Trudeau Says No As 81% Of Canadians Favour Chinese Interference Inquiry

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New data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute shows that the vast majority  of Canadians(81%) want to see a public inquiry into alleged Chinese Election Interference in federal elections.

As far as the Trudeau government is concerned, this and a toonie will buy you a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee. The Liberals won’t do it for one simple reason: they don’t have to.

Much of their brazen nature– an arrogance never before witnessed in federal politics– comes from the fact that one political player holds the key to the investigation. Not that he’s a member of the Liberal Party.

New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh has transitioned his role from an opposition party leader to “Kingmaker of the Trudeau Castle.”

Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre is unimpressed:

“Is Jagmeet Singh going to stay in his coalition with Justin Trudeau and help him cover up this latest scandal?” asked Poilievre.

CAP has delved into this area in the past. How did a failing federal party leader(46 down to 25 seats under Singh) come to control the fate of society within Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada?

Our response is swift– because the entire structure has been set up in advance to ensure the Liberals maintain a lock on federal governance. In this capacity, Mr. Singh has been selected as back-up political quarterback for Team Trudeau.

“The NDP has an agreement with Trudeau’s minority Liberal government to keep them in power until 2025. That agreement pre-dates the revelations of China’s interference in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections.”

Translation: Jagmeet Singh works for Justin Trudeau who, with the assistance of the Chinese government,  has won three consecutive federal elections.

“93 per cent[polled] say the issue of foreign interference is important, while just 14 per cent say they have confidence in the Trudeau government’s ability to handle the file.”

Trudeau couldn’t care less. He knows where his communist bread is buttered. Devoid of empathy found in the minds of mere mortals, our PM is more evangelist than political leader.

His religion is Woke, his people 3rd World Canadians and Homosexuals, his power all-pervasive. Jagmeet Singh wants the same thing Trudeau wants for Canada: transition to neo-communism, erasure of Canadian identity, white folk branded as bigots, an end to Christian Canada.

“Liberal voters are far more circumspect with significant numbers more inclined to profess either ignorance or inner conflict over key elements of the issues. Half (49%) say they have not been following the story closely.”

Like we said, a religion. The Liberal cult of personality surrounds our prime minister as woke fever works to transfer our nation to authoritarian state status.

“Is Jagmeet Singh going to stay in his coalition with Justin Trudeau and help him cover up this latest scandal? …  Is Singh going to help Trudeau cover up the interference of a hostile foreign dictatorship in our elections?,” queried Mr. Poilievre this week in Parliament.

Cultural Action Party believe the agreement will remain intact. To say Trudeau is past his due-date is the understatement of the year. By now, most Canadians hate him. If not for brother-in-ideological arms Jagmeet Singh, Trudeau and his tedious LGBT prostrations would have been relegated to political history.

“Twice as many Canadians believe [David] Johnston was the wrong choice as the right one.”

It matters not.

“More than two-in-five (43%) Canadians believe elections are becoming less free and fair in the country.”

Liberals couldn’t care less.

“Two-thirds (67%) of Canadians believe the Chinese government tried to interfere in Canadian elections.”

Trudeau will not lift a finger to stop the interference. His political career is interwoven with Chinese government support. It began when so-called father Pierre Trudeau became prime minister in 1968. It’s been growing like a snowball down a ski hill ever since.

By the time Trudeau Jr. was placed in office in 2015, the communist government of China had infused itself within corporate business, natural resource development, university education, mainstream media and many other key institutions.

Indirectly, Jagmeet Singh is an agent for the Chinese government. Like Trudeau, he doesn’t think much of our country. CAP consider him a straight-up “Anglophobe,” and in this capacity, he is joined by our ruling prime minister.

“Singh has to decide if he wants to put country before party, country before his coalition with Trudeau.”

For these guys, everyday is a no-brainer. In post-modern Canada, political success is rooted in dedication to woke ideological politics, inclusive of hating your own country. If a politician refuses to tow this line(Poilievre, Danielle Smith), media will work to destroy your political career.

Trudeau and Singh are cut from the same globalist cloth. In order to rid Canada of its neo-communist cancer, both must be removed from the political arena, never to return.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Says No As 81% Of Canadians Favour Chinese Interference Inquiry”

  1. Whrn are canadians going to wake up and realize that trudeau cant be voted out?the only way there is going to be any change is if we all march to Ottawa wih our rifles with intent to use them if we have to..we are at war with our own govt and we are so complacent that we are letting them take us over without even a fight.The trucker rally was a good thing but it should have been with rifles and the turd AND jagmeet should have been thrown out of our country or SHOT!They are blatant criminals that have no good intentions for our country and need to go asap!

    • How many times have I heard this one.

      “Bread and a circus” had to be restored in our society before Canadians could connect the dots and grasp their situation of those 22 months. That meant: NHL, CFL, Timmies, Molson-Coors, and all those precious live shows they instinctively blow $300 and more to get nosebleed seats in. As long as Skippy has a fresh supply of doggie treats ready for any potential attackers, no need to worry about another march on the hill.

      And this is on top of the “global emergency treaty” he’s no doubt chomping at the bit to sign next year.


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