Trudeau Refuses To Back Down On Trucker Vaccination Mandate

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One of the moments Canadians have been waiting for has been fulfilled. As expected by serious students of politics, CBC News has announced the Liberal government will stand its ground regarding Covid vaccinations for truckers.

“The federal government says it will not back down on its vaccination rule for cross-border truckers despite entrenched opposition from some drivers and groups claiming to represent their interests.”

The wall of shame continues. Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, Labour Minister Seamus O’Regan, Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough have doubled down, stating that COVID-19 vaccines are the “most effective tool to reduce the risk of COVID-19″ and protect public health.”

End of story. Or is it? At the risk of dwelling in the land of the conspiratorial, Cultural Action Party has alternate thoughts on the situation. We break it down into a binary condition: either the Liberals do not want this protest– or they do.

Many may laugh at the latter. CAP are not saying it is factual. We simply choose to explore the idea. In doing so, we return to our original premise circa 2015: the election of Justin Trudeau as prime minister will fundamentally alter our nation. Naturally, it took time to develop a theory on how the transition would manifest.

As years passed, a baseline concept emerged– the days are numbered for democratic rule in Canada. In its stead will be what CAP has labelled “pseudo-communism.” For such a circumstance, a monumental event is necessary– some form of trigger or catalyst to complete the  transition in an official capacity.

CAP chose the Emergencies Act. Interesting to note that the only prime minister in history who has invoked the WMA was a fellow named Trudeau in the year 1970. This occurred as a result of something called the “October Crisis”– a purely Quebecois affair.

On July 21, 1988, the Emergencies Act replaced the War Measures Act. The Emergencies Act differs from the WMA: a declaration of an emergency by the Cabinet must be reviewed by Parliament. Any temporary laws made under the act are subject to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

On April 9, 2020, Justin Trudeau sent a letter to  provincial premiers to consult about invoking the Emergencies Act due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada.

“If Cabinet proclaims a public welfare emergency in response to COVID-19, it would immediately enjoy sweeping powers under the Emergencies Act. Parliament would need to be recalled to confirm the proclamation.”

Let us understand what “sweeping powers” mean. In colloquial terms, this means government can do whatever they wish to do. In other words, democracy is no more. For the time period invokes, government functions in the same capacity as within a communist nation.

From this moment forward, there is just one step to make toward our country’s transition to an authoritarian nation-state: the Emergencies Act is never cancelled– at least not until a decade has passed.

Think this to be an impossibility? Perhaps– and perhaps not. Let us recognize a profound truth. Canadians are living in a period of unprecedented transformation. Notice how media never allude to this reality? They speak of  what has gone on before in government as if it is a guiding light toward the future.

It isn’t. Since Justin Trudeau became PM, the Liberal Party has become one giant mystery. Can this be because in truth, our destiny as a nation is being hidden behind a mysterious cloak known as Covid-19?

8 thoughts on “Trudeau Refuses To Back Down On Trucker Vaccination Mandate”

  1. And no amount of talking or protesting will change this course we’re on. The state is too committed to it.
    As with all examples before this and there are many, it will come to bloodshed.
    Ours first and then finally, after the almost complete destruction of our nation, theirs.

  2. Half seriously; I’ll make the following comment: Only two groups can influence Trudeau. The Chinese Communist Party, and the Muslims. If either one of their highly placed politicos told Trudeau to reverse course–He’d reverse course on this C-19++ charade. Immediately. If it served their interests; which it doesn’t. Unless the Muslim community starts complaining about food shortages. Trudeau is evil, and has lots of company. Therefore; too much support. In a different time; the truckers would be making front page news, and the government would make a hasty retreat. Trudeau is a locust; ravaging our country.

  3. He will not back down as he needs the store shelves empty in order to follow though with his Build back better/The Great Reset, plan, (… will own nothing but be happy…) and thus save the day making him a hero.
    Empty shelves. Coming soon to a dictatorship near you.

  4. We are all aware that a large contingent of commercial truck operators belong to the South Asian community. The sense of outrage this cohort continuously demonstrates seems to be illustrated in this event as well.
    How is it that all Canadians are aware of the farmer in India protest which these people have foisted onto the Canadian populace.
    How is it that the Komagata Maru incident has now been seared into Canadian memory.
    How is it that we are all up to date on the Khalistan homeland eruption.
    I think these people should be happy we laid out the wonderful life us Canadians worked to provide and not be so quick to out-rage.
    Unvaccinated truck drivers certainly do not require a cross country convoys festering the streets of Ottawa or sympathy of regular Canadians.

  5. We cannot have this great country lead by a misogynistic, racist drama teacher who pretends to follow the science. More like – follow the money.


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