Trudeau Pushes Internet Censorship, Media Bribes To Win 4th Term

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Hoping, or more likely praying for a path toward success in a future federal election, PM Justin Trudeau leverages typical Liberal government tactics.

First up, a ramped-up program of media bribery:

“The federal government will now cover 35% of journalists’ salaries up to $85,000 per year, which is equivalent to $29,750 per newsroom employee.”

In this instance, it’s critical to recognize another application of neo-communist tactics. Looking back at successful socialist and totalitarian revolutions of history, we note a certain commonality.

From Mao Tse Tung in China to Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union,  implementations are always rolled out on an incremental basis. Too much at one time can spook the general population. Wisely, political despots ensure that policies are delivered piece-meal. A little at a time does the trick.

CAP reference this because of what any common sense Canadian should anticipate, providing they are aware of the details. Under a Liberal government, 35% of mainstream media salaries will transition to 50%, then 75%, and finally, 100%.

Thus, a morphing of legacy media into a full-on propaganda vehicle for the Liberals. As it stands, PM Trudeau is praying that 35% is enough to motivate media to lie to Canadians, positioning the PM as woke saviour of Canada, righteous environment guru, and the rest of his tedious claptrap.

Another card up the Feds pseudo-authoritarian sleeve arrives via Liberal Attorney General, MP Arif Virani. Originally a refugee from Uganda, Virani is an Ismaili Muslim who with little doubt would be onboard with tightening the noose around the neck of freedom of speech.

To get the job done, MP Virani is hustling his away toward invocation of a Liberal-driven “Online Harms Bill.”

“Justice Minister Arif Virani Says Online Harms Bill An Absolute Priority.”

These people are clever. One can assume very few Canadians want child pornography to be available on the internet. Leading with this piece of benevolence, the sub-text of the bill is an elimination of “Islamophobia” and other forms of so-called racism on the internet.

What Canadians don’t know, and what media naturally suppress, is that it is arguable that the Liberals are gunning for a replication of the “Great Firewall of China” to be implemented in Canada.

More neo-communism comes Canada’s way. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star. All say nothing of the sort, for a simple reason: the move is in their best interests.

In this, Canadians can discover the manner in which Trudeau and his backroom schemers are incrementally transition Canada to a neo-communist state.

“Lagging In The Polls, PM Trudeau Brings On Branding Specialist Valiquette As New Executive Director Of PMO Communications”

Max Valiquette will work alongside PMO director of communications Vanessa Hage-Moussa, and Ann-Clara Vaillancourt, who has been promoted to the position of media relations director, according to a government source.”

It may not be pure propaganda, but it’s likely a last-ditch attempt to deceive Canadian voters, particularly of the youth variety:

“Max Valiquette has spent decades in the marketing sector and comes armed with expertise in understanding Millennials and Generation Z.”

Right. Permit Cultural Action Party to go where no media organization will. The first point to recognize is the Quebecois-centric nature of the marketing company. In terms of current polling, only Quebec remains decidedly pro-Liberal.

Understanding that Quebec and Ontario hold the keys to the Liberal kingdom, this will be Mr. Valiquette’s focus.

One additional component fleshes out our assessment:

“Liberals 10 Points Behind In The 34 Ridings That Helped Bring Them To Power In 2015”

The Hill Times live in Liberal la-la-land on a permanent basis. As such, they omit a critical factor in the success of the Trudeau government– winning in the GTA by running ethnic MP candidates in minority white ridings, and others heavily populated with 3rd World migrant voters.

Valiquette Marketing specialize in targeting young voters, many of whom have gone through anti-colonialism propaganda training at York, Ryerson, Concordia and other universities in Ontario.

The plan: Win Quebec, win the heavily concentrated Sikh/Muslim/Chinese GTA migrant vote, win the brain-washed youth vote.

Not that it’s a guarantee for victory– far from it. In CAP’s estimation, a major component of a potential Liberal victory will be found in an ability to once again capture what establishment media has been hiding away for decades: the mighty 3rd World community vote in the Greater Toronto Area.

But it may not happen. It well appears that our Sikh and Muslim communities are now coming to understand what media has covered-up for the past eight years: namely, Justin Trudeau’s true self.

Simply put, if the Liberals scheme doesn’t do the trick, they are done-like-dinner.

Keeping in mind one media card will be played in enormity: the trashing of the Conservative Party, and it leader Pierre Poilievre. For astute Canadians and serious followers of politics, this already exists as a national disgrace.

According to media, the man is racist. He fraternises with right-wing bigots. The CPC are anti-abortion, anti-Euthanasia. Forget the fact that to be so evinces evidence of a belief in the dignity of life. Communists have no interest in such a thing. In authoritarian states, people exist as widgets in a socio-political game.

CAP’s prediction on the success of the Liberal plan of political manipulation of 40 million Canadians?

It will fail, spectacularly.

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