Trudeau Shafts Western Canada In Liberal Cabinet Shuffle

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To say the province of Alberta received “slim pickins” as a result of  PM Justin Trudeau’s latest Cabinet shuffle is a giant understatement.

As with namesake ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, supposed “son of” loves to extract monies out of Alberta, while giving nothing in return. If current federal cabinet configuration serves as a microcosm, than Western Canada— Alberta in particular, comes up dry as a desert day in the Sahara.

Out of 39 Cabinet positions, just one has been allotted to an MP from Alberta. Trudeau’s choice being his coveted LGBT/Transgender point man, Randy Boissonnault.

Boissonnault, dyed-in-the-wool woke Liberal, is fully dedicated to promoting homosexuality/transgenderism in Canadian society. Like boss-man Trudeau, there appears to be no concern regarding the age of Canadian youth who choose to change their sex.

Making matters more extreme, not a single Liberal Cabinet member is sourced from Calgary, Canada’s fourth largest city.

Is it wipe-out time for Canada’s western provinces? It’s what happens every time a Trudeau-family member reaches the top of Canadian political totem pole.

Instantly, it’s an assault on Alberta. Whether digging up dollars to ship to Ottawa, or impediments to Oil & Energy development, Canadians can count on the Quebec-centric(try supremacist) angle to filter Western finances to the Liberals.

It’s the world of politics, so naturally the issue comes down to power. Some forms are basic, such as sucking dollars out of the West, and giving them to the so-called under-privileged(insert laughter here) province of Quebec.

In Canada, the federal government makes equalization payments to provincial governments of lesser fiscal capacity so that “reasonably comparable” levels of public services can be provided at similar levels of taxation. Equalization payments are entrenched in the Constitution Act of 1982.

In 1982, Pierre Trudeau was two years away from the end of his nation-transforming prime ministerial run.

What a shock we receive in this scenario– not. Anyone wanna take a wild guess as to which province benefits most from the schematic? Why, the answer is La Belle Province, ground zero for the Trudeau Dynasty, Canada’s French-Canadian province of Quebec.

Sanctioned by the Liberals as a “provincial government of lesser capacity,” the funds have for decades been flowing from pipelines in Alberta to the coffers of the Feds in Ottawa.

The macro-element of the picture is just as grim. To say that Justin Trudeau has loaded up his woke political weaponry with MPs from Quebec is putting things mildly.

Did you know? Justin Trudeau has over the past seven-plus years dwindled Anglophone Canadian Cabinet representation down to seven MPs out of a total of 39 Cabinet members. Calgary has no representation; Alberta as a whole has just one, an uber-woke Liberal at that.

“It’s unfathomable that the Liberals would snub one of Canada’s most important cities when a perfectly serviceable MP is available.”

Not gonna happen, Calgary Sun. It’s one of our Liberal government’s most subtle services to our nation. The degree of bias(try hatred) is manifest in the way in which our PM has established a demarcation among identifiable communities in Canada.

Generally speaking, it goes like this:

PM Trudeau’s Preferred Communities– Quebecois, Homosexual, Transgendered, Sikh, Muslim, Chinese, and various 3rd World communities.

PM Trudeau’s Disliked Communities– Anglophones, Christians, Conservatives, Albertans, and various forms of “Old Stock “Canadian communities.

As far as Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] is concerned, this division has been intentionally created to upset a sensitive balance within a pluralist Canadian society. That mainstream media in Canada– “Old Stock” in main at this point in time– do not breathe a word regarding this social dynamic verges on the criminal.

“The prairie provinces, from the eastern border of Manitoba to the west side of Alberta, are home to nearly seven million people.”

“They are represented by exactly two cabinet ministers — Boissonnault and Dan Vandal, from Winnipeg. Vandal is responsible for prairie economic development.”

Vandal is Metis, Boissonnault is French. See what CAP is driving at?

Can you imagine? Representing 7 million Canadian citizens, Western Canadian provinces have not even one white Anglophone in their “post-modern” Cabinet.

Trudeau maintains a wildly Eastern-centric Cabinet, including half-citizens from Africa/Middle East, LGBT-pushers from Ontario, multiple members of the Lesbian community, as well as Sikh-Canadians, Hispanics, and at least one communist migrant from Argentina.

All of which suggest what Canadian media refuse to expose. Justin Trudeau is a prejudiced prime minister. He cares nothing for Western Canada, but plenty about fulfilling his mission of internationalizing our nation.

Democracy be damned. Proportional representation? Only when it involves the running of the Anglophone out of political office. If he could, the PM would politically disempower Alberta in totality.

Sceptics among us already believe it to be the case. Two of the sketchiest political appointment of the past few years involve the placing of Jyoti Gondek and Amarjeet Sohi as mayors of Calgary and Edmonton, respectively.

Sohi is a former Liberal Cabinet member. Gondek is pure liberal globalism, a plant into office to continue the woke prostrations of former Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Are Justin Trudeau and the Liberals systemically disempowering Conservative politics in Western Canada, and Alberta in particular? Of course he is. Pourquoi? Because that’s his job.

All hail the “woke socialist revolution” in the dying Great White North.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.

13 thoughts on “Trudeau Shafts Western Canada In Liberal Cabinet Shuffle”

  1. The premier of Alberta talks tough; but carries a wet noodle–Not a big stick. Alberta needs a political version of a mixed martial artist fighter. The only thing that will sink “d’Ottawa” to its knees–Is a roundhouse kick to Trudeau’s throat. Since the time of Pee Trudeau–All Alberta has (basically) done is talk…talk…complain, and more talk. Money speaks–Imagine Quebec–finally cut off from Albertan cash. C’mon Alberta. Fifty years of being Ottawa/Quebec’s bumboy is enough. Take the lead.

  2. you hate on quebec so much but you praise muslims when they defend against the rise of LGBT with your fellow anglophone christians.

    you claim to be this holy crusader hell bent on removing the liberal virus yet your words of “wisdom” in your blog spreads division among the populace.

    alberta = good
    quebec bad
    muslims = bad
    muslims hating lgbt = good
    christian = saviours of humanity
    sikhs, hindus = third world religions
    buddhists = third world religion

    please shut the hell up man, i will ask liberals to ban your stupid blog from canada, you’re a one trick pony with nothing to ride aside from christian war against the entire rest of the world.

    please……………. shut up

    • Well….Hello again Mr./Ms. “Dumb”. I recognize your writing style, and usage of particular phraseology. You have added nothing to the conversation; just demonstrated–once again–your penchant for ad hominem attacks. Did you know–They are the lowest form of argument/debate. I’m sure you’re quite capable of higher thinking. It requires work, and openness to both sides of an issue.

      You wrote: “Christian war against the…rest of the world. Christian “war”?? Where on earth did you get that idea?? You’ve got that exactly backwards. See what’s actually happening to Christians in the world; including Trudeau’s “Canada.” Open your eyes; the world is much bigger, and much more complicated than what you hear/read on the moribund; Trudeau controlled CBC.

      In closing; why not just be upfront–That you hate Christians. It’s obvious, and drips from your pores. Not that you’ve make any attempt to conceal your unjustified dislike of these people. But–Hey! That’s on you. One day; perhaps; you’ll be called upon to make valid; evidence based; logical arguments is defense of your statements. Cheap shots/name calling won’t win you any points. At this point; your Liberal; Trudeau czars control the narrative. “Good is evil; evil is good; light is dark; bitter is sweet.” Lots of heavy propaganda, and seduction of the unwary. Watch your steps; do you think that you are a free man; still living in a democratic country? Think again. Hard. You’re in the matrix.

      Final thought: [“P]lease shut the hell up man, i (sic) will ask liberals to ban your stupid blog from canada, (sic) you’re a one trick pony with nothing to ride aside from christian (sic) war against the entire rest of the world.” Wow. Talk about being “divisive.” You are right about the “Liberal virus.” The only antidote is to keep reading conservative blogs. Wise up man.

    • Well well well you must be Trudeau’s boyfriend. No one asks you to read Brads posts. You can not even use your own name. What are you hiding? Looks like the Liberals should cancel you and ship you out of Canada.

  3. brad the intolerant

    if it’s not english and christian, it’s demonic.


    no point reading any other post once you get this memo.

      • hey brad,

        when will you figure out the french were in canada before the english?

        when will you figure out the natives were in canada before the french?

        but keep being an “anglophone christian” hell bent on a holy crusader against anyone who doesn’t identify as this label

        you’re xenophobic and intolerant of other humans that aren’t clones of your church

        this is why the liberals target you so much.

        maybe you’ll figure it out some day.


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