Trudeau Refuses To Acknowledge China’s Canadian Election Interference

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According to a report from the Toronto Sun, “a total of eleven [Liberal MP] candidates received money, as much as $250,000 was dispersed, along with staff support by a covert operation run through the Chinese consulate in Toronto to influence Canada’s election.”

“At the G 20, you’re going to be sitting beside Xi Jinping. Are you going to raise this issue with him?,” PM Justin Trudeau is asked by a Canadian journalist.

Stop the press. Patriots know the chances of Trudeau responding to a direct question with a direct answer. Begin at nothing; continue until you get to zero. It’s not the way this Trudeau character rolls. His style is an emulation of how Chinese politicians respond to direct questions: they provide non-answers.

“As always, I will raise issues of human rights, issues of matters that pre-occupied with Canadians with any and all leaders that I engage,” Trudeau said in response.

How sad it is. Canada’s “Prince of Woke,” Justin Trudeau, maintains a unique luxury. This man can spend seven years avoiding all direct questions, and still be a contender for re-election. At least, that’s what Canada’s pollsters have to say.

The CSIS report that Trudeau has been sitting on since January 2022 says that “the $250,000 was funnelled to candidates using intermediaries. It states that candidates were chosen based on an affinity for China or China’s positions on key issues.”

Enough to bring down Justin Trudeau? Of course not– nothing ever is. SNC Lavalin, WE Charity, Emergencies Act— you name the scandal, CAP will point to the untouchable nature of Mr. Trudeau. Of course, everyday is dictator day in the authoritarian states our PM admires. Quite obviously, he wants to be one of them.

“Canadians deserve to know these names, hearings need to be held.”  Yeah, yeah– try not to bust a gut, Warren Kinsella. The ink isn’t even dry on the Emergencies Act Follies. Why go through these processes when the outcome is inevitable? The Liberals worm their way out of the scandal, to be followed by a new poll:

Trudeau and Poillevre neck-and-neck in a recent poll.”

Somehow, someway, Trudeau is always a contender for re-election. Why? Because there exists “certain people” who want him to remain in office indefinitely. China is one, Iran is another. Add to this World Economic Forum, World Health Organization and United Nations.

As opposed to the people of Canada. Our types stand in horror as our country transitions to a puppet state. It’s what occurs when a globalist puppet is planted in the PMO.

In a related issue this week, we pick up on the following:

‘Trudeau Quick To Use Genocide When speaking Of Canada But Slow On China’

According to Canadian journalist Brian Lilley, Trudeau is “afraid of China, afraid of insulting the great power and their basic dictatorship.”

A more perfect microcosm cannot be found. PM Trudeau will brand Canada genocidal–but not China. How much deeper do we have to go in order to prove our point?

Yes, our readers may get it. But not the general Canadian population. Why? Because most media in Canada refuse to expose the truth on Trudeau. CBC, CTV, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail. Their editors spin the truth– it’s what pays their bills.

The line between truth and fiction becomes blurred. Objective news reporting transitions to communist-style propaganda. Through a systemic program of deception, Canada’s ersatz dictator remains atop our political totem pole.

Such a shame– such a disaster. How many readers believe it to be sound advice to tell an employee to insult their boss? For how much longer would they hold their position in the company?

Can this be the key to Justin Trudeau’s approach to China? Is this man little more than a puppet for the communist manifestations of the Chinese government?

One thing’s for sure–if he is, we won’t be hearing on CBC’s “The National” on the six o’clock news.

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