Trudeau Showered With Gifts From King Of Jordan As Foreign Aid Buys Real Estate

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An article published this week by National Post focuses on gifts sent to PM Justin Trudeau from foreign dignitaries:

“Jordan’s King Abdullah II has been the most generous of foreign officials, presenting ten gifts to Trudeau ranging from a handmade leather saddle to sculptural plant vessels to jars of honey.” 

What a sweet deal. Over the past 10 years Justin Trudeau has authorized a shipment of $800 million in foreign aid to the Kingdom of Jordan. After which the Pandora Papers revealed that the King of Jordan is funneling large parts of that Canadian aid into a worldwide portfolio of luxury real estate.

Who knew that Justin Trudeau and King Abdullah II are involved in such an intimate relationship? What a convenient pact it is. Our prime minister takes $800 million out of the pockets of Canadian tax-payers and hands it to the Jordanian King. His kingship then takes the funds and invests it the world’s finest luxury real estate.

In appreciation, his “Holy of Holies” showers Trudeau with lavish gifts. All of it going on without the slightest fuss from Canadian media. What kind of a country are we living in, anyway?

CAP will respond first– a country in transition. A nation being controlled by a pseudo-dictator. One who venerates fundamentalist Islam, proving his commitment with a yearly shipment of billions of dollars to Middle Eastern nations. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, all are blessed with our tax dollars on a daily basis.

Justin Trudeau has been offered the gift of his own likeness some 17 times since becoming prime minister, including once by the president of China.”

One would think the PM had died and gone to Jannah(Islamic heaven). Witness the fulfillment of Trudeau deepest narcissistic dream. Of course, all international leaders know how to tickle the fancy of the King of Canada. Press his ego-button and sit back as he bestows billions on “developing nations” under the guise of foreign aid.

One gift for Trudeau is an oil painting entitled “Happy Moments.” It’s a perfect companion piece to an optical illusion our PM calls “Sunny Ways.”

In 2021, King Abdullah II dropped off a collection of high-end skin care products for our prime minister. Good thing he did, as painting oneself with Blackface can result in image-damaging skin rashes.

See Justin Trudeau strut down a Middle Eastern runway with Jordanian Kings, Saudi Oil billionaires and other fundamentalist despots. Could it be that Trudeau is, in fact, one of them? If not, he is aspiring to the position as we speak.

Truth is, this silver spoon-fed Quebecois elitist never wanted to be a run-of-the-mill prime minister in the first place. Neglecting the needs of Canadians, Mr. Trudeau set out to become woke saviour of the world. Elected to serve the people of Canada, Justin Trudeau set out to serve the Nation of Islam instead.

5 thoughts on “Trudeau Showered With Gifts From King Of Jordan As Foreign Aid Buys Real Estate”

  1. In 2021, King Abdullah II dropped off a collection of high-end skin care products for our prime minister.” He probably sold them on eBay. Either that; or the House of Turdo “re-gifted” them to C. Freeloader. Not exactly eye candy. BTW–It appears that she needs spinal fusion of the neck. It’s always twisted/cocked in a condescending fashion. Surely it can’t be her “personality.” It must have an anatomical explanation. Good news for Freeloader: She can sell the costly facial products, and get expensive (American) neck surgery. Pronto. No five year wait time.

    • After reconsidering Dumber’s situation….Trudeau should hire a team of financial advisors. An eight hundred million “investment,” and Dodo Bird gets a return of some lousy skin care products? No wonder he sold all of our gold reserves for a “basket” of worthless currency. Half a penny on the dollar. On a good day. That’s what Bananada is worth in the current year.

  2. Well what happened to politicians not accepting gifts same thing received something like a 6,000 rocking chair and supposedly he was supposed to pay that rocking chair off I doubt it but supposedly when is the Canadian people going to stand up and say we need we want our country back if you can’t see what he’s doing I mean all this money to foreign countries which by the way happened to be our so-called enemies not our allies he loves China so he should just go live there cuz I know a lot of Canadians don’t really give a damn

  3. I ave always understood it to be a crime for the PM or any other politicians, representing Canada, to accept gifts from foreign leaders and dignitaries, punishable by prison, if found guilty. Furthermore it is immoral and reprehensible for politicians to use their positions to accept bribes, show favour and give preferential treatment to foreign officials under those circumstances! This is corruption at its worst level, but then that is expected of Trudeau. He MUST be removed from office now, charged and prosecuted for these and other crimes against Canada and humanity! THIS IS A CRIME!!!


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