Trudeau Prepares To Destroy Freedom Of Speech In Canada

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OpenMedia describe themselves as a “community-driven organization that works to keep the Internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free.” In September 2021, they offered as ominous take on the future of internet censorship in Canada:

 “The Liberals have unveiled a cynical plan to make Canada’s internet  the most censored and surveilled in the democratic world.”

 “It would transform them into reporting agents to CSIS and the RCMP— and it puts the actual needs of victims of hate speech and harmful content online dead last.”

Extrapolating their messaging informs Canadians that the internet censorship agenda pushed by PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals has little to do with prevention of hate speech, and everything to do with our prime minister’s number one obsession.

 Absolute control of Canadian society. The proposed legislation will:

 Require online platforms identify, remove and report to law enforcement content that may belong to five already illegal categories of speech:

    • Sexualized content involving children;
    • Non-consensual sharing of sexual images;
    • Hate speech;
    • Incitement to violence, against persons or property;
    • Incitement to terrorism. 

Upon which CAP interject with a break-down of how PM Justin Trudeau’s quasi-communist government roll. Presenting Canadians with a list of benevolent social undertakings, the Liberal strategists slip in a covert goal they hope will be misunderstood by the public.

Of course, no sane citizen wants abuse of our youth to be promoted on the internet. Thumbs up for this one. The problem arrives with a nebulous claim of clamping down on so-called “hate speech.” As it stands, promotion of hate speech is duly covered within the Canadian criminal code . 

Public incitement of hatred:

  • 319(1) Everyone who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of
    • (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or
    • (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

How is hate speech to be defined according to government’s internet standards?

 According to Open Media, “government has insisted that all they want to do is duplicate our existing norms and limitations around offline freedom of expression in Canada.”

 “Far from simply duplicating our norms around offline speech, this proposal will create an unprecedented system of online surveillance of ordinary people in Canada, and normalize removal of entirely lawful online speech.” 

 A harsh indictment it is– one which appears to bypass existing laws against hate speech, transforming internet censorship into a witch-hunt against citizens who violate government’s subjective opinion on that which constitutes hate speech.

 The end-game being positively draconian in orientation: hate speech is to be whatever government decide it is. In this, public communication in Canada morphs into a replica of PM Justin Trudeau’s preferred form of governance: communism.

The whole project smells of Orwellian control. Freedom of expression falls to the neo-fascist ways of the Trudeau government. Those who breach government’s subjective viewpoint transition to targeted political dissidents. Does this not replicate life in China, Cuba and Soviet Union, so admired by the Trudeau family?

 “The system will become an unprecedented law enforcement surveillance system of lawful speech in Canada. Platforms will be required to report flagged content they remove directly to law enforcement including the RCMP and CSIS.

The system is to grant the Digital Commissioner unprecedented powers with minimal restriction on their use, including:

“The right to conduct its hearings on content takedowns in secret.”

KGBtime in Canada? What a wonderful world of authoritarian crackdown our Liberal government is forcing on society. A non-elected Liberal government bureaucrat will be placed in charge of a policy to police the Canadian internet. Breaches will consist of whatever government say they are. Punitive damages await those who violate the mandates.

All of which sounds desperately in-line with internet censorship in China:

In December, 2015, China’s President Xi Jinping pronounced that “the Chinese internet would be a world unto itself; its content closely monitored and managed by the Communist party.” 

Is, or is this not, the bottom line within the Liberal’s proposal for free speech suppression on the internet? Is it not true that PM Justin Trudeau has publicly expressed his affection for Chinese-style communism?

“Giving the regulator broad power to order website blocking of sites that host both legal and illegal speech is a disproportionate and dangerous remedy that has previously only been common in authoritarian states like Russia and China, not in democratic states.”

Will the regulator become empowered to remove Cultural Action Party from the internet. How about anti-woke websites such as The Rebel and True North News?

If so, the bottom line becomes apparent– an elimination of media “enemies” as designated by the Trudeau government. Woke leftist propaganda only? Justin Trudeau’s protection of his precious “racialized” communities ends up serving as subterfuge for an elimination of free speech in Canada.

Is this the true state-of-affairs within PM Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada? Incrementally, our nation’s core institutions are being systemically transitioned to neo-communist entities– and there’s not a damn thing citizens can do to stop it.

How about this for an unspoken goal:  the return of revenues and market-share taken away by the rise of social media.

Dear CBC, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail:

“You scratch our back and we will make you partners in the authoritarian seduction of Canadian society.”

Sincerely, Justin Trudeau.

Canadian academia, seduced over the decades by anti Canadian Marxist propaganda, fell under the communist spell decades ago. The advent of the Covid pandemic– another China-oriented phenomenon– ushered in draconian health care enforcement within society. Trudeau’s pandemic and Euthanasia policies being indicative of the phenomenon.

Canadians witness a holistic seduction of society. That is, those who make the effort to transcend  Liberal-Media propaganda campaigns.

“In the years before Xi became president in 2012, the internet had begun to afford the Chinese people an unprecedented level of transparency and power to communicate. Popular bloggers, some of whom advocated bold social and political reforms, commanded tens of millions of followers.”

This month’s announcement by Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez that the government intends to reject several good-faith amendments to Bill C-11 passed by the Senate has created a growing sense of defeatism on the part of Canadian online creators.

In no manner should a sense of defeatism be limited to online content creators. Rather, the sentiment should be applied to all aspects of Canadian society.

Liberal internet legislation is a microcosm for Canada’s transition to authoritarian state status. No choice, no voice, no democracy. That’s Bill C-11 and Bill C-18, certain to transform the internet in Canada to a replica of China’s Great Internet Firewall.

University of Ottawa law professor and internet expert Michael Geist recently stated: “[Minister of Heritage Pablo Rodriguez] has left no doubt about the government’s true intent with Bill C-11: retain power and flexibility to regulate user content.”

The old Canada dies, replaced by neo-communism as manifest in Justin Trudeau, NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh, and the globalist power-mongers who control their decision-making.

Now that Canadians have woken up to the totalitarian tendencies of the Trudeau government, it’s time to shut us up.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau Prepares To Destroy Freedom Of Speech In Canada”

  1. How painful to watch this train wreck unfold. Guess it’s time to draw the Maple Leaf curtain. The Fat Lady has begun her song. Guess the latter comment will now count as “hate” speech. Let me dream….a mutiny in the Trudeau “Cabinet.”–With Pablum No-Redress going first. Won’t happen. Canada has fallen; fallen. Question: If a Canada falls in the forest, and Canadians are asleep/anesthetized–Did it make any sound? Answer: No. The whole trunk is rotten to the core. The almost weightless tree merely crumbled; without making a sound. What will the fat political termites feed upon now? Their infestation brought down a once strong tree; one malevolent bite at a time. Would-be exterminators failed to do their job. (Mainstream media.) Arise; all ye woke–to the hollow; putrefying carcass of Britannia’s daughter. Enjoy your miserable day; it won’t last long.

  2. Will we be forced to resort to measures unheard of in Canada to retain our rights? Will we become a police State? Is this why Trudeau wants to confiscate our firearms?


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