Trudeau Re-Designing Canada Into 3rd World Dominant Dictatorship

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For Cultural Action Party of Canada, it’s nothing less than a social revolution on a scale of historical transition of nations from democracy to dictatorship.

For mainstream media in our country, it is as natural as winter snow in Yellowknife. We speak of what is so obviously the current state of Canadian society.

We acknowledge a fundamental fact. Away from the media spotlight, PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government  processed a record-number of immigration applications in 2022.

The number stands at 4.8 million applications. In 2021, 2.5 million were processed. Although mentioned in a recent CAP article, it is worth additional emphasis:

The total amount equates with a whopping 19.2% of the current Canadian population. Seeing as media refuse to expose this, they are also off-the-hook for reporting the source nations of these migrants:

India, China, Philippines, Iran, Nigeria, South Korea, Pakistan, USA, France.

In terms of Refugee intake, the leading source nations in 2021 are

Iran, Turkey, India, Haiti, Pakistan, China, Nigeria, Iraq, Eritrea.

The long-term impact of such a structure is well worth speculating upon. This, of course, is the main reason why CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail and National Post never do so.

CAP can see why. If the ruling Liberals approved dissemination of this data to Canadian-born, multi-generational citizens,  they would begin to comprehend their long-term fate.

CBC won’t do it, but CAP will:

This socio-political structure is going to transition white Canadians to a vilified minority community. While tangible statistics exist regarding the “minority” component, the “demonized” element remains nebulous.

On purpose, that is. As obfuscated by media, Justin Trudeau is making choices which may well result in an ominous fate for Anglophone communities.

“The Honourable Michael H. Tulloch is a highly respected member of Ontario and Canada’s legal community. As he takes on his new role as Chief Justice of Ontario and President of the Court of Appeal for Ontario.”

— PM Justin Trudeau

Upon which we review his resume:

— Served on the Government Response Team for the Commission on Systemic Racism.

— Distinguished Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs

— Chair of the Advisory Board to the Black Business and Professional Association.

Born in Jamaica, Mr. Tulloch has all the “qualities” fitting for a Trudeau appointment. His background fits ever-so-neatly into what has developed into a status quo for Canadian politicians and bureaucratic appointments.

Woke Liberalism is the ticket. The unspoken flip-side being anti-Anglophone bias, pro-diversity status, and the like. Not that this suggests Mr. Tulloch is a bad person– that’s not the point at all.

Rather, we speak of a strategic agenda from the Liberal government to empower “racialized” Canadians. Heading west to the province of Alberta, we discover a replication of the appointment in Ontario.

Salma Lakhani is the current Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. On 26 August 2020, she was installed as the 19th lieutenant governor, becoming the first South Asian and Muslim in Canadian history to hold the role.

Prime Minister[Trudeau] looks for people who are hardworking and honest and who have been active and thoughtful community leaders. The job calls for someone who can stand up for all Albertans and make fair and impartial decisions.”

Ms. Lakhani attended the Aga Khan School in Kampala and then studied Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Manchester in England.

Interesting choice she is. Taking note of her “international” globalist stature, we come to recognize a common thread in high-level appointments via the PMO. Lakhani is antithetical to “grass roots” Canada, and Mr. Trudeau loves this.

As overseer of Canada’s Covid experience from 2020-2022, Dr. Theresa Tam’s resume matches that of Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor.

Another Trudeau appointment, Dr. Tam took the role as acting Chief Public Health Officer of Canada following predecessor Gregory Taylor, in December 2016.

Dr. Tam was born in Hong Kong and grew up in the United Kingdom. She attended medical school at the University of Nottingham, earning an MBBS 1989. 

Upon which CAP interject with a critical point. These people, and dozens more like them, are non-elected individuals. Canadians have no say in their appointments–a personal favourite for Justin Trudeau.

On the elected front– sketchy as it is– we note the following:

Minister of Cultural Heritage, Pablo Rodriguez, migrant from Argentina. This is the man Trudeau has appointed to revolutionize the internet in Canada. When we use this term, what we mean is that MP Rodriguez was selected to institute the greatest impediment on freedom of speech in Canadian history.

Minister of Transportation, Omar Alghabra, ex-President of the Canadian Arab Federation, half-citizen of Syria( possibly Saudi Arabia). Minister of Immigration(2019), Ahmed Hussen, refugee from Africa, half-citizen of Somalia.

How incredibly non-Canadian all this appears to be. That is, for the millions of citizens who fall into the “Old Stock” category. Can it be that PM Trudeau is in the process of leading a systemic inversion of Canadian society?

Is the unspoken goal one of social inversion, whereby government are empowering a crew of “barely Canadians” to lord it over the Canadian-born?

CAP believe it to be true. Step-by-step, incrementally, Mr. Trudeau is disempowering “traditional” Canada, and transfering that power to a cabal of marginal citizens and globalist practitioners.

Not one iota of the social transition has been put to the people of Canada. No vote—no democratic process. For Team Trudeau, it’s simply a case of worming their way into power, after which they approach governance in the same manner as, for example, the government of China.

If readers believe this to be a travesty of the highest order, they “ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.” Even Randy Bachman would be surprised to discover what’s coming Canada’s way over the next half-century.

We speak of a side-effect of federal immigration policy. The Feds processed a whopping 7.2 million immigration applications within the past two years. Our current population stands at 38.8 million citizens.

Hands up, Canadian patriots, who believe these newcomers will vote for the Conservative Party of Canada. Part of the reason the Liberals will capture 88%-98% of these votes comes in basic form. Because establishment media are thrashing, and will continue to thrash the Conservatives till the cows come home on an Alberta beef farm.

Simply put, CBC and corporate media are going to crush the Cons in the next federal election. As far as 7.2 million new arrival voters, they will assist Mr. Trudeau in his ultimate goal:

Transitioning every riding out of 338 in total to the Liberal Party of Canada. Do tell–what’s the point in elections when the Libs control 98% of all ridings?

There is no point. Bingo– Canada transitions to a non-democratic, 3rd World dominant nation. Outnumbered and ostracized, Anglo-European Canadians transition to a powerless minority community.

This is the plan for the future of our country. Justin Trudeau knows it, and for everyday that he remains prime minister, he will facilitate this agenda.

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  1. Yes, no recognition or national gratitude is paid to the people of mostly European heritage that immigrated to, pioneered and homesteaded this vast harsh country with God fearing hard work, personnel sacrifice and good will to others.
    Instead, We are portrayed by skin color falsely as nasty individuals who are selfishly, greedily, ruining this country. This while we go to work every day giving it all we got and in that daily process do continue to make this a good, productive country to live in, Canada while we still can do just that. These corrupt, incompetent, people like Trudeau and others being racist beyond belief to their own ancestral people enjoy the lifestyle and benefits of we the working people they detest. This insane , hateful hypocrisy is beyond reason and belief. This is “Treason” !


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