clinged to LGBT/Pride/Transgender advancement in society.

The result being a pitting of parent against child, heterosexual vs. homosexual, as well as a broader situation of social consternation within Canadian society.

Common sense Canadians have had enough. It took a concerned parent by the name of Kamel El-Cheikh to get the ball rolling. In this regard, one must understand how this fellow might succeed while others fail.

Canadian media do not criticize Muslim-Canadians. In direct contrast, Christians who defy the government-education LGBT order are ineffective.

In terms of religious hierarchy, Christianity exists as the nadir of organized faith communities in our country. Interesting to note that the communist government of China feel the same way. Therefore, it took an “untouchable” to get the anti-trans protest rolling.

“Marxists see families as essentially a conservative institution that helps to preserve capitalism.”

We begin to pick up on the parallels. Anti-family, communism, Marxism, China, et al. The Trudeau family– Justin, brother Alexandre, as well as Pierre Trudeau before them, have all glorified China, in addition to  communist Cuba. Their collective admiration is blatant, explicit and obvious.

Enter legacy media, who for the past half-century has obfuscated this reality. Either they agree ideologically, or they are being paid by the Feds to bury Trudeau-family socialist infatuation.

CBC and corporate media maintain a nasty little habit. Whenever conservative Canada push-back against ways of our Liberal government, they blame it on the United States.

‘Canada’s Anti-LGBTQ Movement Emboldened By U.S. Events’

“It’s[anti-transgenderism] really based in Christian nationalism,” say Global News.

Oh, for sure, eh? The leader of the 1 Million March For Children is Kamel El-Cheikh. Is this your idea of a Christian nationalist?

“Bearing the brunt of the attacks are transgender, non-binary and racialized people in the queer community, advocates say.”

Bollocks to that. Common sense Canadians are not targeting transsexuals, they are targeting those who teach and preach transgenderism to school children as young as 5 years of age.

And who are these people? Most are heterosexual, almost none are transexual. What can one deduce from this dynamic? How about the idea that LGBT is a political movement, as opposed to being sexually or gender-oriented?

Canadian school boards and trustees are a mighty arrogant lot. The goings on are hidden from the public. Surrounded by cones of woke silence, these people are eating away at the foundation of western society in the form of the family unit.

What Canadians really have on their hands is a fresh form of communism, which CAP has label neo-communism. The socialist elements come from China, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union.

The application is the same. It’s the vehicle– transgenderism– that is “post-modern.” Thus, the successful seduction of Canadian society.

“Educators” such as Nila Kaplan-Myrth, Kike Ojo Thompson and others retain militancy toward transgenderism in education. When critics challenge their actions, they respond with accusation of anti-black racism, anti-semitism, and other cheap excuses.

Although education in Canada falls under provincial jurisdiction, one can bet their bottom dollar that LGBT empowerment is largely based on support received from our Liberal government.

For eight years running, PM Justin Trudeau has been pushing the trans-ticket throughout Canadian society. Throughout this time period, his personal approach to transgenderism has remained specious and superficial.

“Trans women are women,” stated the PM in March, 2023. After which he proved his mettle by setting up a program in which federal government employees look to transition sexually will be provided with $75,000 in taxpayer dollars.

Does Justin Trudeau want Canada to transition to the transgender capital of the western world? He certainly behaves this way. For him, it’s all Transgender flag waving while prancing about in LGBT Pride Parades. Despite medical warnings regarding hormone therapy, it’s all fun-and-games for Mr. Trudeau.

Canadian parents feel otherwise, but our PM doesn’t give a damn. His political orientation being decidedly Marxist in orientation.

Has Canada been systemically seduced by a pre-conceived agenda of social chaos manufactured by international forces? Could well be. Communists are highly skilled at social division. Marxism considers it a key to successful political revolution.

Could well be. Communists are highly skilled at social division. Marxism considers it a key to successful political revolution.

Is what we have here a modern manifestation of socialist revolution supported by Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government?

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