Trudeau Plays Friendship Card WITH IRAN After Killing of 57 Iranian-Canadians

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A month after 57 Canadians were killed by the Iranian regime, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been pictured greeting Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Zarif in Munich, Germany, at a security conference. Trudeau is currently on a world tour, attempting to drum up support for a seat on the UN Security Council.

The pictures of Trudeau and the Iranian delegation were taken by an Iranian state photographer as Canadian journalists were prevented by the Prime Minister’s Office from witnessing the event. Iran insisted that no Canadian journalists could take photographs.

Holy Crow–what a state-of-affairs Canada finds itself in after four-plus years of Justin Trudeau’s democracy-to-dictatorship agenda. In fact, the situation sounds positively neo-fascist.

Just months after the government of Iran shot down a plane with 57 Iran-Canadian passport holders, PM Trudeau is playing footsie with their theocratic Islamic government.

Time to get real, isn’t it fellow patriots? Obvious and irrefutable– Justin Trudeau is “Islam’s man in Canada.”  From reinstatement for ISIS terrorists to rubbing elbows with religious supremacist governments, Mr. Trudeau has trans-formed himself into some form of globalist saviour of the Third World.

Won’t Canadians ever be angry when this reality hits the cover of the Globe & Mail, and millions of Canadians become fully aware of the symbiotic relationship between the government of Canada and the Nation of Islam.

Naturally, this will never occur. Canada’s state-funded broadcaster, CBC, is tasked with ensuring that as few Canadians as humanely possible come to properly understand this globalist dynamic.

You know what CAP call this? Pseudo-communism.  Nascent socialism. The beginning of the end of democracy in Canada. The start of neo-totalitarian Canada. And pray-tell, which communities will be at the top of the social totem poll after Justin destroys the first 150 years of Canadian identity? Seems pretty darn obvious to CAP.

In January of this year, the Iranian regime shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane, killing all 176 civilians who were on board. 57 Iranian-Canadian citizens died from the plane being shot down.

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Over the past few weeks, Trudeau has been meeting with leaders of foreign countries in order to win support for his Security Council bid. Earlier this week, Trudeau met with Senegalese President Macky Sallwhere he discussed an “oil and gas partnership,” despite killing oil and gas projects in Canada.

Trudeau also promised the African Union $10 million in funding that would go to the empowerment of African women.

Please do tell, fellow patriots–is it not rather suspect that while  pipeline disputes upon Canadian soil create major social chaos, Justin Trudeau is in Senegal, Africa throwing millions toward the health of African women.?

Hello, CBC? Cat-got-your-tongue, National Post? It is not blatantly obvious that Trudeau is the most self-serving megalomaniac who ever held political office in Canada?

What a disgrace! Look, if Justin Trudeau wants to work for the Nation of Islam, go right ahead–just not as prime minister of Canada, and not upon Canadian soil. For the sake of the future of our democracy–not to mention the long term survival of Old Stock Canada–this Trudeau character must not be the prime minister of Canada.

Not a good look to see PM Trudeau with smiling FM Zarif of Iran after Canadians killed at the hands of Iranian incompetence and malice on Ukrainian plane- not to mention the innocent Iranian protestors‘ killed,” tweeted Bessma Momani, senior fellow with the Centre for International Governance Innovation and an expert on Canadian relations with Iran.”

“Look, I get that leaders sometimes have to shake hands with unsavoury people. But Iran just killed 63 Canadians. Maybe the PM could’ve avoided this particular photo op. Maybe a UNSC seat isn’t worth a firesale of every last thing Canadians hold dear.”

Now that is well put. But you know what is sad about the situation? It will will no difference in any manner. Trudeau will continue forward with his globalist seduction of Canada, and CBC will support his nefarious agenda in totality.

Why so confident? Because, in CAP opinion, Canada in the year 2020 is in reality a One Party State–the people of our nation simply do  not know it–yet.

Conservative MP Peter Kent also accused Trudeau in a tweet of “shaking hands with Iran’s chief propagandist and cheerleader for [the] regime’s terrorist agenda.”

Canada and Iran do not have formal diplomatic relations — the former Conservative government shuttered the embassy and cut off ties in 2012.

“The Liberal government initially promised to reopen that embassy but has not done so.”

Question:  At what point in Justin’s political life that an effort to establish diplomatic relations with Iran took place?

Answer: Approximately 20 minutes after Trudeau took office. Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but the fact is the decision was made in lightning-fast speed–as in it was entirely pre-conceived and ready-to-roll the minute King Justin donned his crown.

Suspicious, isn’t it? Of course it is– but not to worry, liberal snowflake types– mainstream media covered this up as fast as lightning.

A Trudeau Canada is a globalist Canada. An anti-Anglophone, pro-Islamic Canada. If media did not obfuscate the entire agenda, all Canadians would come to know the truth regarding Canada’s first “anti-Canadian” prime minister.








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