Trudeau To Kick Doors Open For All Refugees To Canada: Video Report

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According to a recent Toronto Sun article from journalist Lorne Gunter, the Trudeau Liberals are planning to remove “nearly all grounds the Immigration department uses to exclude applicants.”

 “The Liberals’ appointee as chairperson and chief executive officer of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, laid out a massive expansion of the reasons immigrants can be allowed to enter and stay in Canada.”

 Candace Malcolm of True North News hosts a 17-minute video on what mainstream media have neglected to present to Canadians in clear terms.

In the video, Ms. Malcolm informs viewers of the following:

 — Canadian immigration officials have been instructed to accept any refugee application who makes their claim based on “intersectional rights.”

 — Intersectional rights apply to all non-Canadians who have experienced discrimination, marginalization or oppression. 

 On this basis, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are literally giving away Canadian citizenship. 

 Says Ms. Malcolm: Justin Trudeau has quietly unravelled our immigration and citizenship program for the benefit of his own electoral success. Our immigration system is a recruiting tool for Liberal voters.”

To watch the video presentation, Click Here.

2 thoughts on “Trudeau To Kick Doors Open For All Refugees To Canada: Video Report”

  1. Whew! Good thing these bazillion Third World Liberal voters (oops–I mean immigrants) can’t cross a Canadian version of the Rio Grande….to enter Trudope’s Shangri-La. A la Biden. Indeed; Trudeau is “doling” out citizenship like fistfuls of candy on Halloween. Trick or Treat! What a joke we’ve become.


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