Trudeau Silent As Woman Assaulted, Permits Perpetrator To Remain At Event

The older white male who was standing in front of me turned around, grabbed me by the arm, and threw me into the crowd of people.”  Justin Trudeau remained on stage and DIDN’T INTERVENE. He was ALLOWED TO REMAIN inside of the event to listen to the Prime Minister finish his speech.”


2 thoughts on “Trudeau Silent As Woman Assaulted, Permits Perpetrator To Remain At Event

  1. OMG! is this for real?? so, what exactly did this person expect him to do about. He is not the police. I not of Trudeau at I think the he is Canada’s get keeper. he is the anti Christ and responsible for the creation of Canada death as Country. He doesn’t care about Canadian Citizens (That is reals one, of true Canadian decent) its appalling how the government uses it position to change anything they want even if it goes beyond basic science and human nature.(how they get being born in a different place change who you are where you actually come from is absolute baffling that people in such positions allow such a law.

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