Justin Trudeau “Shocked” When Questioned On His Dedication to Catholicism, Christianity

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CAP would be remiss in neglecting to point out that the original source article was published eight years ago, in 2011. However, we maintain the topic is far more relevant today than at the time it was published.

“Liberal MP Justin Trudeau says he is upset and offended by a Tory MP who publicly questioned his adherence to the Catholic faith, and his suitability to speak to students at a Catholic school.” 

Dean Del Mastro, the parliamentary secretary to the prime minister, said that it was “outrageous” the Catholic school board in Peterborough, Ont. had invited Trudeau to speak for a second time in three years.”

“Are there any tenets of the Catholic faith that Justin supports?”

Now here is a excellent, relevant question regarding the beliefs and personal behaviour of Justin Trudeau. No wonder establishment media in Canada have ignored the issue for the past eight years.

Fact is, PM Trudeau is the most curious Christian ever to hold public office. The man pushes abortion like none since father Pierre. An anti-Christian act if there ever was one. Observation of Trudeau’s behaviour since taking office verifies a vehement dedication toward the Nation of Islam. A brief glance through the tenets of the Koran informs us how fundamentalist Islam feels about the Christian faith.

LGBT? Transgenderism–both anti-Christian to the core. Trudeau has instructed his Cabinet and Caucus they MUST vote pro-fetus destruction in all affairs. Anti-Christian, once again. Our illustrious PM cancelled funding for churches and bible camps based upon a lack of adherence to open, no-limitations, mass abortion.

At the same time, Justin has funded, protected, and promoted the Nation of Islam in Canada. He has re-instated citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists. He is not anti-Sharia Law or opposed to female genital mutilation. The man hands billions of our tax dollars to despotic Middle Eastern governments. Mr Trudeau REFUSED to label the mass murder of Christians in African and Islamic nations “genocide.” Yet, he was quick off the draw to brand Canadians genocidal regarding treatment of First Nations peoples in Canada.

A good Christian? If this guy makes the grade, then Saddam Hussein should have been Pope. There is nothing Christian about Justin Trudeau, or his commie brother Alexandre, for that matter. Both admire communist, atheist and anti-Christian China. Both venerate Islam.

Get the picture? Perhaps CAP readers do. As for the remaining Canadians, they have little clue–unless they pro-actively work to discover the truth about this religious hypocrite. Why? Because establishment media never inform us.

This is not speculation, or conjecture. The facts speak for themselves, the behaviour blatant and obvious. “I have to say, I’m really surprisingly upset. I didn’t think I would be, but I am,” Trudeau told The Canadian Press on Tuesday evening. Never mind the fact that Justin deserves this–and much, much worse.

“For someone to start questioning my own faith and accusing me of being a bad Catholic, is something that I really take issue with.”

Why, King Justin? None of your behaviour exemplifies a dedication to the Catholic faith. All of your behaviour suggests an adherence to Islamic principles, as well as  pro-LGBT, anti-Christian ideologies? Why on earth would any sensible Canadian(get lost snowflakes) BELIEVE your sorry butt

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Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who has studied to be an Anglican minister, says judging who best adheres to their faith doesn’t have a place in Parliament – or in society.

But Ms. May, it does have a place within Islam. The nascent, under-promoted Islamic Party of Ontario preach full-on Sharia law adherence within Canadian society. Ever heard of them? More than likely 99% of Canadian have not–by way of media cover-up.

“It is not for someone else ever, and frankly it’s against scripture, to take that view of someone else,” she told CBC News.  But it is not against Islamic scripture, now is it?

“My faith is between God and me, and even the Conservatives with their majority don’t have the power to intervene,” Trudeau told CBC News.

Which God, Mr. Trudeau? As you may know, there are myriad belief systems invoking “God”–some monotheistic, other polytheistic. You behaviour betrays the God of the Christian faith.

As for the power to intervene, it is true that a private individual has a right under the Charter which protects them from oppression based upon personal faith. But what is the situation when a person is prime minister of Canada?

King Justin may have a right to spiritual privacy, but Canadians also have the right to know who their prime minister is. Thus far, Justin Trudeau has been a model of deception and hypocrisy.

Therefore, a single salient question: Why is it, Mr. Trudeau, that you claim to be a practicing, believing Christian, while every move you make betrays this statement while displaying  an affinity with archaic Islamic ideology?

Of course, media would never dare to bring up this contradiction. Trudeau is their man–hypocrite, globalist, anti-Christian, pro-Islamic, pro fetus destruction, supportive of homosexuality and transgenderism–even for children. Interestingly, nearly all the editor and leading journalists from our establishment media come from secular or religious Christian backgrounds. How odd, eh?

CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star–how incredibly USELESS these publications are in exposing and critiquing the religious component of Trudeau-brand ideology. Are Canadians to believe these highly “educated” journalists and editors lack a cognitive ability to recognize Justin Trudeau’s hypocrisy?

Obviously, there is a media cover-up in this regard. It is far from a unique occurrence. While being a hypocrite is endemic within politics, Trudeau has brought the game to a whole other level.

Simply put, a vote for Justin Trudeau is a vote against the Christian faith. Now, let us watch and witness as millions of secular and religious Canadian-Christians line up to vote for this self-appointed King Of Canada.

Old Stock Canada–  you have been hood-winked.










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