Trudeau, Singh Rush To Finish Line Of Authoritarian State Conversion

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In the year 1958, the first edition of the game show Beat the Clock was televised in North America:

“Contestants were required to perform tasks within a certain time limit which was counted down on a large 60-second clock. If they succeeded, they were said to have ‘beaten the clock’—otherwise, the clock beat them.”

Those of the baby-boomer generation may recall this popular television show from back in the day. In terms of contemporary society, some may be able to relate to the show’s format.

In  PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society, it truly feels as if the ruling Liberal government are engaged in a political game aptly described as “beat the Conservative clock.”

With polls suggesting a future election will establish a majority government led by Pierre Poilievre, Trudeau and his team mates are gunning like the devil to finish the political task at hand.

How does one accurately describe the monumental task accorded to politicians like Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland? A look at political affiliation may hold the key. Not only in terms of the Liberals, but one step beyond, in the land of globalist non-profit organization, World Economic Forum.

Both Trudeau and Freeland are card-carrying affiliates. Add to this woke “back-up quarterback” Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party. It is Singh, through a single stroke of the pen, who has preserved Trudeau’s term in office to its maximum length according to the Federal Election Act.

As the months count down, Canadians come to witness the “gameshow” at hand. Arguably the most draconian political measure in the history of our nation, Liberal Attorney General Arif Virani is heading up the “Online Harms Act,” potentially the greatest impediment to freedom of speech Canada has ever seen.

Are Trudeau-Singh rushing to the finish line of a pre-meditated attack on individual freedoms?  It well appears they are out to shut up those who dare circumvent ideological positioning held by government. Leveraging well-worn weapons racism, bigotry and homophobia, the Feds are working like the devil to beat-the-clock of push-back against their socialist-infused “Woke Revolution.”

It’s a form of revolution rooted in, and inspired by, political methodology admired not only by Justin Trudeau, but in addition, both brother Alexandre Trudeau and Pierre Trudeau before them.

Communism is the key to our PM’s post-modern kingdom. If Canadians are not careful– and possibly even if they are– our country is to be converted from democracy to dictatorship.

Whether overt or covert, revolutionary warfare must include weaponry designed to divide citizen from citizen and community from community. Additionally, successful socialist revolutions must be inclusive of a targeted “nemesis” community.

Karl Marx, founder of communist philosophy, focused on “class struggle.”Communism’s modern incarnation– “wokism” for lack of a better word– leverages race, religion, ethnicity, and gender.

In pitting community against community, the Liberals systemically carve up Canada into individual silos of cultural, religious and sexual identity, all the while fomenting social discord needed to ensure a lack of national unity.

All of this has its purpose– to weaken the resolve of our citizenship. A cultivation of national guilt. Branding society genocidal toward our Indigenous communities.  Exacerbating homophobia and transphobia.

Collectively, it’s a case of massaging Canadian society into a docile condition— a matter of government greasing-the-wheels for what’s to come. What are they really after here, these denizens of democratic erosion?

CAP has no crystal ball. Our speculation relates to an inversion of society– Trudeau’s post-modern state come to fruition. Generational Canadian-born citizens to the back of the social bus, “new arrival” Canada in the driver’s seat.

CBC won’t say it, Liberal Cabinet members won’t allude to it, academia remain mum. In Canada, white citizens are headed for minority status, and more than likely, a systemically disempowered minority at that.

Like China, the Liberals are playing the long-game. They may lose power for a decade, but in their schematic, one day they will return to pick up where they left off.

Online Harms, Emergency Acts, Critical Race Theory, Covid, Systemic Racism, “Islamophobia,” LGBT, Chinese Election Interference, Climate Change, Carbon Taxation.

As if working from a World Economic Forum blueprint, Trudeau’s Liberals cook up the fall of freedom and democracy in Canada.

Why should this be considered a conspiracy theory? Anyone can go to the WEF website, peruse the content, and deduce that Liberal-NDP policy is a carbon copy. Then, add to it the fact that Trudeau, Freeland and Singh are all affiliates.

Why are these ideas conspiratorial?  Because CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail say so? Not good enough, fellow patriots. We must think for ourselves, independently of government-financed propaganda in the press.

If so, we better think fast. One can bet the farm that the Liberal-NDP axis will continue to pick away at the carcass of freedom and democracy to the very final moment.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau, Singh Rush To Finish Line Of Authoritarian State Conversion”

  1. This is a well intended and important article, but you hurt your argument and credibility by clinging to Marxism dogma.
    Marx was a theorist who cooked up harmful ideologies. There is no Socialism, no Communism – in the world today. No country aspires to it either.
    China is hardly a communist country so learn evidence-based civics to bolster the kind of reporting that you want to do credibly – Start here

  2. “Leveraging well-worn weapons racism, bigotry and homophobia, the Feds are working [for the Prince of Darkness] to beat-the-clock of push-back against their socialist-infused “Woke Revolution.” Paraphrasing Matthew 4:8-9….”Satan took [Schwab et al] to a very high mountain and showed [them] all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will fall down and worship me.” Game on.

  3. Like I have said for a long, long time! Trudeau & Singh are very dangerous people who are trying to turn Canada into a Dictatorship?? People in this country need to turn back these traitors, and in due course remedy them useless!!


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