Trudeau Rolls Out Agenda Transforming White Canadians To MINORITY Community

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A new decade is upon us. In typical fashion, mainstream media are informing Canadians about what will transpire within society over the coming decade.

One piece conveniently neglected by CBC and the rest goes like this:

The Trudeau government have unrolled two new immigration programs which will accelerate the transformation of Anglophone Canada to a minority community in due time–as in, faster than anyone would otherwise imagine it.

Of course, only a small sliver of Canadians are imagining such a thing– exactly what Trudeau and his media slaves are aiming for.

The Trudeau government recently announced the launch of the Rural Immigration Pilot Program— arguably a catalyst for Anglo-Canadians to transfer to minority communities within small town like Vernon, B.C. and Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Now, to compliment such a thing, the Liberals have announced a new  immigration program that will allow cities and towns to pick newcomers based on local labour needs.

Check out the CBC headline:

“Liberals plan new program to allow communities to pick immigrants”

CAP has a term for this headline: Liberal Globalist Propaganda. What are they after here? Why, to advance an illusion of control over immigration to Canada. True, or not true–the degree to which the Canadian public– 37.5 million citizens–have control over Canadian immigration policy is ZERO%.

What is really going here: Justin Trudeau and his globalist string-pullers, in their bid to re-invent Canada as a global nation-state, have established Third World favouritism within all three levels of government– Federal, Provincial and Municipal.

This comprehensive program of social engineering is being rolled out in a strategic, incremental manner.

Example: These announcements were made over the Christmas-New Year’s time period. Why? Two reasons– people are more distracted from news events during this time. Secondly, people tend to be more compassionate to their “fellow man” at Christmas time.

Now, let’s flip to be “b-side” of the equation–namely, what CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest are not telling us.

All these immigration programs lead to one basic truism:  White Canada is on a path toward its marginalization and disempowerment within society. Degree to which media focus on the “demographic mix” within society? Nothing, zero, zilch.

Why? There can only be one reason: because they do not want Canadians–white Canucks in particular– to think or dwell upon the largest social transformation in modern Canadian history.

Therefore, on behalf of the ruling government, media says nothing. Anglophone journalists Andrew Coyne, John Ivison and John Ibbitson–not a word. Leading Quebecois journalist Chantal Herbert–not even a whisper.

Strange, isn’t it? Or perhaps not so strange–when considering the idea that this scenario reveals another truism: within contemporary Canada, government control media–just like things are in China, Cuba, and other Trudeau-family hero nations.

According to CBC, “over the last decade, 75 per cent of Canada’s population growth has come from immigration, and by 2031, immigration is expected to account for 80 per cent of Canada’s population growth, says IRCC.

How many articles have been published which articulate Canada’s changing demography in this manner? Must be hundreds of them. How many of said articles articulate the impact on society from a point of view of Old Stock Canadian population diminishment, and the corresponding rise of Third World demography?

Try the number zero–it fits perfectly. Consider this reality, fellow patriots–government and media announce the migration quota intake numbers–yet never inform Canadians as to which nations these new arrivals come from.

Is this not the most arrogant thing in the world? If Canada is going to be entirely transformed due to immigration policy, is it not reasonable to expect government to inform us of which nations these people are coming from?

So why don’t they do it? Simple as pie–because 95% of these newcomers are from Third World Nations– China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Somalia(Africa is the next big migration push coming our way) and dozens more.

In other words, again media BURY the pending fate of Old Stock Canada. You see, it would be a much different scenario if government would just “come clean” with the 20 million or so white Canadians.

Just tell us what is going on– white Canada is being eroded, Anglophones will transition to a minority community--that kind of thing. But they never do it. Instead, Trudeau, Gerald Butts and Liberal immigration ministers attempt to fool our people.

Twist, spin and propagandize the messaging to obscure a profound truth: the future of Canada is non-white, and non-Christian. The Liberal Government is driving this agenda not unlike a Roman Chariot Racer whipping his horses to cross the finish line.

BURIED BY MEDIA: Trudeau Sells Off All CANADIAN GOLD as Gold Industry Sold To China

Of course, it is not presented in this manner in any way. That’s what King Justin funnels billions of our tax dollars toward–the obfuscation of the fate of Anglophone Canada within our “No Core Identity” pseudo-nation-state.

Let CAP tell you what else is coming Canada’s way. All this is in preparation for the creation of a one party state--the Liberal-Globalist-Third World Government of Canada.

CAP Crystal Ball: We will say it once again- the Conservative Party of Canada will never again win a federal election. Over time, new arrivals from non-democratic nations–as well as snowfake white Liberals will agree to this transition.

Pourquoi? The answer lies in deficit accumulation. Know why Trudeau has created the largest deficit in federal government history?

CAP will inform: Because a future generation will suffer economically as a result. Now why on earth would the Liberal Globalist Assassins bring this on? CAP will tell: because full-scale economic chaos sets up a scenario whereby the public will buy into the one-party state concept.

In other words, the days are numbered for Canada as a free and democratic nation. CAP give it 50 more years, and democracy will be dead in Canada.

Another decade beyond, and Anglophone Canada will become what CAP refer to as a “Second Nations” community–  disempowered, demonized– in payback for our treatment of our “First Nations” community.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.


28 thoughts on “Trudeau Rolls Out Agenda Transforming White Canadians To MINORITY Community”

  1. I’m sure the UN is behind this & our gutless PM & company are kissing UN ass. Until we as tax paying citizens stand up & tell this government enough is enough, they will continue to walk over us.


        • Trudeau has created a covert dictatorship in Canada. It will take time–perhaps a decade–for general society to recognize the transition. All planned in advance. To fight back, CAP recommend what we have always espoused–political SOLIDARITY for Anglophone and European Canadians.

    • I think we’re almost to far down that slippery slope to go back up, not without civil war, and that’s what the elites want so they can fulfill their agenda of creating order out of chaos, one world gov’t baby. Believe me I dread this every bit as much as you do.

      • No. Their system does the whole order out of chaos thing, the Hegelian dialectic world like a vacuum to work everything into a backwards sort of order, that’s really more like a total disorder. If we just allow them to do as they please it will all become so absurdly backwards, it already is if you can see it, and everything will go up that vacuum that is the entire system until nothing here is left to steal.

      • In Marxist theory, democracy and capitalism are a precursor to socialism, then communism. This is what is occuring in Canada as we speak.

  3. We’re losing our country by Globalist.He does not hold Canadian Values.Impeach Trudeau for violation of Human Rights Act .His Cabinet is not Canadian .We do not support Terrorism in this Country.His Government has led in Foreign Terrorists We should be thankful Trump is Our neighbor.And Support Israel.Whats coming True is Prohecy.If we don’t stand up under God and Repent.Ask for protection .
    Stand up against this Terrorism.Support Our troops.
    Remember 911.

    • Israel (Mossad) was the criminal along with Neo-Cons in unleashing 911. (There weren’t ANY 19 Islamic hijackers, nor was Osama bin Laden the brains behind it all. Globalists: Zio-Anglo-American Globalists).

  4. Question!!! Where is Barack Hussein Obama in all this? He has been the lead man in the take-down of Western Civilization since he bragged on his promise to “Transform America.”. He succeeded. He has set every country of the free world on fire. People of every class structure are at war with each other. Murderous hatred marches through evey major city. Indoctrinated by radical teachers and professors of the left, students have forfeited their education for what they triumphantly call “social justice.”. Amidst this orchestrated chaos, America elected to remain possibly the only free nation in the today’s world. They chose a man who cherishes the blood of American patriotism flowing through his veins and is hated for it. Hi
    Canada failed once again. A socialist state for most of our existence we refused to remove the shackles. A weak, whimpering nation from the celestial inauguration of Pierre Piroette Trudeau and his induction of the Multicultural Society, Canada has drifted toward the ever illusive Utopian Dream that untold millions have died for around the world but never grasped. We have chosen to now follow his rudderless son. A Judas Goat, and his sheep blindly but gleefully follow close behind. To those who believe in a Holy God who promised He would never leave us or forsake us, it’s best we buckle up for a fight of our lives. We created our own mess. I believe He will guide us through it but won’t guarantee we won’t have the scars of the battle.

    • Some will definitely be martyred, persecution has already come, the rest is inevitable it seems. Our news media doesn’t show us the roiling cesspot most of europe has become because of globalist leaders like Trudope, it’s sad really.

  5. I would not mind immigration, if there wer no Muslims in the group. We need to tell Muslims to get out of Canada ASAP, because the next Federal election will not put the liberals back in power, they will be reduced to non party status, then you will be told to leave!

    • this is wrong canada is and has always been multicultured . we are not asian not blacks not muslims not jews we are one we are humans we are one that statement you made is hatred and that is how wars are started

  6. It is called genocide. Once again, the left plans and implements its policies and the right stands silently, ignoring this demographic reality.

  7. Do you really think the good old U.S.A. Is going to stand down and let Canada become (ENEMY#1) I think at some point the United States Government is going to say,enough is enough and sent their arm-forces across the border, and put Treudau and his Liberals out of business, as well as the United Nations and there one world government.

    • Are you kidding, our Government Socialists have the exact same agenda and they are indoctrinating our youth rapidly. We will only only be one possibly two presidents away from where Canada is once Trump is gone. The bright side is America’s citizens will have a civil war to slow it down, we fight for our freedom.

  8. And again we let Mr.Trudeau with the power of our future we need someone to stand up to his bullying of Canadians

  9. The whole system and its Hegelian dialectics is a vacuum and will go on until all the entropy it creates is exhausted. The 3rd world is an unending festering cancer and they simply direct the dialectic over that way and vacuum it up, they do this for control. Its a beast system and must be stopped. God was never on their side and by the end of it all will not dead.


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