Trudeau Pushes Canada Toward Final Stages Of Democratic Rule

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According to an article published this week in the Ottawa Citizen, the Liberal government of Canada “is ultra-sensitive about introducing any new procedure that would scrutinize relationships between senior Canadian politicians or business leaders and the Chinese Communist regime.”

In logical terms, this means that PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have something they desperately wish to hide from the public. Although this form of subterfuge dates back decades, it has been successfully obscured to the point that a covert political partnership has eluded Canadians for the past half-century.

Against the grain, a recent scandal involving donations to the Trudeau Foundation from wealthy Chinese business people has brought the issue to the stage of the theatre that is federal politics in Canada.

“The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation misled Canadians when it said that a controversial donation made by two Chinese businessmen qualified as a Canadian donation,” the former president of the Foundation told members of Parliament this week.

Former CEO of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, Pascal Fournier, informed a parliamentary committee that she resigned from her position earlier this month after pushing for an independent forensic audit into donations made by Chinese businessmen.

 “Fournier, former Trudeau Foundation CEO, describes how her property, including her phone, was promptly confiscated at her home following her resignation over a controversial Chinese donation.”

Big Brother is watching? More like he is busting a move through the front door of homes of private citizens. We stand witness as Canada morphs into a form of police state once thought an impossibility. Can it be that our nation is being intentionally pushed toward authoritarian status by our own government?

Fournier testified that “she doesn’t know why Justin Trudeau’s brother Alexandre’s name appears on the signing of a controversial Chinese donation because he shouldn’t have had that authority, writes conservative columnist Spencer Fernando in a recent article.

While both mainstream and alternative media in Canada reveal a fair bit of the nitty-gritty, one critical point remains unspoken. The National Post says the Chinese government are trying to “influence” Canada’s Liberal government.

Cultural Action Party say the Liberal government are transitioning governance in Canada to a replica of Chinese governance. Point being, this is not merely a case of foreign influence– it is a case of conversion from democracy to dictatorship.

Donations to the Trudeau Foundation have surged since Justin Trudeau took office in late 2015, particularly from individuals connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

To address allegations of illicit behaviour, the Trudeau government appointed Morris Rosenberg to a report on foreign interference in federal elections. As it happens, Rosenberg was the CEO of the Trudeau Foundation from 2014-2018.

We tie together the strings of insulation surrounding the Trudeau-Liberal-China scandal: there is something in this relationship that the Feds want desperately to remain hidden from the knowledge of our population.

In this regard, not once has media pointed to an obvious fact: the original founder of Canada-China relations is ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. Why do the press steer away from this? Because it would open the door to comprehension of a 50-year relationship between the Liberals and the communist government of China.

If understood throughout society, people may begin to think about all this in deeper terms. Those who do may draw radical conclusions, such as the idea that together, the Trudeau government and China are walking our society down a covert path toward the demise of democratic governance.

“A democracy can  fall when a country’s elites feel that democracy no longer works for them. When these elites feel that losing an election may mean forfeiting their power and influence over the country, they may seek to take over the country by force, turning it into a dictatorship.”

That was then, this is now. As Justin Trudeau stated, Canada is today a “post-modern” society. Meaning that if warfare is waged, it too will be post-modern, as in accomplished without guns, tanks, physical warfare or violence.

In a healthy democracy, these groups agree to make compromises that will benefit their group of voters, or constituencies.

“Despite strong opposition from over 100,000 Canadians, the Liberal’s internet censorship Bill C-11 passed. without user protections or changes to discoverability mechanisms. The bill remains largely unchanged from the original version proposed in February 2022.”

Together with pending Bill C-18, government are in the process of converting the internet in Canada to a replica of what is known as the Great Firewall of China. Media make no connection between the two.

Canadians don’t want it; government do it anyway. Signs of communism creeping into Canada? CAP bet our last tax-saturated dollar that it is the case.

“The Nazi Party, democratically elected with 33% of the vote in the 1932 parliamentary elections, used the Reichstag Emergency to enact authoritarian measures in the name of maintaining public order.”

The Trudeau government, democratically elected with 32.6% of the vote in 2021, used the Emergencies Act to enact authoritarian measures in the name of maintaining public order. The move put the “fear of God” into Canadians, making them believe that any form of rebellion would result in the freezing of their personal bank accounts.

“In 1970, the socialist candidate Salvador Allende won the Chilean presidency by an incredibly slim margin. Over the next three years, Allende used his presidency to institute socialistic political and economic measures while while ostensibly claiming to be democratic.”

Justin Trudeau in a nut-shell right here. Rambling on regarding the importance of democracy in an increasingly authoritarian world, our PM circumvents the situation with every move he makes.

In 1924, the Central Executive Committee of the USSR issued the following edict:

On The Surrender Of Weapons “ordered people to surrender any firearms, swords, bayonets and bombs, regardless of the degree of serviceability. The penalty for not doing so was ten years’ imprisonment.”

Canada, April 2023:

The Trudeau government will “tighten gun laws to freeze the buying, selling and importation of handguns and to introduce ‘red flag’ laws that would allow judges to temporarily remove firearms from people deemed a harm to themselves or others.”

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Good thing a light-bulb moment has arrived for a few of us. Leaving 98% of our population in the dark as to the fate of our nation as orchestrated by Trudeau and the Liberals.

Chinese election interference. Gun confiscation from the general public. Internet Censorship. Erosion of freedom of the press. The rise of racism to the top of the social totem pole.

“Conflict theory originated in the work of Karl Marx, who focused on the causes and consequences of class conflict between the bourgeoisie (the owners of the means of production) and the proletariat (the working class and the poor).”

“While initially conflict theory described class conflicts specifically, it has lent itself over the years to studies of how other kinds of conflicts, like those premised on race, gender, sexuality, religion, culture, and nationality.”

Bingo. Here, we discover the ideological weaponry being utilized to destroy Canadian democracy. Fact, or not fact: from the moment Justin Trudeau became prime minister, social discord rooted in race, gender, sexuality and religion have reached their apotheosis.

What is not understood is that all of this was pre-meditated for the purpose of converting Canada to a neo-communist state. The globalist elites who influence the Liberal-Quebecois elites are presently using this methodology to seduce our nation.

Systemic racism. So-called Islamophobia. Homophobia, Transphobia. Are these themes not front-and-centre within society as perpetuated by government, media and academia?

Of course they are, and of course there’s a purpose for it. Canada’s days as a democracy are coming to an end. To ensure an inevitable outcome, the final nail in the coffin of freedom and democracy is being hammered-in as we speak.

It comes in the form of immigration policy. Simply put, the more immigration, the more votes for the Liberal Party of Canada. As white Canadians walk the line to minority status, the Liberals rule the roost through mass importation of 3rd World migrants.

By 2048, there will be so many that the number of ridings held by non-Liberal federal parties will be reduced to ashes. Controlling 93% of all ridings bring about the result the Liberals are looking for in the long run.

What’s the point of holding elections when the vote count looks like this:

Liberals: 388 ridings. Conservatives: 8 ridings. NDP: 3 ridings.

Presto– the end of democracy. At present, media are hiding all this away from the thoughts of contemporary Canadians. The end is nigh– one day in the not-so-distant future, democracy in Canada will die.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Pushes Canada Toward Final Stages Of Democratic Rule”

  1. (1) Do you remember this Liberal/Lying Media gem? [Ex PM] “Stephen Harper has an agenda.” At the time; absolutely: To govern Canada. “Dictator Man” Trudeau has a dangerous; real agenda. And yet; no one calls him out. Complete silence from the mainstream media; the ones who could put a stop to this rapid descent into communism. Hope they enjoy their sellout money. Speaking of ill gotten gain; Dollars to donuts the legacy media elite also receive secret CCP payments. At a critical time in world history when we need a strong; patriotic leader–We get cursed w/ Trudeau. The polar opposite of Harper.

    (2) “What’s the point of holding elections when the vote count looks like this: Liberals: [341] ridings. Conservatives: 8 ridings.” (NDP subsumed by the Liberals.)

    • In hindsight; the above should have read that the pre-woke of the day were always whining that Harper had a “hidden” agenda. However; whatever his benign “secret agenda”–It certainly was not for converting Canada into a “no core identity; post-nation state.” One where lawlessness prevails, and we go belly up.

  2. Those last 22 months were a dry run for the real objective.

    Next time around they’re not going to be so careless.

    Better brush up on your George Orwell and Ayn Rand while you can.


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