Trudeau Continues Pushing African Migration Despite COVID, Gorillas AT RISK

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“As a result of the increase in the number of Nigerian international students studying in Canada every year, the government has introduced a new pilot program intended to accelerate the study permit application process for Nigerians.”

On what date did the Trudeau government roll out this “gem” of a migration program? The source article from African Media says March 12th, 2020–right at the time of the spread of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

What does this tell an informed, sensible Canadian? Try the concept that at a health risk to the general population, PM Trudeau has decided to begin the African migration onslaught to his dying Great White North.

“The government under its latest policy has invited 3,900 Express Entry candidates to apply for Permanent Residency. 

Hello, CBC? What a fascinating report this writer witness on your latest news broadcast-not!

What kind of message does the behaviour of Trudeau deliver? Try the the idea that no matter what occurs upon planet earth, Justin Trudeau and his Anglo-hating MP Ahmed Hussen continue to flood Canada with MP Hussen’s brethren Africans.

Recently, Canada introduced a program to fast-track student permit processing for Nigerians interested in studying at a university in Canada.

Number of Nigerians targeted? Check it out…

The initiative, which is aimed at shortening the process for Nigerians from an average of eight weeks to 20 days, was to reach the country’s 85,800 Invitation To Study(ITS) targets. 

Now, let CAP break down the situation for you. What CTV and Globe & Mail are neglecting is that the process of mass(giant) immigration from the Trudeau Dynasty’s “home-boy” nation of China began with an identical process:

First, the students and their “fast-tracking” into the Marxist-Globalist educational institutions of Canada. Here, they will learn to hate English Canada, and our Anglophone populations.

Ironically, many of the Anglo-bashers are, in fact, Anglophone Canadian professors and educators. This will “grease the wheels” for the Nigerians so they too can become like ex- Minister of Immigration(he’s still in Cabinet) MP Ahmed Hussen:

Haters of white Canada, colonial Canada, Christian Canada and Anglophone Canada.

What else?How about a little thing called the trans-formation of Covid 19 from humans to animals–in this case, the African Gorilla:

As the coronavirus infects more people around the world, conservationists are warning of the risk to another vulnerable species: Africa’s endangered mountain gorilla.

“Congo’s Virunga National Park, home to about a third of the world’s mountain gorillas, is barring visitors until June 1, citing “advice from scientific experts indicating that primates, including mountain gorillas, are likely susceptible to complications arising from the COVID-19 virus.”

So can you hear it! Neither cold, nor heat, nor hail, nor a worldwide killer pandemic, nor potential Gorilla deaths, will stop Justin Trudeau ad pit-bull low-life MP Ahmed Hussen from flooding Canada with migrants from heavily infected areas of the planet.

What to conclude? Frankly, what CAP posited from day one– in the hands of Trudeau, Hussen, Morneau and Company, mass migration to Canada is a weapon of mass destruction. 

WHAT MEDIA ARE HIDING FROM CANADIANS: As Covid-19 RAGES, Justin Trudeau EXPANDS Visa Program From China, Iran

“Neighbouring Rwanda also is temporarily shutting down tourism and research activities in three national parks that are home to primates such as gorillas and chimpanzees.”

“Mountain gorillas are prone to some respiratory illnesses that afflict humans. A common cold can kill a gorilla, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature, one reason why tourists tracking gorillas are not normally permitted to get too close.

“Hundreds of passengers crossing through Rwanda-Uganda’s Katuna/Gatuna border post were on Sunday morning blocked from crossing into either country after authorities suspended all movements in attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

How much tax-payer monies does the Trudeau government hand out to Rwanda each year? Try $28 Million Dollars annually. And now for the “good news”– this is a relatively small amount of hand-outs to African and Middle Eastern nations.

Try $105 Million to Ghana, $122 Million to the Congo, $83 Million to Kenya, $52 Million to Uganda, and hundreds of million more to a host of despotic African/Islamic nations.

Now, try a national media entity which provides ZERO information on these massive tax-fund giveaways. Now, say the phrase “CBC”— this state-controlled(read neo-communist) media outfit has not breathed one single word about any of this sordid information.

There’s your “post-modern” Canada for you, fellow Canadian patriots. What CBC and the rest deliver is nothing short of total deception.

Turns out that even with China’s pandemic weapon of western destruction, Justin Trudeau still will not alter a single aspect of his assault upon Canadian society, including an assault upon the health and welfare of 37.7 Million Canadians.

Let the people die, let the Gorillas expire…but NEVER STOP the globalist assault upon 153 years of Canadian identity, history, heritage and culture.

Among Trudeau, Hussen and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist Canada-destroyers, that’s a rule.







2 thoughts on “Trudeau Continues Pushing African Migration Despite COVID, Gorillas AT RISK”

  1. Why are government importing a weapon of mass destruction and unleashing it on the Canadian people ?? We need to stop all people coming to Canada right now so we can try to get a handle on this in Canada . Can some one explain this to me our prime minister is supposed to protect Canadians not try to KILL them ??

  2. The hatred the spawn of Fidel Castro, the cuck Justin Trudeau has for real Canadians is well doumented. Justin has particular hatred for white Christian men who work. These are the same men who supply 90% of the tax revenue for this cowardly woman beater to waste. How pathetic to be a liberal.


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