Trudeau Remains SILENT While U.N. Say Islamic Nations Should Be Socially “INCLUSIVE”

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He picks, and he chooses. Canada MUST be an “inclusive” society, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Interesting to note how our illustrious PM upholds this agenda under ALL CIRCUMSTANCES— within Canada, that is.

Yet, curiously, Mr. Trudeau has NEVER informed a communist, theocratic or totalitarian nation they should FOLLOW SUIT. Why not? Why be selective in this regard? If Justin believes Canada MUST be inclusive, multicultural, pro- LGBT and the rest, why does he REFRAIN from this recommendation for China, Iran and Cuba?

What a hypocrite. Obviously, Trudeau believes in SELECTIVE diversity. It must occur within western liberal democracies, while all other nations have ZERO obligation toward an acceptance of diversity.

Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen is a refugee from Somalia. Like boss-man Trudeau, he believes HEART AND SOUL that Canada must maintain a multicultural society. Meanwhile, back in his beloved Somalia, there IS NO multiculturalism. Somalia is one of the most homogenous nations on earth. It is 98% Muslim. There is no such thing as diversity in this backwash of a Third World nation.

Yet, for MP Hussen, a Canadian who dares to QUESTION immigration and multicultural policy in Canada is a white trash bigot. Another Liberal MP, another giant HYPOCRITE.

The United Nations is a globalist institution. What they want is for Canada to trans-form into a nation-state which exists for the primary purpose of functioning as a “Salvation Army Nation For The Troubled Of The Third World.” Obviously, this is what Hussen wants– he was once a troubled refugee from the Third World. Perfect.

Justin Trudeau wants the same. He is willing to go to any lengths to achieve this, as well as a secondary goal of trans-itioning  Islam to the dominant religious community in Canada

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Recently, an editor of a moderate Islamic website accused Muslim nations of expressing  so-called defamation of religion. He said reports from Muslim countries, such as Pakistan, not only tell horrific tales of local misogyny and terror, but also reveal ways the rights of non-Muslim minorities are constantly violated. He cited many examples of this, including the publication of jihadi literature and laws that marginalize religious minorities and discriminate against women. In Pakistan, for example, Hindu girls continue to be forcibly converted to Islam and SOLD into marriage. This is the worst kind of intolerance based on faith.

What does Justin Trudeau have to say about this? A GIANT nothing. Yet, without tangible evidence of any sort, Trudeau has proclaimed Canada a racist, bigoted, xenophobic and genocidal nation.

As it happens, the founder of the free-speech suppressing M103 “Islamophobia” motion is half- Pakistani citizen and Canadian MP, Iqra Khalid. While branding Canadians racist, she has NOTHING to say about inequality, oppression, racism or bigotry in Pakistan.

Like Trudeau and Hussen, she is selective in condemnation. NO ELEMENT of Islamic faith  or archaic religious behaviours will be spoken of. Instead, we will RUN DOWN Canadians innocent of all charges of historical racism.

This is the Liberal Party of Canada. In all fairness, this party should be re-branded the Liberal-Third World Party of Canada, because other than gays and the transgendered, these are the only people the Liberals actually CARE ABOUT.

“The UN Council on Human Rights must look beyond its own naive resolution and urge Islamic nations to enact laws that enable freer and more inclusive societies. Instead of Pakistan urging consequences for those who supposedly defame its state religion, it should seek real consequences for those who openly and aggressively promote violence against women and non-Muslims.”

Does Justin Trudeau agree? CAP predict not a single word comes out of the mouth of King Justin regarding ANY shortcoming or injustice perpetrated by the Nation of Islam toward  non-Muslims. Fact is, he has not done so as of yet–why would he change?

Is this the behaviour of a dedicated Christian, as Justin CLAIMS to be? Sounds rather sketchy to CAP. We don’t believe a word Justin Trudeau says–literally. CAP believe every move Trudeau makes is insincere. Every word the man speaks is geared toward one ultimate goal: to win a second term as prime minister of Canada.




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