Trudeau Sings Bohemian Rhapsody, Gets Called “Bastard” In London

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Does a public figure and prime minister have the right to behave like an average citizen? It’s a question that’s been on the lips of British media commentators this week.

In Canada, not so much. Or thus far, not at all. Turns out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a left turn this past weekend from formalities relating to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Taking up lead vocals for a rendition of the rock band Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Trudeau was seen piping up in an internet video this week.

“Trudeau was seen singing a Queen song, possibly hours before the funeral. And we’re not talking about a tune by or for our former Head of State. We’re talking about Freddie Mercury’s Queen.”

“In a clip filmed on Sunday night at The Savoy Hotel in London, Trudeau was seen performing “Bohemian Rhapsody” with theatre kid-like verve.”

Let’s be fair– singing in public is not a crime. It is the context in which it occurred that makes CAP wonder about the mental condition of Canada’s post-modern PM.

By all accounts, Queen Elizabeth’s funeral is intended to be a sombre occasion. For a Canadian prime minister to toss aside related formalities must be called into question. Thus far, media in Canada have done no such thing.

“Once the video made it to Twitter, internet sleuths quickly got to work to confirm whether the clip was fresh or a piece of old footage revived for slander.”

“It looks like it might be legit, as one user pointed out that the London bus seen in the background appears to have an August 2022 advertisement.”

Justin Trudeau has the strangest sense of timing of any prime minister in Canadian history. Perhaps the reason is found in a simple observation. This person has been prime minister for just under seven years. For seven years a chasm has existed between the PM and “his people.”

Outside his protected woke bubble, Mr. Trudeau doesn’t seem to know what is going on in the world. Economies may crumble, citizens may be hungry, First Nations thirsty, Canadians at each other’s throats.

Through it all, Trudeau remains in la-la land, separate and apart from the real-world experiences of the Canadian people. “Let them eat cake” says the silver spoon-fed Laurentian Mountain elitist?

Turns out not everyone in London is a fan of the Queen, a Queen fan, or a believer in Justin Trudeau:

“Unbelievably inappropriate and the choice of song by Queen!!!”  reads a comment below the video.

“As a statesman — sorry, ‘statesperson’ — this behaviour the night before Her Royal Highness’s funeral is very poor.”

Trudeau was heckled and booed while on the trip. One man yelled ‘bastard!’ at him as he came out of the Canadian office in London.

“Always a new way to embarrass Canada, reads the top comment on one of the copies of the video circulating online. “I swear he does it on purpose.”

Does he? Or is it a matter of the Canadian PM being housed in a cocoon-like environment by his handlers?

“I don’t read the newspapers, I don’t watch the news. I figure, if something important happens, someone will tell me.”

— Justin Trudeau

CAP can see why. In truth, Justin Trudeau is a privileged elitist backed by a team of woke globalists intent on keeping him away from a profound truth regarding his public image.

In this way he is cut from the same cloth as dictators he and his family so admire. Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro— you name the despot, and CAP will point to a protected figure living in an ivory tower away from the common rabble of the country.

51 thoughts on “Trudeau Sings Bohemian Rhapsody, Gets Called “Bastard” In London”

    • I fully agree! Must have qualifications! I couldn’t apply for a plumbers job without training and experience, so why is a failed drama teacher allowed to run our finances and make decisions for us? He’s just a pathetic woke joke!

    • Most heinous person that ever lived in Canada and my family have lived here from the early 1700’s. Most people in Canada are hard left very unfortunately and that is why they continually vote for him.

    • Well, there are elections. That is our “vetting process”. We all knew to expect this and yet enough people voted for his party.

      • Wrongo there Anton!
        The majority vote was not for him! He lost that!!
        Only won be seat division which is a joke!
        He’s still a lying two faced corrupt embarrassing narsistic dictator!

    • Yes. Ideological anti Christian

      Anti democratic

      Pro Islam

      Tyrannical thoughts

      Moral maternal base as Maggie was a sewer source through which just in in intravenous is fed

      Etc.. ie honesty no sexual assault claims no se ism or racism promoting

  1. What an ignorant clown. Can’t send this punk kid anywhere without embarrassing real Canadians. For god sake get this jackass gone !!!

  2. Would not have expected anything else from this woke, narcissistic buffoon. He’s as dense as an oak tree with the morals of an alley cat. What an embarrassment to our country.
    We, as Canadians apologize as we know all peoples around the world are in mourning, with the exception of this clown.

    • Thank you. You said it right. What will it take for some, ANY, decent Liberals to get rid of this buffoon.
      On behalf of all decent Canadians, I apologise to the King and the Royal Family and to all the British people for this disgusting display by our Prime Minister. I am ashamed and embarrassed.

  3. He is a bastard child who has turned a traitorous brainless megalomaniac demigod who must be deposed ASAP to save Canada from the WEF and total collapse! I have never hated but the crimes this bastard has committed against humanity with his covid arrive can . Partec. WEE charity graft, Governor general, RCMP coverup of shootings, sell off of our assets. I hate this arsehole yet I never had hate in my body before him and freeloader!

  4. Justin Trudeau has been a bastard in Canada since the day he was born. His handlers guided him all the way. He’s always felt he’s better than anyone else.

  5. he has made Canada look bad from day one, he is a disgrace to this country and real Canadians, he was born from a jackass and he will die one.

  6. Nothing surprises me about Justin Trudeau!
    Since the day he became PM he has embarrassed, lied , corrupted and is the worst PM besides his father !
    I am appalled with everything he says he has done for Canada! This man needs to be removed immediately!!! Such a disgrace he is !!

  7. I apologize to King Charles III and the Royal Family and the British people for this shameful behaviour of our Prime Minister. He is a disgrace to Canada and Canadians are surely appalled. Why he is supported by seemingly intelligent MP’s of his party is a conundrum. Common decency has left the party that is running Canada and our Prime Minister is their “naughty little boy, who is, after all, pretty – don’t you think.?” Does anything else matter?

  8. Immature clown! After his father Pierre Elliot almost ruined our country, I am still in disbelief that people would vote for him! Stupid is as stupid does!

  9. WE are not his people. He is supposed to be working for us he is our employee and has forgotten that. No respect for anyone else but his look at me moments. He is his mothers son. Monkey see monkey do.I am sorry he had to behaved like this in public while supposedly representing Canada and mourning Nations. Someone has to do better than this.

  10. This idiot is such a disgrace to to our country and yet people still keep voting him in. Why do you think he legalized Marijuana, you can’t have smart people or he wouldn’t get re-elected. Give the people every thing, only problem is who is going to pay for all of his mistakes. Certainly not him or his family, like Jack Nicholson said YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Wake up people next election.

  11. I’m surprised Turdo didn’t send Freeloader in his stead. She could have appeared at the Queen’s funeral in a T-shirt. (A la the Canada/US trade talks.) Unfortunately for the decent; non-Trudeau people of Canada; he went. Guess Castreau thought it was a carnival. I wonder who had the bright idea to play a song from Queen? Couldn’t have been Turdo. Not the wittiest person around. Not even close. Our representative?? What a disgrace; as usual. His role should have been to follow the horses; sweeping up. Actually; we should be thankful–He didn’t do a quick twirl around the Queen’s casket. (His late; alleged father did a pirouette behind the Queen’s back.) Yeah; that guy. “Pierre Yves Elliot Trudeau” (how pretentious)–Licking Chairman Mao’s boots; dissing the Queen.


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