Trudeau Secures Quebec Culture While Eroding Anglophone Canadian Identity

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has granted permission for Quebec to rewrite a section of Canada’s Constitution.  No approval is to be required from the provinces or the federal government.

According to CBC News, “Quebec’s proposal was tucked into Bill 96, the 100-page language bill tabled last Thursday, and yet few politicians or political experts are sure what to make of it.”

Cultural Action Party know what to make of it. Namely, opinions which will never see the light of day within mainstream media. What is occurring in this situation is that Quebec-born Prime Minister Trudeau is hereby granting the province a license to fortify its distinct cultural identity.

Trudeau said yesterday that the province can amend part of the Canadian Constitution to underscore that it is a nation and that French is its its official language.

One common theme among Liberal government legislative measures go like this: whatever the ostensible goal is, a secondary or covert goal remains unspoken in the background.

To exemplify, CAP speak of multiculturalism. Positioned as an advancement of equal rights for “racialized” communities, the unwritten element involves  disempowerment for the non-racialized.  After all, no ceiling exists to mark any form of satiation. On this basis, the Multicult lobby could push their agenda until Anglophones are rendered second class citizens. There is, in truth, nothing which exists to prevent this outcome.

The same dynamic exists for Trudeau’s paean to Quebec autonomy. In case Old Stock Canadians have not noticed, our ruling Liberal government are doing all they can to send Anglophones–as well as Christian-Canadians–to the periphery of our society.

Let us posit a theory:  What our prime minister is really doing is setting up Quebec to be exempt from his Great Reset plans for the remainder of Canada. He is doing Premier Francois Legault a giant favour. This will, of course, secure the Quebec vote for the Liberals in the next federal election.

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The funny thing about our democracy is that a federal election can be done and over by the time the vote count hits the western Quebec border. Based on population-oriented seat allotment in Parliament, this is a reality of federal politics. Naturally, Trudeau’s team of media bandits sublimate this fact.

As for English Canada, our fate is sealed. Mr. Trudeau has brought a “silent revolution” to Anglophone communities. On an ideological basis, the agenda is drawn from the Trudeau’s family’s preferred nation of China. One can add to this concept Canada’s pending China-influenced “internet firewall.”

If CAP had our way, we would ensure that every Old Stock Canadian open their minds to the idea that government are administering punitive damages toward our communities. Trudeau wants his “pound of flesh” from the descendants of the founders of our country. Likewise for Canada’s academic world. And of course, the uber-powerful multicultural lobby fall into this category.

Thus stands the fate our our nation. Quebec is to be a sovereign political entity. As for the rest of Canada, we are to be consumed by the forces of globalism. Our destiny lies in the hands of a vindictive prime minister and his Great Reset partners.

Media’s job is to obfuscate this destiny for as long as humanly possible. It’s all part of a pre-conceived agenda which Justin Trudeau so obliquely referenced when branding Canada a “post-modern” nation in 2015.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est. 2016)

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