Trudeau RUNS AWAY From Foreign Policy Debate After Handing Billions To Foreign Governments

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The Munk foreign policy debate has been cancelled. While Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh, and Elizabeth May had said they would attend, Justin Trudeau has refused, leading to the cancellation of the debate.

In a statement, Munk debates chair Rudyard Griffiths said “Regrettably, the prime minister’s refusal to attend our debate has denied Canadians the only real opportunity they had this election to see his foreign policy record challenged in a substantive and sustained fashion.”

Many CAP readers hail from the similar background as we do. Therefore, chances are like they are familiar with Monty Python films. In one, the absurdist troupe have to decide upon the best strategy for a particular battle.

“Run away! Run away!” is the modus operandi they choose. Here, Justin Trudeau takes a cue for the Pythons, and runs away in politically absurdist style.

Justin’s back-away from the scheduled Munk Debate on foreign policy is cut from the same cloth. Truly, Canadian politics have now degenerated into the “Theatre Of The Absurd.”

How long did it take CAP to recognize this situation? After one week in office–we swear. CBC? Globe & Mail? Andrew Coyne and John Ibbitson? 3 years and 11 months.

So can ya dig it? Yet, this has a very serious aspect. Why did erudite journalists  over look this political charade? Are we to believe CBC editors are too daft to pick up on the reality of the situation? Of course not.

Rather, they chose to overlook it. What service did this provide to the people of Canada? Nothing-not a damn thing. Or perhaps we should clarify–it did help specific segments of society.

LGBT. The transgendered. Islamic Canada and Sikh Canada. Conversely, Justin Trudeau has been a absolute nightmare for Old Stock Canada. We have been branded virulent racist, bigots and xenophobes. Add homophobes to this one. Oh, and let’s not forget genocidal regarding Aboriginal Canada.

Thanks, King Justin–you  successfully vilified our people, while running down Christian Canada at the same time. Then, you turn around and tell us “diversity is our frackin’ strength.”

CAP admit-it is a form of strength–for Mr. Trudeau chosen Third World and Islamic Canadians. On the flip-side, we have the Canadian majority. Say no-go on this one.

Of course, this historical dynamic was set-in-stone the very day that father Pierre Trudeau forced multiculturalism upon Canadian society. The pending marginalization of Anglophone Canada was established the very moment Mr. Pierre pushed “diversity” on an unsuspecting Canadian public.

Now, via son Justin Trudeau, Anglophone Canada has been trans-formed into Canada’s premier “villain” community.  Add to this Trudeau’s powerful religious supremacy cabal within government. MP’s Ahmed Hussen of Somalia and MP Iqra Khalid of Pakistan have spent four years( they have chilled out of-late) slamming white Canadians for being racists and bigots.

Ever check out what society is like in Somalia and Pakistan? In terms of racism, these Islamic nations make Canada look like a walk through a nation park. No matter–they have an agenda to fulfill– and it has nothing to do with an improvement of life for all Canadians

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CAP has a term for King Justin of Canada– “Coward Of The Country.” Fitting, no? Around the world, journalists, critics, comedians, Talk Show hosts and others are laughing in Canada’s face–also downplayed by local media.

What shall occur if Trudeau actually wins next month? Will the nation of Canada–once respected and revered for its social and human rights policies– be relegated to the laughing-stock of western democratic nations? Will this not destroy our image on the world stage?

CAP said it from day one, and we day it again: Justin Trudeau is a destroyer. Somewhere deep inside, he has a malevolence which has eluded general society. It is not because Canadians are dumb–it is because media are deceptive.

Get rid of this national embarrassment, and perhaps Canada can re-vitalize the positive reputation we maintained for 148 of our 152 years of existence.

Btw–the debate is cancelled.





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