Trudeau Receives Appropriate Canada Day “Gift” With Far Right Victory In France

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Call it what you will– “divine justice,” or an act of karma. Uber-woke Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just received his “just desserts” in the form of what international media describe as a “far-right” victory for Marine Le Pen’s RN Party in France.

Karmic law is defined as “destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.”

Can it be the case? For the crime of running down his country while branding Canadians racist bigots, PM Trudeau receives a most appropriate gift on Canada Day.

“Bardella Pledges To Be ‘Prime Minister For All French People’ After Topping Election Results”

Nine years of the Liberals, nine years of absolute silence from the PM in regards to our Anglophone communities. Any references come in the form of allusions to their racist tendencies. For Christians in particular, Trudeau has branded them bigots and Aboriginal-haters.

Nine years of the Liberals, nine years on absolute silence from the PM in regards to our Anglophone communities. Any references  to this community come in the form of allusions to their racist tendencies. For Christians in particular, Trudeau brands them bigots and Aboriginal-haters.

Turning the tables to coveted 3rd World migrant communities, the PM has pandered and promoted them to the point of embarrassment, as witness in his donning of Bollywood outfits, complete with the pointy-shoe look appropriated from traditional Indian garb.

The man has never worked for “all Canadians.” Not even close. It’s one reason why millions of Canadians of European heritage despise him.

“RN is on track to secure around 33.2% of the vote nationally, according to an Ipsos poll. That’s 12 points ahead of the centrist Ensemble coalition of French President Emmanuel Macron.”

If the vote is confirmed in the second round next Sunday, it could give RN between 230 and 280 seats in the National Assembly out of a total of 577. Fascinating it is to witness international media’s interpretation of this historic situation.

Twisting and turning in front of their lap-tops, media around the world work to obfuscate the impact of round one in the French elections. Typified by statements like “not since the Nazis…” CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail are right there with them.

One must come to terms with the globalist media mindset. Nationalism is good to go, as long as it is limited to non-democratic societies such as China, Iran or Saudi Arabia. Turn the tables to western democracies, and all forms of patriotism equate with far-right fascism. Crying into their collective beer mugs, Canadians should by now comprehend the game at hand:

Liberals plus Media equal our nation’s most powerful social force. Justin Trudeau finances mainstream media, and in return, they work his globalist will. It’s been this way since the day an incompetent Trudeau-family member took the prime ministerial stage in late 2015.

“If voters next Sunday share the same apprehension, a boulevard opens up for the first far-right prime minister in recent French history, a leap into the unknown. What went wrong?”

So says leftist The Guardian out of the U.K. Who said anything went wrong? In a democratic society, what is right is what citizens of the country elect for national leadership. Who is the writer to pass their subjective opinion off as objective truth?

It’s the way of post-modern media, to be certain. From unbiased news reporting to agents of left-wing propaganda, as witness among all major media outlets in “no core identity” Canada. Drilling down on a disgruntled media brings forth one reason for an hysterical reaction from the press:

“If the RN comes to power, for sure the party will start by removing the veil.”

Marine Le Pen’s RN party has called for a ban on religious signs and garments, a freeze on the construction of mosques, and prohibition of ritual slaughter of animals.

Media and Muslim communities. We witness a fundamental reason for the cultivation of “right-wing” hysteria within the press. Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] lay it on the line: Liberalism and Islam have transitioned to political partners, though not necessarily for obvious reasons. It’s more a case of Liberals using the Islamic faith as a political vehicle than anything else.

“For Sihem Zine, president of the NGO Action Droits des Musulmans (Muslims Rights Action), the minority group is endangered by the political rise of the far-right.”

“We are heading towards a disaster,” she told MEE.

CAP has to wonder what constitutes a “disaster” on the part of religious fundamentalists. In Canada, we caustically suggest that it comprises a push-back against an insertion of archaic religious principles into society. Our country is known for its “progressive” nature. Heck, our PM even positions it this way.

So when the general public consensus conflicts with archaic religious values, few should be surprised at the outcome. Those on the cynical side might suggest that PM Trudeau knowingly and willfully exacerbates the situation in order to “make political hay.”

Not that you will hear this angle coming from Canadian press. No– it’s always about those bloody “Canuck racists” and their backward ways. How these people love to misplace responsibility. Do tell, fellow patriots– are Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith of Orilla, Ontario responsible for Canadian immigration policy?

How about putting the blame on those responsible: Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Marc Miller, Ahmed Hussen and the rest of the Liberal Cabinet woke politicians. No can do– and this isn’t about to change.

As far as Justin Trudeau is concerned, he got the “gift” he deserves. His dedication to 3rd World religious communities being over the top from day one. How many million times has the PM referenced these communities when speaking publicly?

As far as Anglophone Canadians go– and this is the stone-cold truth– Trudeau has never once publicly stated  the word “Anglophone” in nine years of being prime minister. It’s a foolhardy omission– one which intentionally divides community from community, as the PM is so oft to do.

Humiliating “Old Stock” Canadians– this Trudeau is an expert at, exemplified in the falsehood of the so-called Indigenous “mass graves” resulting in the burning of more than 100 Christian churches

“A sombre-looking [Jordan] Bardella pledged that he would be the prime minister for all the people of France … respectful of opposition, open to dialogue and concerned at all times with the unity of the people”

Canadians of all backgrounds know one thing: political promises are cheap. We will have to wait and see what transpires.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau Receives Appropriate Canada Day “Gift” With Far Right Victory In France”

  1. “Marine Le Pen’s RN party has called for a ban on religious signs and garments, a freeze on the construction of mosques, and prohibition of ritual slaughter of animals.” The latter is a
    particularly cruel act. Islam’s barbaric “halal”* ritual should be banned. The product of their barbarism is all over Canadian grocery stores. All levels of “no core values” government grab their collective ankles for the sacred Muslims. The clay cartoon character Gumby had more backbone. Nobody gave Trudeau the right to disfigure our nation–The crowned royal lion in our British rooted heraldry has been usurped by the sword of Islam.

    *(Note: I’m not giving Canadian slaughter houses a pass; but the Islamic ritual slaying of animals would almost make a heartless person cry.) Good on Marine le Pen; keep your word.

  2. Fruitcake Lady from Jay Leno’s show now sadly demised.

    I’d give half my next month’s pay to see her comments here.


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