Trudeau Stalls While Australia Passes Anti-China Interference Laws

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In 2018, the government of Australia passed three new bills into law directed at curbing growing foreign interference in Australian domestic affairs.

“Australia’s challenge when it came to penetration of its political system by pro-Chinese forces first rose to international prominence in 2017.”

How fascinating to juxtapose Australian government decision-making with that of PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government in Canada. Not only have they refused to pass similar legislation. It wasn’t until a third party exposed the collusion that our ruling federal government began to address the phenomenon.

Leading Cultural Action Party to a salient conclusion: if the suppressed information had never been exposed, Trudeau and the Liberals would have never brought the topic into the consciousness of Canadian society.

In colloquial terms, this is known as a cover-up. The circumstances suggest what Canadians of all stripes should by now understand: the Liberal Party and communist government of China have maintained a covert “working relationship” for decades.

“The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is calling foreign interference activities by the Chinese government the greatest strategic threat to national security.”

Upon which we witness the anger bursting forth from the PMO. Not toward China, of course. Instead, the vitriol is directed as CSIS and any other entity which dare to expose the Liberal-China political partnership.

Based on CSIS documents provided by the unnamed national security official, recent reports from the Globe and Mail claim “China attempted to ensure the Liberal Party won a minority government in the 2021 election and that certain Conservative candidates were defeated.”

Is this not the biggest disgrace in modern Canadian history? Of course it is. Within an authentic democratic nation, these circumstances would result in the removal of a ruling government from office. Not happening, is it? At least not yet.

Truth, or non-truth: if Justin Trudeau survives the current election interference scandal it means that Canada is no longer an authentic democratic society. A hard-hitting question. But don’t go looking for CBC, CTV, Global News and the rest to posit such a query to Canadian voters.

March 12th, 2023: ‘No Foreign Agent Registry Timeline As Australia Warns Of  Unprecedented interference’

“The timeline for when Canada might have a long-awaited foreign agents registry up and running remains unclear as an MP from a top ally warns his country is seeing unprecedented levels of foreign interference by hostile actors, including China.

Stalling, excuses, subterfuge, obfuscation. By now, Canadians should realize that these measures comprise the “Golden Rule” of Liberal government communications to Canadian voters.

What a sad situation for all citizens of our country. Rather than root out the rot, PM Trudeau plays word games. The man never answers a direct question. Neither do politicians in China.

 “Australia approved sweeping national security legislation that bans foreign interference in politics, stiffens the punishment for leaking classified information and makes it a crime to damage Australia’s economic relations with another country.”

“Attorney General Christian Porter told Parliament that the new laws represented the most significant counterintelligence overhaul since the 1970s.

The most significant overhaul in half a century. In reaction to the interference scandal, Chinese-Canadian Liberal MP Mary Ng states the following:

“We have a great responsibility to ensure that we are not unfairly or unintentionally creating a cloud that hovers over an entire community that is feeling incredibly uncertain and who have felt the discomfort of unconscious bias that became very conscious in the early days of the pandemic,” said Ng.

See the way the Liberals roll within their woke agenda? When trouble arises, move directly to the mighty “race card.”

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: the problem is not China’s election interference– the problem is “unconscious bias” within Canadian society, a piece of woke clap-trap that should be directly shipped to the political dustbin.

All of which comes down to the most telling of conclusions: Justin Trudeau and the Liberals wish none of this ever came up. This way, China’s propping up of PM Trudeau would go undetected. To the chagrin of the Liberals, they didn’t get what they so desire.

Sam Cooper, Canadian journalist and author of  ‘Wilful Blindness: How a network of narcos, tycoons and CCP agents infiltrated the West’, comments on Liberal-China collusion:

“The floodgates have been opened in the last five years. There has been ample evidence placed in front of the Liberal Party of Canada, and they have done essentially nothing.”

One official who was not authorized to speak publicly called it inexcusable that Trudeau’s office has yet to move forward with new laws despite years of interactive dialogue with senior intelligence officials regarding China’s incursions into Canadian elections.”

In terms of synergy between nations, Canada and Australia have for decades shared multiple affinities. For reasons unexplained, political approach to communist China remains divergent.

Why? Both are Commonwealth-derived democratic societies. Why is it that Canada– meaning the Liberal Party specifically– wish to protect China’s investment in our national political arena? CAP speak not only of federal politics. Examples of provincial and municipal penetration have recently been exposed.

What makes Canada SO DAMN DIFFERENT?

Speaking on the topic of Chinese government influence, former military and RCMP intelligence official Scott McGregor stated that “Canada was aware of these threats for 25 years and has allowed them to manifest.”

Pourquoi? Because for decades a tacit partnership between the Liberal Party and government of China has gone undetected.

Justin Trudeau would have loved to have kept it this way. Unfortunately for him, agents at CSIS simply couldn’t take it anymore. Today, the cat is out of the communist bag.

If Trudeau remains PM indefinitely, we can all conclude that Canada has been politically corrupted at the hands of communist China.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Stalls While Australia Passes Anti-China Interference Laws”

  1. Trudeau is corrupt and compromised. To maintain our faith in our institutions and democracy, he should step down and resign as Prime Minister.

  2. On a less serious note; Re the photo: Trudeau’s gaping; ugly; punchable mouth–always “beaming” like the village Idiot. No shame; no self-awareness; no guilt; no allegiance to his own country. Only seething; pathological hatred toward his fellow Old Stock Canadians….Hatred directed at this country’s founders, and their descendants. I don’t consider his pet Quebec the exception. The Quebecois are direct descendants of the French–A group belonging to the (genetically related) family of European nations. Different languages; but one ancestral group. That includes the Scandinavian countries; the UK/Australia/New Zealand, and South Africa. Canada has gradually turned its back on its brothers and sisters, and become a disturbing anomaly.


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