Trudeau Pushes “Exodus” To Canada From Africa DESPITE Covid-19 Epidemic

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This is the kind of prime minister Canadians have been saddled with since Justin Trudeau first seized control of the consciousness of our society.

PM Trudeau can be described as a “giant risk-taker”-– but only when the collateral damage involves the safety, security and health of 37.7 Million Canadian citizens.

A majority Canadians oppose reinstatement of citizenship for returning ISIS terrorists--Trudeau does it anyway. A majority of Canadians polled informs government that our citizens oppose illegal refugee border-jumping into Canada– Trudeau does it regardless.

A majority of our citizenship oppose increases in immigration quotas to Canada. Also, a majority oppose increased refugee intake by way of Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen’s modus operandi to fill Canada within as many of his African co-religionists as possible.

All of it moves forward regardless of majority opinion. Sound like democracy-in-action to you, fellow patriots?

Let’s get real here– these are blatant examples of a breach in democratic process for the purpose of a larger globalist agenda of national decimation. Obviously, CBC and the rest of the Liberal media slaves are fully on board–not one of them has breathed a single word about these axiomatic alternations in our nationhood.

How sad. Now, CAP has discovered that Justin Trudeau has launched a program to import Nigeria to Canada.

“The exodus of Nigerian immigrants to Canada is showing no signs of slowing down.”

“For the fifth year in a row, more Nigerians emigrated to Canada than the year before as data published by the Canadian government shows the number of Nigerians issued permanent resident permits has tripled since 2015. It’s a growth rate that outstrips some of Canada’s biggest sources of immigrants over the last five years, including India, China and Philippines.”

Degree of exposure from CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star? Nothing–not a single sentence. Seeing as we are dealing with Trudeau and his media, naturally it gets worse.

Did you know that as we speak, China’s germ warfare output caused the Covid-19 virus in Nigeria to triple within a 24-hour period?

Algeria, Ethiopia, South Africa and Nigeria were among 13 priority countries identified by the World Health Organization based on travel to China.READ MORE:

So let’s get this straight: Not only has CBC evaded the entire Nigerian/African “exodus” to Canada– our establishment media have also buried the Covid-19 epidemic within the continent of Africa.

Why? Because the Trudeau government now control media in a similar capacity to how China’s government control their media. In other words, Justin instilled a communist-style media dynamic in Canada, and said media are at present hiding away all the information expressed within this article.

Salient Question Of The Day: Why is CBC working for the benefit of Africa and China? In light of the “China Crisis,” why is Globe & Mail holding out on exposing critical information to the people of Canada?

Why is it–when a situation involves serious damage/danger for the health and welfare of the Canadian people, that our media are backing the globalist agenda?

In truth, it’s not nearly as complicated as one might imagine. The answer is that our media work for the globalists, and not the people of Canada.

Just look how far the “three headed hydra” of Canadian globalism will go to achieve their goals. Government-Media-Academia. Even when a life-threatening epidemic comes to Canada, Justin Trudeau will not alter the agenda he has been tasked within to complete:

The trans-ition of Canada from a free and democratic liberal democracy into a socialist nation-state entirely controlled by the United Nations, and their powerful “sub-set” of religious fundamentalist controllers.

Time to face facts: Every move Trudeau makes benefits these shadowy, nefarious forces. Conversely, every decision our PM makes results in damage to the component of Canada he most despises:

English Canada,  and its Anglophone-Canadian peoples. You know about these folks, right? They’re the people of Canada that PM Trudeau has never once mentioned, referenced, or alluded to in any capacity since he became national leader in 2015.

Not an ominous sign, brother and sister patriots?






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