Trudeau Pleases Cambodia With $330 Million Gift For Women’s Rights

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“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled a slew of funding announcements in Cambodia on Saturday, Nov.12, 2022 aimed at deepening economic and academic ties with Southeast Asia, after decades of sporadic engagement with the region.”

Interesting it is to note how Canadian media position “deeper ties” with foreign governments. In the real world, this tax-payer funded quarter-billion dollars constitutes more of a gift than anything else.

“The largest chunk, $133 million, will involve feminist-focused development aid in ASEAN countries, a quarter of which will be earmarked for Canadian civil-society groups.”

“Ottawa will also spend $84.3 million for a new Shared Ocean Fund aimed at cracking down on illicit fishing in the region.”

Well, would you looky here. At a time when Canadians hold the highest level of personal debt in modern history, Justin Trudeau is concerned with illicit fishing in Cambodia.

It’s all so bizarre as Canadian media attempt to cover-off the absurdity that is our ruling prime minister. It’s one thing for Mr. Trudeau to do what he does best– funneling foreign aid to third world nations he wishes to impress. It’s quite another for media to rationalize his antics.

Additionally, Trudeau pledged $1 Million for clearing landmines, cluster bombs in Cambodia and Laos.

How sweet of him, It’s all very nice– if a person was the Prime Minister of Cambodia. How difficult it is to fathom the behaviour of this aberration of a national leader. If one didn’t know better, one could assume that the role of prime minister is a secondary job for Trudeau. First comes Laos, Cambodia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China and Pakistan.

Once Mr. Trudeau sufficiently pleases them, some secondary energy can go toward minor issues: Canadian economy, inflation, debt-reduction, and the like.

So dedicated was Trudeau to Remembrance Day this year that he chose to spend the day handing our tax dollars to a holy host of non-democratic governments.

ASEAN countries include:

Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and seven others.

In Singapore, caning is a form of corporal punishment meted out to offenders. Judicial caning is applicable to more than 30 offences, but it is compulsory for a dozen crimes such as robbery, drug trafficking and vandalism.

In Indonesia, Shariah law is used in civil matters that pertain to Islamic customs. The province of Aceh enforces Sharia Law. It applies to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Extra-marital sex, gambling, and the consumption of alcohol are all illegal under Sharia law.

These are the countries that PM Trudeau has decided to gift with hundreds of millions of dollars. Upon which CAP discover a key to the whole affair:

“This is a generational shift,” Trudeau told leaders gathered in Phnom Penh for a summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

It certainly is. In fact, Cultural Action Party will go as far as to say that a “generational shift” forms the essence of Trudeau’s world-view.  Nowhere is our PM more desirous of this occurring than in Canada. It’s why he is going to import one million Asian and Middle Eastern migrants over the coming three years.

“Out with the old, in with the new.” Justin Trudeau is gunning for a brand new Canada. Devoid of detriments such as “Old Stock” Canadians, Anglophones and such, Trudeau is in reality a political visionary.

That his vision includes what legacy media will not disclose should be a concern for all Canadians. Here at CAP, we believe Mr. Trudeau cozies up to authoritarian nations because he wants Canada to be one of them.

Mainstream media are here to twist the agenda into a form of altruism. It’s all about “minority” rights, women’s sexual health, and abortion in Africa.

“When land is cleared, not only are people safer and children can play, but land can be used for farming and development.”

Would you look at that? Trudeau comes across not unlike Peter Sellers’ classic character Chauncy Gardener in the film Being There. “In the spring, the flowers will grow. Then comes winter, when snow covers the flowers…”

People are safer, and children can play. How lovely. But, Mr. Trudeau– your job is to improve the lives of Canadians. Would you kindly explain why you prioritize fundamentalist Islamic nations above your own? “Go ask your mother” responds Canada’s Queen Of Woke Global Affairs.

“Cambodia could be mine-free by 2025 if local organizations had enough resources.”

Wunderbar. Unfurl the anti-Pol Pot flags, Justin Trudeau is in town to play hero for the Cambodian people.

“Morse said landmines kill roughly 50 people in Cambodia each year, down from thousands in the 1990s.”

That’s a real shame. At the risk of coming across as cold-hearted, CAP will point to a death statistic here at home:

More citizens are ending their lives with a medically-assisted death, says a report on medical assistance in dying (MAID) in Canada. The data shows that 10,064 people died in 2021 under the Liberal government’s Euthanasia program– an increase of 32 per cent over 2020.

What do you know? Business is booming in Euthanasia land. Only in this case, our federal government encourage the practice, alive and kicking ever since Trudeau’s Liberals legislated assisted dying in 2016.

“The Liberals are leaving the summit with a commitment from ASEAN to elevate Canada as a strategic partner, the bloc’s highest tier for countries outside of Southeast Asia.”

Cambodia. Laos. Feminism. Landmines. Fishing. Witness as Justin Trudeau hits a grand-slam home run for his priority countries. Meanwhile, back in Canada, things continue to look bleak for our economy and citizenship. Trudeau’s Covid crackdown has all but transitioned Canada to a de facto socialist state.

Justin Trudeau is the political  odd-ball of the century. Legacy media approach his behaviour as if it is as standard as Dad’s 1967 Corvette Stingray.

It’s a sham, and one day our citizenship will come to recognize the truth. Whether it will arrive before Trudeau destroys Canadian society is another issue altogether.

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  1. “…Trudeau pledged $1 [B]illion for clearing landmines, cluster bombs in Cambodia and Laos.” Put on your boots Trewdeau. (sic) Make youself useful….Go clear them yourself. Be careful! We wouldn’t want you to be blown to smithereens. Landsakes!! Whatever would be do without you? Hey–Here’s an idea. Fly over your “Cabinet”/and the three-hundred and fifty person; useless Egypt/”COP27” entourage. Inclusivity! It will be a group/bonding experience. If one of you steps on a mine; there will still be others left….Until you’re all gone. Yipee!!

  2. “When [ASEAN] land is cleared, not only are people safer and children can play, but land can be used for farming and development.” Well; lookee here. Trudope wants to assist with farming. Meanwhile; back in Bananada–Trudope is on a crudade against farmers/farming/fertilizer…Basically; hoping to put farmers out of work, and create a food shortage.


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