Trudeau Reveals Hatred For Working Class Canadians With Convoy Statements

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The vitriol being vented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau toward working class Canadians is truly unprecedented. Responding to thousands of truckers congregating in Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates, Mr. Trudeau has revealed his true nature.

For six years media in Canada were successful in projecting a “sunny ways” image upon Mr. Trudeau. As far as Cultural Action Party is concerned, it has always been a lie. Trudeau is the most divisive national leader our country has ever had. Fragmentation of society has never been more extreme than at this moment. While some communities are portrayed as paragons of virtue, other are fully demonized.

Yesterday, Justin Trudeau slammed the trucking protest as a case of spewing hateful rhetoric,” while in the same breath speaking fondly of Black Lives Matter protests.

“I have attended protests and rallies in the past. When I agreed with the goals, when I supported the people expressing their concerns and their issues, Black Lives Matter is an excellent example.”

Away from the media spotlight, interesting tidbit lies in wait. Over the weekend of the trucker protest, Trudeau issued a single public statement, one of support for Muslim-Canadians.

“On the fifth anniversary of this tragedy, we also mark the first National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack and Action against Islamophobia.”

Black Lives Matter, Nation of Islam–good. Working class Canadians– bad. One would think community polarization of this nature would be unacceptable to Canadian media. No such luck there.

Regarding the truckers, the PM has delivered the most extreme denunciation possible:

“Freedom of expression, assembly and association are cornerstones of democracy. But Nazi symbolism,racist imagery, and desecration of war memorials are not.” Inherent message delivered: the protestors are racists and Nazis.

In contrast, here is what Trudeau delivered regarding a Muslim holiday in 2021:

“Together, we must choose inclusion over intolerance, and reaffirm our commitment to a diverse Canada, where everyone – no matter their faith, ethnicity, culture, or gender – can feel welcome, safe, and respected.”

“On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish all those observing Eid al-Adha a wonderful celebration. Eid Mubarak!”

Everyone except truckers, that is. Or is it everyone except working class Canadians? Or rather, is scorn and hatred directed at everyone who opposes any aspect of woke Liberal ideology?

CAP go with the latter– and it has always been this way. This man has displayed nothing but arrogant cynicism toward “Old Stock” Canadians. Peeling back the layers of legacy media reveals a salient observation regarding Justin Trudeau:

The man is filled with hatred for our communities. The designated target for his malevolence being old school Canadians– Conservatives, Westerners, Anglophones, Christians. Conversely, an attitude of inversion exists regarding Immigrants, Refugees, and 3rd World migrants.

Put it all together, and what do we have? A recipe for disaster. Look around, fellow Canadians. Do you not see a mess of a country? Are we missing the boat on who is most responsible?

CAP said it on day one of our PM’s ascendancy to pulpit of political correctness. The man is going to damage our society. The longer he remains national leader, the more destruction that will follow in his wake.

13 thoughts on “Trudeau Reveals Hatred For Working Class Canadians With Convoy Statements”

  1. Absolutely, TruDOPEs Love of China, Cuba- Castro as well as his Constant Lying about The Border is Closed at Roxham Road, where the RCMP Carrie’s the Luggage of these ILLEGALS and then Funds them , Carbon Taxes, Hatred for the Hard Working Middle Class? He’s Screwed Every Canadian other than his Chosen Few- Lieberals, Muslims, Sikhs, Everyone but Canadians. A Non Confidence Vote is Needed Immediately- All Lieberals who Actually Backed TruDOPE need to be Imprisoned as TRAITORS !!!!

  2. Not only is all the above true, Trudeau is also the most self serving, self indulgent politician in the history of Canadian politics!

    He has stolen hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars from government coffers to feather his own nest. He should spend the rest of his life behind bars!

  3. There is nobody that show more hatred towards Canadians then Truedope.

    You have so much hate that you bankrupted Canada and his followers pockets, he has been the worst PM ever in history.

  4. This utterly hateful; deranged fool should be the leader of a BLM branch. He’s already primed for the part; blackface and all. Leader of a developed country? It is to weep.

  5. All the above is true but near as I can tell he has the support of the NDP and Conservatives, or most of them anyway. We need to look at a broader spectrum than just those within our country. The Globalists, WEF and UN are playing a larger role than anyone is admitting.

    • Excuse me where have you’ve been? No Canadian conservative has ever supported him. Where you one of jos sheep? Because wow!!! Stupid comment or what??

  6. Trudeau and the entire Liberal Party need to be thrown out of anything to do with Government.Under Trudeau’s leadership, they have endeavored to and successfully divided this country into myriad fragments.

    Such was a published plan by the Communists decades ago, and knowing this fact, is an outright act of war from the Liberal Party on the People of Canada.

    Unless the Liberal Party fires Justin Trudeau and every last one of his cronies, including the heads of his armed enforcement bureau (the RCMP) and the liquidation of his propaganda arm (the CBC) the situation will only get worse.

  7. O.K. I may get kicked off every social network for this, but every one knows, and nobody talks about it. The reason this idiot prime minister won, was because he stacked the deck with syrian, and muslim immigrants.

    No one in their right mind would vote for this idiot, but money talks and bullcrap walks. And he has given plenty of our money to the muslim society, and has basically made them untouchable in this country. There was time, when any one could walk and talk about anything they liked, be it race, creed or color.

    Now you cannot even think about such things for fear of being arrested for RACISM!!!!! Give me a break– next they are going to try to legislate the way you think.

    Oh wait,, they’ve already done that!!!!!

  8. Mr. Trudeau had a date with history on Saturday, January 29, 2022. He failed to raise to the occasion. This failure in leadership is not the example he wants to pass on to his children and to the children of Canadians. When the going gets tough, one has to show up, not run and hide. What Mr. Trudeau and all Canadian “state” TV channels are failing to see and acknowledge is the unifying force and love that the Convoy for Freedom 2022 is sharing with us all and with the world. They do sacrifice for all of us fellow Canadians and carry the burden of being dismissed, insulted and humiliated.

    Additionally, the funds that we Canadians have contributed for our pursuit of freedom and stopping Government overreach, have not yet been released. They are tied up in more Government specific red tape and inquiries. Shameful display of inhumanity. Mr. Trudeau lacks the moral compass to advise other countries on how to handle conflict as he is incapable of unifying a country.

    We are not vaxxed or not vaxxed Mr. Trudeau, we are Canadians. And the people of Ottawa as well as the mayor should be proud that a few Canadian heroes are fighting for our freedom. Their discomfort of 1 week is nothing compared to the abuse all of us have endured from the elected officials for the past 2 years. Canada decided we had enough, even if the temperature was a challenge.

  9. Terry Hamilton is saying the conservatives like Ford, Kenny, O’tool do nothing when our charter of rights and freedoms are being violated etc. So they are liable.

    The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

    Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate

  10. You are absolutely correct! He has brought in massive amounts of immigrants, given them everything knowing they would vote for him. Why? Because we Canadians would never have voted for him. Our housing issue? So many reasons why. All laws need to be changed to protect the working people.


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