Trudeau Setting Up “Most Authoritarian Internet Framework” Of Any Democracy

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“Bill C-11 could create the most authoritarian regulatory framework of any democracy in the world.”

“By declaring every piece of user-generated audiovisual content a form of broadcasting subject to CRTC regulation, the state will gain the power to censor or remove that content. C-11 is a bad and dangerous idea,” wrote Fin DePencier at C2C Journal.

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? What’s even worse soon follows suit: the Liberal government will implement this neo-communist measure, and nothing will prevent them from doing so.

Exactly as it transpired in source nation for PM Justin Trudeau’s draconian legislation: the government of China. CBC won’t let you in on this element of the question, yet in reality, Bill C-11 is drawn from the tenets of Chinese communism.

The purpose of China’s Great Internet Firewall is “to limit access to foreign information sources, blocking foreign internet tools— e.g. Google, FacebookTwitter,  Wikipedia, and mobile apps, and requiring foreign companies to adapt to domestic regulations.

‘Google Executive Cautions Canada Against Adopting ‘Extreme’ New Internet Rules’

Pourquoi? because Trudeau internet rules are China’s internet rules. Media sit in silence. Of course they do–they want Team Trudeau to wrestle back lost revenues which have over the past decade transitioned from legacy media to social media.

A simple concept indeed. Not that you will be hearing about it from Canadian government, media, academia or corporations. All are on-board with Trudeau-brand communism in Canada. It’s better for their pocket books, for one thing.

Thus it is that Canadians society takes another giant leap toward replication of life within communist societies. Truth told, it’s been PM Trudeau’s goal from day one in office.

In an interview with C2C Journal, former CRTC vice-chair Peter Menzies predicts “a bleak future in which online speech is no longer a right but a privilege.”

CAP take it one step further. With this as a template, expand the situation to all aspects of Canadian society. This is where Justin Trudeau is taking Canada, and it is not a random occurrence.

“Trudeau has invested millions of dollars in funding government programs meant to ‘educate’ Canadians and make them more resilient to disinformation. Some of this funding is for university academics to analyze social media for misinformation and disinformation.”

One such research paper from the University of Calgary labeled anything “promoting a specific mistrust of Canada’s Liberal government, and especially of Prime Minister Trudeau as misinformation.”

What a giant pile of bunk. Yet, it should be expected by Canadians who understand how communist propaganda functions within a society. Criticism of a politician is, in fact, a democratic right. Canada’s Marxist education systems are gunning to crush the principle.

Seven years of observing the political antics of Mr. Trudeau has led CAP to draw a conclusion: Authoritarianism is in our prime minister’s blood. How it got this way is a whole other story.

“If you are a Canadian, do you want nine unelected officials, selected by Trudeau, deciding what you can and cannot read or watch on the Internet?”

Does wanting it have anything to do with its implementation? Not at all. In China, seven unelected men control the behaviour of 1.3 billion citizens.

The future of Canada is communist. All the rest– concern for human rights and the rest of the Woke propaganda–are a mask for our nation’s ultimate fate.

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