Trudeau Silent As Churches Burn, Canada Becomes Anti-Christian Nation

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A prominent Indigenous leader in the B.C. Southern Interior is condemning acts of possible arson after four Catholic churches burnt down on First Nations land in six days.

“I wouldn’t call it suspicious, I’d call it what it is, it’s a criminal act, it’s vandalism. It’s arson,” said Chief Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos Indian Band in British Columbia.

Cultural Action Party are also in the habit of calling it what it is:  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is silent as a church mouse regarding these multiple acts of arson.

CAP has never understood Justin Trudeau’s approach to religion and religious communities in Canada. While publicly advancing personal commitment to the Catholic faith, his behaviour reveals an approach wholly antithetical to Christian values.

Justin Trudeau is an advocate for mass abortion–the most committed prime minister since father Pierre Trudeau. Our current PM supports homosexuality, transgenderism and gay marriage. He the also the founder of Canada’s officially legislated euthanasia policy.

All are anti-Christian to the maximum degree. Not that his inverted behaviour stops here. A fervent dedication to an advancement of non-Christian religions has existed since day one. In contrast, our Liberal government has been running down Christianity like there is no tomorrow.

Take the recent Indigenous residential school debacle. As a result of a discovery of mass graves beneath these schools, PM Justin Trudeau has urged the Catholic Church to take responsibility for its role in the persecution of Aboriginals.

What Trudeau has not done–and never will do– is fess up to the role the government of Canada played in the historical mistreatment of Canada’s Aboriginal communities.

According to a Canadian University Indigeneous Foundations report, the term residential schools refers to an extensive school system set up by the Canadian government and administered by churches that had the “nominal objective of educating Indigenous children.”

How does one properly interpret “set up by the government and administered by churches.” Common sense dictates that government–both Liberal and Conservative–hold jurisdiction over the church. Therefore, if government wanted change within the residential school system, they could have cut off the funding. They never did.

Justin Trudeau’s reluctance may be motivated by another fact eschewed by Canadian media— father Pierre Trudeau was ultimately responsible for running the schools. From 1969 until 1978, control and maintenance of residential schools was in the hands the federal government of  Canada.

The Liberal Party was the ruling government of Canada from 1968 to 1979. The prime minister throughout this eleven-year period was Pierre Trudeau. What a fascinating discovery this is. On this basis, it is fair to state that the prime minister most responsible for the residential school debacle in the modern era is Pierre Trudeau.

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In summary, what we have here is a litany of anti-Christian practices perpetuated by the Liberal Party of Canada. This decades-long dynamic been been driven forward by both Justin Trudeau, and Pierre Trudeau before him. In contradistinction, our current PM has supported so-called “minority” religions such as Sikhism and Islam like no politician in history.

Now comes the mysterious part: throughout this entire 50-year process, mainstream media have never written a single word  about any of this. Strange, it is not? What can one deduce– other than the idea that this is an intentional, pre-conceived agenda?

In terms of motivation, one explanation rises above the rest– within communist societies, the Christian religion is unwelcome. For example, Christians in China are a persecuted community.

Can astute citizens therefore conclude that an emulation of this dynamic has now permeated  Canadian society? Is it not a fact that both Justin and Pierre Trudeau are advocates of communist governance?

Is it possible that CAP has hereby pieced together a reality that has been buried by establishment media for the past 50 years? So many questions–so little time before our country transitions from democracy to dictatorship.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

10 thoughts on “Trudeau Silent As Churches Burn, Canada Becomes Anti-Christian Nation”

  1. With regards to the burning of the Catholic Churches on First Nation land, what did you expect? All those little innocent children dead in unmarked graves at the hands of those in charge of them? It has nothing to do with Canada becoming an anti-Christian country but is in retaliation of what has occurred at those schools / prisons.

        • Those are some pretty fallacious arguments dude. What proof is there that Trudeau is turning Canada into a Christian hating nation (for the record, I’m not a fan a Trudeau, just a fan of arguments that are actually factual)? And what does condemning or not condemning arson have to do with claiming Trudeau is turning Canada into a Christian hating nation? Those two things do not equate and your argument is incoherent and all over the place, like a cat chasing a red dot.

    • Well Piet; If I’m ever on trial; I’d do my best to exclude you as a potential juror. You’ve concluded a guilty verdict based on emotion; in the absence of a criminal/forensic investigation. “All those little innocent children….” Keep an open mind; you’re assuming facts not in evidence. “Retaliation? So; burning down four churches is justifiable? Some sort of twisted justice? Why stop at four? Keep the match lit–torch two hundred and fifteen churches.

    • Those little children died over a period of many years from childhood diseases common in the 19th century. Learn some history.

  2. l don’t want another 4 yrs of that lying, registered sex offender as my Prime Minister. He is at home all the time and does he ever work? Someone had added up how many times he has been seen working since he started in 2016 and that number of days is 94 in total. Only 94 days, while all his Ministers show up for work, Justin has been seen crossing the bridge back and forth from Ontario to Quebec…
    How about we hire someone who knows what the hell they are doing and Jugmeat Singh is another one to pass over as he has the same views and he is trader to his own party by crossing the floor. How can you trust a jerk like him?


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