Trudeau Raises Public Anger Against Media To All-Time High

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A pattern of abuse and threats directed at female journalists has become so extreme in Canada, it’s now drawing condemnation from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“The pattern of harassment of journalists is incredibly alarming and completely unacceptable. This type of behaviour has no place in our society. No journalist should ever be threatened for doing their job,” Trudeau tweeted.

Upon which Cultural Action Party point out the irony involved:

No person in Canadian society has exacerbated public anger at mainstream media more than Justin Trudeau. 

Yet, with the Liberal government funding over 1000 media outlets in Canada, journalists are loathe to reveal the truth regarding an unprecedented uptick in anger against media publications. Therefore, they do what they always do in these situations: blame it on the public, and more specifically, our so-called “racist tendencies.”

NDP MP Leah Gazan:

“Recently, it has come to our attention that female journalists, primarily members of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC), who are simply doing their job have been subjected to abuse and violence that include rape and death threats.”

CAP do not condone violence. We will, however, point to an aspect of human nature relevant to the discussion. When people are frustrated, they lash out.

In this case, media are functioning as a proxy for the true target of public anger: our Liberal Government. It is government, and PM Justin Trudeau in particular, whom the public would target with anger– if they could.

CAP speak of a post-Covid social phenomenon. Since the advent of the pandemic, a wall has been erected between government and the people. With Covid as justification, all three levels of government– Municipal, Provincial and Federal– have detached themselves from average citizens.

“Sorry, but due to the Covid pandemic, we cannot get back to you at this time.” How ubiquitous this has been since the arrival of the virus from China in 2020.

Thus, venting citizen frustration transitions to the next available target: mainstream media. Not that it exists as an exclusive. There are myriad reasons for the rise in public anger, and the targeting of media:

The more government deals in deception, the more angry the public become. Astute Canadians know the deal– after rising to the ranks of prime minister, Justin Trudeau has transformed the nature of our press.

He bought the media. The result is the greatest degree of synergy between the two institutions in modern history. With the press now working the will of government, public resentment reaches an all-time high.

“The source of this violence is misogyny, racism rooted in white supremacy, the rise of right-wing nationalism, and far-right rhetoric that is emboldening people to lash out primarily at BIPOC journalists for doing their job to objectively scrutinize and report activities coming from these movements,” said MP Gazan.

My goodness. Can you believe it? Instead of focusing on government perpetrators, Ms. Thang blames general society. What a shock it is. Don’t you know? None of our social problems are the responsibility of government. All social problems are the fault of so-called “white supremacists.”

It’s a lie, of course. But what else can media do? What are the chances that CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star will speak the truth about the Trudeau government when it is they who sign media paychecks?

Thus, our post-modern nation reverts to ground zero of Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution”— non-racialized Canadians are a gang of racist bigots. It’s a propaganda technique the Liberals lifted from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

“Over the past few weeks and months it is quite clear that there is a coordinated campaign against the freedom of the press, specifically targeting women reporters, especially those who are BIPOC,” says writer Anna Junker.

She is correct. There is a coordinated campaign against freedom of the press. It’s called Bill C-11, an Internet Censorship Bill tabled by our Liberal government.

We pick up on an alarming trend: every social problem existing at present is the fault of the public. The trend has become all-pervasive: all blame is directed toward those nasty “Old Stock” Canadians.

It’s a fabrication, but what can you do? It begins and ends with nothing at all. Together, government and media control social discourse in our country. Powerless to affect any element of society, the public lash out at controlling institutions.

The further government-media move toward replication of communist propaganda techniques, the angrier the public become. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Which is, of course, the number one reason the press steer clear of the concept.

Witness as our society continues to spiral downward toward a state of political illusion. There is reality, and there is government positioning. Under Justin Trudeau, the two have progressed toward a dichotomous condition. Never do their paths meet in the middle.

All of it emblematic of the society we have become. It’s the one that never gets discussed– the replication of an unspoken truth as it exists within communist nations.

Media’s mantra is simple: when in doubt, blame the public– the caucasian component in particular. The person most responsible for hatred of our press is the man who purchased media to spin his decision-making into palatable propaganda: Justin Trudeau.

While unfortunate in outcome, Liberal-Media positioning on public anger is typical  woke warfare.

8 thoughts on “Trudeau Raises Public Anger Against Media To All-Time High”

  1. Our prime minister is totally personally responsible for the huge problems many Canadians are facing today!!
    His frequent use of fake tears and continued apologies for the many events of Canada’s history and Absolutely NO constructive planning to benefit a successful financial future for Canada is upsetting everyone.
    All the liberal paid Canadian media does is anger Canadians by continually praising him and criticizing Anyone who voice different opinions.
    You CANNOT change the Past!!
    We should be looking forward to build a plan that effectively and efficiently uses our resources to the benefit of All Canadians!!

  2. “Over the past few weeks and months it is quite clear that there is a coordinated campaign against the freedom of the press…says writer Anna Junker.”

    Right on Junk. A “coordinated campaign against freedom of the press.” Except for one salient; pivotal fact: It began; continues unabated, and has its source of funding in [tax dollars] Trudeau. Like the “BIPOC” media shills; Junk prefers to spread disinformation. To the “unwoke”: BIPOC = Black/Indian/People of Color.

    Oops. I committed a mortal sin. That would be “Indigenous;” not the unwoke; racist term “Indian.” Two more months in the re-education camp for me. The Trudopia “camp” will have the CBC blaring; all day; all the time. The night hours will be spent vandalizing/torching churches; destroying farm equipment; reading the Koran, and getting “voluntary” mRNA injections.

    Objectors will be considered mentally unwell, and constantly strong-armed to accept the Trudeau “solution.” (Pentothal/opiod overdose.)

  3. When integrity is for sale and the worst proponents willing to sell their souls for thirty pieces of silver namely journalism! The anger of resentment will rise no matter what colour the journalists hold! It’s all part of the Marxist Propaganda Machine to continue to divide and conquer that than has worked so well in countries that have destroyed themselves from within!

  4. Weimar Germany was torn apart by two factions: Marxist Bolsheviks seeking to agitate the populace into overthrowing the government to install Soviet communism versus National Socialists who were strongarming their way through their nation’s first elections .
    BOTH touted big government/command economies and neither believed in constitutional rights of the individual. Both of them also were fascist in effect, silencing the other’s public speeches by using physical force and riots.
    i see national socialists today’s”young pioneers” Trudeau and Freeland at World Economic Forum with their , who’s leaders stated intentions to exploit COVID in order to “transform” the world economy into a “stakeholder capitalism” which ends private property ,while the current generation of SJW progressive activists are little more than a front for Frankfurt School cultural Marxism seeking not to improve nations but tear them down by dividing people into grievance groups and pitting them against each other.


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