Trudeau/Singh Anti-Democratic Partnership The True Source Of Public Anger

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Canadian Security Intelligence Services has announced that “ideological motivated violent extremism is the agency’s catch-all term for a range of grevience-fuelled extremism.”

“Not all of these instances meet a national security threshold, but CSIS has observed a marked increase in violent threats to elected officials and government representatives during the past two years.”

It should take but microseconds to arrive at an observation that media has burned into the psyche of Canadians.  Whatever problems exist in contemporary Canada, the public is responsible. Not government decision-makers, media practitioners, nor socialist academics. Always and forever, the responsibility is found in the attitudes of the general public.

On the campaign trail in 2021, Justin Trudeau was met by jeering crowds at stops across the country. Much attention was paid to an incident where a protester threw gravel at our prime minister. Trudeau had to cancel a planned rally in Bolton, Ont., due to concern for “crowd safety.”

After cancelling the event, Trudeau said he’d never seen “the same intensity of anger displayed along the campaign trail.” Could this be because no prime minister in history has been disliked as much as Justin Trudeau? Can the reason reside in the idea that this PM has undermined freedom and democracy like no national leader?

Of course not. Who among us believes media would point out this obvious explanation? CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star speak of growing anger among the public, while refusing to consider government culpability. What do they expect– that citizens believe the Feds to be as pure as the driven snow? Innocent as the lambs, are they? What a foolish notion it is.

Instead, mainstream media play games with the public– as they are paid to do. The result of deflecting responsibility is the ramping up of Justin Trudeau’s favourite pastime– transitioning Old Stock Canadians to a vilified community.

Increases in racism can’t possibility be connected to Trudeau’s unnatural and unnecessary immigration quotas. Nonsense to be sure– it is “average” Canadians who are responsible. The Truckers Protest in Ottawa didn’t occur based on legitimate grievances– it took place because of nasty, racist white Canadians.

A shock it is to see the same dynamic applied to media coverage of an outpouring of anger toward NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh. Liberals are aghast. The NDP are outraged. Every possible rationalization is delivered other than the fact that– god forbid– Singh deserves public scorn.

The reason for their anger is obvious: it is this man who set-up Justin Trudeau for three more years in office, with no recourse to challenge his leadership. Together, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have established a pseudo-dictatorship in an ostensibly democratic country. If this isn’t a reason for public anger, what is?

Enter John Ivison, Chantal Hebert, Andrew Coyne, and John Ibbitson– journalist members of Canada’s so-called “intelligentsia.” Are readers to believe these people lack the cognitive ability to draw conclusions offered herein? It’s as obvious as the back of your hand.

Say no-go. These ideas will not be forthcoming from media. We draw a conclusion. Mainstream media presently work for Trudeau and Singh. And what form of society maintains this style of government and media alignment? Another simple question:  communist societies.

Let CAP lay it on the line: together, and with intent, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have hi-jacked our democracy. It is the reason why common sense Canadians are angry as heck.

Upon election in 2021, the Liberals held 155 seats, the Conservatives 119, the Bloc Quebecois 32, the NDP 24 and the Greens two. A year later, the fourth place party– which has dropped from 45 to 24 seats since Singh took over– transitions into a veritable “Kingmaker.”

In 2021, the Liberals won only 8 ridings across Canada where they garnered more than 60%. The popular vote was won by the Conservative Party33.7 percent to the Liberals 32.6 percent. Elections Canada reported that less than 17 million Canadians voted, out of 27.4 million eligible electors. Turnout was down from 67 per cent in 2019 and 68.3 per cent in 2015.

It is under these circumstances that NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh did the greatest service possible for incumbent PM Justin Trudeau. What a giving, altruistic individual he is.

Responding to crowd anger, Jagmeet Singh this week stated:

“Sadly, polarization and disinformation are real dangers to our society. While disagreements are fundamental to a thriving democracy – hatred, violence and wishing death upon others threaten it.”

“Politicians must remember the consequences when they stoke fear and division. When hate is given space to grow, it spreads like wildfire. That is why we must always confront it – giving it no space to take hold, no room to grow.”

Translation: Jagmeet Singh has no responsibility for the public outburst. The reason is found in “disinformation”– a plug for Trudeau’s internet censorship agenda. “Hate,” used twice, is one word away from “hate crime.”

Government has been stoking fear since the day Covid came to town. Division within our communities is Justin Trudeau’s speciality. Singh’s high-level message: Canada is hateful society, and even though it is government that cultivates the phenomenon, we will always blame our Old Stock communities.

How consistent this man is. Turns out that blaming general society is a Singh specialty:

“The reality is: our Canada is a place of racism, of violence, of genocide of Indigenous people.”

With politicians like Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau, who needs enemies?

6 thoughts on “Trudeau/Singh Anti-Democratic Partnership The True Source Of Public Anger”

  1. If these politicians carry on like they are it won’t be long before they will have to hide from public events and only appear “on screen” due to the hate that they themselves create

  2. The term “Old Stock” makes me uncomfortable. I know what you mean and understand your usage but it could be turned against you by the usual suspects. It also reminds of Quebec’s “pure laine”.


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