Trudeau Praises Muslim Values As Nation-Wide Liberal Ramadan Promotion Ends

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“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed a heartfelt message to the Muslim community ahead of the Eid al-Fitr celebrations, praising Muslim Canadians for their commitment to Islamic principles of charity and goodwill amid the COVID-19 crisis.”
When Justin Trudeau first became prime minister of Canada, he proclaimed our nation to be one which maintains “no core identity.”
Since that time–and 100% obscured by establishment media– is the fact that Mr. Trudeau has functioned as a conduit for an advancement of the Nation of Islam from coast-to-coast in Canada.
Latest Example: the 30-day Islamic celebration of Ramadan. Because we live in Trudeau’s self-imposed post-modern Canada, CBC and the rest of mainstream media organizations “follow suit”:
– “P.E.I. Muslim community marks Eid al-Fitr with drive-thru barbecue.”
— “How Nova Scotia health-care providers observe Ramadan amid COVID-19 pandemic.”
— “Ontario mosques find creative ways to celebrate Eid amid COVID-19, including drive-thru services.”
— “Virtual Ramadan gathering held in Edmonton.”
Vancouver’s oldest mosque to sound call to prayer for remainder of Ramadan.
 There you have it, fellow patriots– tangible evidence  that the Liberal government and their globalist media partners at CBC are engaged in a coast-to-coast Ramadan promotion for Canada.
No doubt this will ramp-up in intensity with each subsequent celebration as the years pass.
Salient Question Time: When Justin Trudeau first began deceiving Canadians with his promotion campaign to become PM in 2015, to what extent was the Islamic Promotion Business a part of his public platform?
You got it– ZERO percent. Therefore, Mr. Trudeaufooled the people of Canada. Naturally, this would be so much more difficult to accomplish if Canadian media– easily the most monolithic among all western nations– did not obscure the entire scenario.
Here’s the thing about the media presentation of CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, Chronicle-Herald, Montreal Gazette and Calgary Herald— they NEVER tie together the “loose ends” so that citizens can comprehend the truth of the Liberal-3rd World-Globalist agenda of Trudeau and his Liberals.
Fact: Ramadan has been celebrated from coast-to-coast. Halifax, N.S. to Victoria B.C. This has to be the most aggressive push in Canadian history for a “non-traditional” 3rd World cultural “celebration.”
Media say nothing. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau has been falling all over himself to fall all over those he most cares about–3rd World Canada, Nation of Islam, Sikhism, LGBT, Transgendered, the government of China,Iran and Saudi Arabia. Add his latest globalist obsession–pumping Canada full of new arrivals from Africa.
How does CBC react to these trans-formative, unprecedented historical developments? Simple– as if these ground-breaking events are as “natural as spring rain” in North Vancouver, B.C.
Therefore, it is up to “alternative” media to deliver some truth about all this: Justin Trudeau has cancelled 153 years of Canadian identity. The “Old School” Canada is hereby dead. Naturally, everything related to “Anglophone” Canada will go first. 
Add to this English Canada as a whole. Historical democracy has been replaced with Justin’s pseudo-socialism. In 2020 Canada, our nation is controlled by a pseudo-dictatorship. The Christian religion will continue to deteriorate as Trudeau replaces its prominence with the Islamic religion.
Also under the power of our prime minister, China continues to get its economic hooks into Canada.
The bulk of our energy and oil resources come from Saudi Arabia. The bulk of new Canadians come from China, Iran, Nigeria, India, and Pakistan. Justin Trudeau endlessly panders to Islamic governments,  African despots and communist dictatorships.
Back home, Trudeau- policy(his father) results in 80,000-90,000 Canadian-born fetuses being destroyed annually. Media say nothing about this–they never have.
Canada maintains the highest per-capita immigration quotas on planet earth. The intake numbers are at their highest level in Canadian history. Add refugee intake numbers to this.
Getting the picture, fellow Canucks? Wow–what a Canada Justin Trudeau and his father Pierre Trudeau created on behalf of the 37.8 Million citizens of our nation. 
Now, a “casual question”: how many Canadians voted for this? The answer is ZERO.
Yet, according to Globe & Mail and their puppet-boy John Ivison, Justin Trudeau consistently works to maintain– wait for it–“democratic principles.”
What a farce. Old Stock Canada— you’re nation has been stolen from you by the forces of Liberalism. Perhaps this was inevitable– and perhaps not.
Either way, the of reality is immutable:
The family Trudeau hi-jacked Canada away from its citizenship, and “sold” control of our society to non-Canadian forces.
Then, they name an airport in Montreal after the founder of the demise of freedom and democracy in Canada– ex Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

2 thoughts on “Trudeau Praises Muslim Values As Nation-Wide Liberal Ramadan Promotion Ends”

  1. When is the uprising or more likely letter sending happening? This is horrifying and the other parties are no different. We’re screwed.

  2. This make my bood boil….We used to say prayer at school but certain ethnic backgrounds decided it wasn’t right to be Christian…So it stopped ….Now he wants us to allow a so called religion be practiced here in CANADA it’s discusting he will allow laws and beliefs be changed to accommodate refugees that refuse to assimilate …Nope you left a country to make a new life don’t bring your discusting ways here ….Religion belongs in the home and churches NOT IN PUBLIC!!


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