Trudeau Targets Alberta For 3rd World Immigration Take Off

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Despite a Canadian media cover-up, more and more citizens of our country are coming to understand the relationship between 3rd World immigration and Liberal Party political domination.

The prototype– ground zero for the “woke revolution”– is Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area(GTA). Ridings in the GTA include a powerhouse of immigration-driven political winners in past federal elections.

It’s here that Liberal luminaries such as MPs Iqra Khalid, Kamal Khera, Sonia Sidhu, Arif Virani, Omar Alghabra, Bardish Chagger and Ahmed Hussen have found their political fortune.

Brampton, Markham, Scarborough and more– all of it locked-in tight by way of Liberal Party strategy. Matching the ethnicity of a candidate to the “majority minority” population serves as a blueprint for current expansion beyond the GTA, and into Western Canada.

Media say nothing. CAP follow these issues as thoroughly as possible. We have yet to witness mainstream media reference the political strategy.

Two reasons why may exist. First, the hyper-sensitive issue of racism in society. More meaningful may be the idea that PM Justin Trudeau and his backroom schemers don’t want general society to comprehend their strategy.

This way, they can covertly transition other provinces into the same dynamic. In this regard, the province of Alberta stands as target numero uno. It’s exactly what is now occurring:

‘The Provincial Nominee Program Has Changed Canadian Immigration’

“Canada’s immigration landscape has been largely transformed by the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), according to a new Statistics Canada study.”

“The Prairie provinces gained substantially, the share of immigrants going to both Manitoba and Saskatchewan grew from virtually zero to 7%. Alberta experienced an increase share along with the Atlantic provinces, with their collective share rising from 1% to 7%.”

An article published in the Globe & Mail speaks to related circumstances:

“It’s always been a challenge, but I’ve never seen it like this. Never,” said Shirley Philips, Chief Executive at Immigrant Services Calgary.

Quite. Integral to the challenges are two themes recurring in Ontario and other high-immigration locations: housing and healthcare.

“It goes beyond the affordable housing crunch and whether everyone will have access to primary health care. Calgary agencies that help people get settled in the country say uncertainty about funding from the federal government is leading to long waiting lists and layoffs.”

How does Alberta Premier Danielle Smith feel about the situation? Western Canadians may be surprised at what her UCP government are planning behind-the-scenes.

Last month, Premier Smith issued a mandate letter to Alberta’s Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism Muhammad Yaseen, instructing him to grow opportunities for new arrivals to the province.

The letter includes  a laundry-list of pro-immigration provincial government policies, inclusive of anti-racism programs and “celebration of the province’s diverse cultural communities.”

All of which sound very Justin Trudeau-like. Not that the lady is completely out-of-control. There is some chance that Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge et al will not transition to Brampton, Ontario, in which white Canadians comprise less than 10% of the demographic.

Still, the potential is there, and no one will be more thrilled with it than PM Trudeau. We begin to hone-in on the game-plan.

If the Liberals can replicate the ethnic GTA environment in every major city and town in Canada, democracy will eventually die. Immigration policy has the potential to transition every currently-held Conservative Party riding to the Liberal Party.

Fast-forward to year 2044, and the Liberals control 90% of all federal ridings. What then is the point in federal elections? There is none, and for Trudeau and the Liberals, there is no greater goal.

Based on 100 years of immigration, Canada transitions to a one-party state. Cultural Action Party fully admit it– the theory is hypothetical. Yet, if we had a crystal ball granting us one long-term prediction, this is it.

As for Alberta itself, the ball is already rolling. Elected in the 2010 municipal election with 39% of the vote, Naheed Nenshi became the first Muslim mayor of a large North American city. Calgary is the one, and between then and now, not much has changed. Replaced by current Mayor Jhoti Gondek, it’s full steam ahead for woke liberalism in Cowtown. 

Another woke liberal is the real thing. Amarjeet Sohi, former Liberal Cabinet member in the Trudeau government, somehow managed to find himself placed into office as Mayor of Edmonton.

Call CAP paranoid, but we say both Gondel and Sohi were planted into office– for a purpose.

Back in Ottawa, Liberal statisticians know well and good that Alberta is being targeted for conversion to Liberal-3rd World political schema found in the GTA.

“I look forward to working with cultural communities of Alberta to ensure that we create the conditions for immigrants to be welcomed into our communities.” says Muhammad Yaseen, Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism.

Yes, Muhammed, we’re sure that you do, and were quite certain the community from which you derive will be a top priority.

After which we transition to the challenges involved in successful “integration” of newcomers to Alberta.

Sharif Haji,  NDP Critic for Immigration:

“This letter fails to provide a plan to create a welcoming environment where newcomers feel welcomed. Smith’s approach to racism is completely inadequate.”

Lord Almighty, how these types love to complain. For the migration-pushers, nothing is ever good enough. Yet, drilling down on shortcomings reveals an intriguing social dynamic.

Immigrant Services Calgary says they will receive less money from Ottawa – which makes up the majority of their funding – this fiscal year than last year.

Why? For what reason would Trudeau’s Liberals cut back on the funding? Is it merely screwed-up red tape time, or is there a back-room reason for a decline in funding?

“The Centre for Newcomers has laid off 65 people – almost a quarter of its staff – in recent weeks. Chief program officer Kelly Ernst said the issue is a delay in contract updates with the federal government.”

What the heck is up with this? Immigration to Alberta skyrockets, and funding from Ottawa declines in major style.

Why? We stand aghast. Can it be that king of 3rd World Canadian communities Justin Trudeau simply doesn’t care? That his goal is to stuff as many 3rd World Liberal voters into our country regardless of negative fallout?

CAP believe this to be bang-on-the-money. Justin Trudeau is a socialist revolutionary. At present, he is revolutionizing our country by transitioning it from Anglo-European dominated to 3rd World dominated.

Target number one at this time is the traditionally conservative province of Alberta. In addition to decline in housing and healthcare, the Trudeau government have it in for the province’s uber-valuable oil & energy industries.

Simply put, it doesn’t look good. Certainly not for Alberta’s “Old Stock” population. Will Justin Trudeau successfully convert Alberta to a replica of his stronghold on ridings in the Greater Toronto Area?

9 thoughts on “Trudeau Targets Alberta For 3rd World Immigration Take Off”

  1. Photo caption: “We’ll take Alberta; but we won’t be riding bicycles–Or twiddling our thumbs in walk-in clinics– Got it? “Fast-forward to year 2044, and the Liberals control [99]% of all federal ridings. What then is the point in federal elections? There is none, [Canada has collapsed], and for Trudeau and the Liberals, there is no greater goal.”

  2. The real enemy we have met and he is us, we dumbfuck White Canadians !!
    Know this, these newcomers know the game, and they know us to be pushovers; so far, this we’ve allowed to happen !!
    For me, do I begin to like these people who are nothing but invaders with a plan to supplant our people and our culture !! Do they look at us with grateful countenances knowing that the ready-move-in aspect of our modern country is something to be appreciated ?? No, their numbers from India and other Asian or African or Middle Eastern nations have no respecting for Canada’s history and traditions.
    Purely, they are here for the ‘taking’ of come what may !! Mainly, they are economic refugees little caring how their inclusion in our society serves to disenfranchise real Canadians, Native and White.
    They are The Real Enemy…
    Don’t think that they think that we think that they don’t think we know their end-game !!

    Back in December 2022, my wife and I attended an anti-lockdowns and pro-freedom protest at the provincial legislature buildings in Edmonton. A miserably small number of us turned up – we had driven from northeastern Saskatchewan some 500 miles away to join this group. We marched / slow-ambled from the mustering point short minutes away to that site.
    Fifty or more like-minded individuals comprised our group that stopped at the wide staircase of the government building for a photo-op. Curiously, there was an East Indian woman in her traditional garb being photographed in this pose and in that pose. She was sari-wrapped and in short sleeves despite the sub-zero temps !! There was no groom to be seen, but there she was being photographed, probably for the picture magazine, “India Today – How We Conquered Canada by Aid of Canada’s Very Own Government !!”

    Later, at the terminus of our March, there were 2 turbaned males who seemed out of place as they videotaped or photographed the small crowd of us. We were all White and these two particular individuals seemed decidedly more than out of sync with the rest of us.

    So, looking at the photo of Turdrop and the Edmonton mayor makes me think that Sohi was just practicing what his beloved Justine has advised and advocated, namely the displacement and replacement of the Whites and the consequent emplacement of their preferred types, the Browns and the Blacks !!

    God Almighty, it’s time Old Stock Canadians took stock of WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON !!

  3. We witnessed that in a town in Central Alberta. As we got kicked out of the public park by a crowd of Muslims as we were in the line of sight to Mecca at prayer time, as they were bbqueing their goat. They used their soccer brats to drive us out. It didn’t help the fact that I had brought my leashed border collie with us as she is almost entirely black in color.

    Then I got hit up for a money hand out from a Nigerian grifter at superstore as he got kicked out of his brother’s house after jumping the border in Manitoba. He wanted money to buy weed at the weed store down the block. Called the RCMP bell hops, they could care less as they refer to border jumpers as ‘immigrants’ as they have been told to say by trudork. Welcome to 3rd world sh@thole Canada folks.

  4. In reading this article, it’s very clear that racism is alive and well in Canada. This hyperbole full, dog whistle laced article is irresponsible journalism. What a joke.


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