Trudeau Should Resign Based Upon “Obstruction Of Justice”

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“Prima facie, this scandal is UNPRECEDENTED, for if the facts as we know them now play out to their logical conclusion, “obstruction of justice” was attempted by the HIGHEST OFFICIALS of our federal government.”


2 thoughts on “Trudeau Should Resign Based Upon “Obstruction Of Justice””

  1. There apparently two sets of laws
    Canada’s rule of law
    Trudeau’s rule of law which he made up to suit himself, which he follows and so do his mps. His authorization behavior overrides the Canadian rule of law.
    And since there are two sets of ‘rule of laws.

    Question is, ” under which law do the court of law, the rcmp, the media follow?

  2. Justin has broken so many laws that stopping him suddenly is just a joke to him.
    Once this authoritarian started breaking laws and is allowed to continue performing without facing justice, anything can happen from then onwards. No one will take any rules from the justice system seriously since the top man the PM Trudeau has abused undermined the ‘rule of law’ himself.


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