Trudeau SILENT As China Expands Persecution of Christians, Muslims

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“In its effort to assure that all its citizens comply with the edicts and beliefs of the state, the Chinese Communist Party is targeting Christians for persecution and ethnic Muslims for genocide.”

Bob Fu is the Founder and Director of China Aid, a Midland, Texas-based group that helps China’s persecuted Christians.

According to a report from CBN media, Mr. Fu has “documented over 1,600 churches where their crosses were being burnt, destroyed, and destructed.  Many pastors were detained, imprisoned.”

China’s Christians say it is the worst persecution against them since the days of Chairman Mao Tse Tung.

Let Cultural Action Party now posit a question eschewed by all mainstream media in Canada:

What does an expansion of persecution of Christians and Muslims in China say about international human rights activist Justin Trudeau? What message does this deliver to Canadians regarding Trudeau’s political and ideological allegiances?

The first point to make is– obviously very little. Pourquoi? Because CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of establishment media do not reveal these realities in their proper context.

Within Canadian society, Justin Trudeau functions as the most high-profile defender of Muslim rights. An equivalent for the Christian faith is non-existent. Media say not a word about this bizarre paradox. Our PM has professed his religious identity as a member of the Christian faith.

Interesting to note that outside of Canada, PM Trudeau has literally nothing to say about religious persecution within Islamic nations. As informed Canadians understand, mass persecution of Christians is a daily occurrence within Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria, Iran and other other theocratic Middle Eastern nations.

Justin Trudeau has not a word of condemnation in this regard, and media have not a word of criticism for this man related to this reality.

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Turning specifically to China, it is a stone-cold fact that Trudeau has been incapable of any form of criticism for their systemic persecution of Christians and Muslims.

Christians in China we can understand. Over Trudeau’s five years as PM, he has yet to condemn Christian persecution in any form. As for China’s Muslims, an incredible hypocrisy exists.

For example, Trudeau has branded Canadian society racist against Muslims. This man is the king of  “systemic racism theory”— the hatred of non-whites as hard-wired into our society.

And yet, when China persecutes a million Uighar Muslims— including murder, female sterilization and sexual assault–   Trudeau has not one word to say about it.

Exactly how indebted is Justin Trudeau to China? It appears obvious he will not defy their political will– not even when genocide is at play.

Who then does PM Trudeau work forCanada, or China? This hypocrisy is obvious, blatant, and extreme. Degree of exposure from mainstream media?

Nothing– not a damn word. How about this for a conclusion:

Justin Trudeau works for China, and Canadian media work for Justin Trudeau.

There’s the “post-modern” nation that will more than likely re-elect PM Trudeau in any future federal election.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Trudeau SILENT As China Expands Persecution of Christians, Muslims”

  1. Are we surprised with this clueless mentality challenged excuse for a prime minister we’re saddled with, every day another dumb decision.

  2. It truly shakes me to the core seeing what this TYRANT AND TRAITOR has done to this once great land in such short period of time!! I don’t even recognize the the country I grew up in anymore. It’s extremely saddening and I fear the worst is yet to come due to the fact that MOST Canadians are either blind to what this arrogant, little twirpy, poor excuse for a man let alone leader of men has been doing and has planned OR just don’t care?


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