Trudeau Permits Establishment Of China’s Police Stations In Canada

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According to a leading Canadian media outlet, the communist government of China is in the process of entrenching its draconian police state within our society.

In an article published this week, Canada’s Globe & Mail claim it is being done “with no worry about being confronted by our own national security agencies.”

“The Fuzhou Public Security Bureau has established more than 50 overseas police service centres in cities around the world – including three in Toronto, home to Canada’s largest Chinese diaspora.”

Translation: The greater the degree of immigration from communist China to Canada, the greater the influence of the Chinese government in our country. As sublimated by mainstream Canadian media.

No one should be surprised it’s the case. In terms of modern immigration policy, China is a prototype of what not to do to a sovereign Canada. As such, this means that if a Trudeau family member is prime minister, they will do the exact opposite.

It was ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau who initiated China’s entry into our cultural and economic institutions in the early 1970’s. Fast forward a half-century, and China is setting up police centres in the Greater Toronto Area. No doubt they will exist in all major cities in Canada in due time.

“The RCMP and politicians of all stripes routinely condemn Chinese state harassment of people in Canada, but what action has been taken? There have been no arrests or any expulsion of any Chinese diplomats who might be co-ordinating this kind of thuggery.”

Dress it up anyway you like– including current PM Justin Trudeau’s penchant for wearing bright red silk Chinese jackets. The fact is that between so-called father and son, China has transitioned to a fixture in Canadian society.

“The officers have taken aim at these alleged (and unproven) criminals by seizing their families’ assets, denying children in China access to schools, and terminating family members’ employment, all in violation of due process.”

A Little Bit Of Justin Trudeau On The Side…

Looks as if our PM has learned well from the government of China. It was in early 2022 that the Liberals took a page from their government, and seized assets of protestors during the Truckers Protest in Ottawa.

Step one of emulation of China punitive measures for citizen non-compliance? To be followed by Digital ID for all Canadian citizens– another replication of freedom-destroying Chinese government practices. We add their Social Credit system for good measure:

“The target, eventually, is that the government system will be country-wide, with businesses given a unified social credit code and citizens an identity number, all linked to permanent record.”

The Liberal Party of Canada has over the past 50 years established, funded and promoted China’s integration into Canadian society.

“The more we ignore reports of China’s growing presence in Canada – including its interference in our electoral process, its potential espionage in our universities and research institutes, and so on – the more emboldened and manipulative Chinese agents become.”

“With no sign that it will be held accountable, China will only increase the size and threat of its operations, because it can.”

And why can it? Number one with a bullet is found in the Liberal Party’s relationship with the government of China, a process which dates back a half-century.

Pierre Trudeau began the process in 1970. After becoming prime minister in 2015, Justin Trudeau’s first major foreign policy maneuver was an attempt to establish a Canada-China Free Trade Agreement.

In terms of political ideology, Justin Trudeau has integrated the behemoth nation’s government-media dynamic into Canadian society. Academic institutions have over the past half-century become bastions of pseudo-communism. Over the decades, the Liberals have consistently sold off Canada’s premier natural resources to the Chinese government.

“Former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole claims foreign interference from China in the last election cost his party seats. But some media and national security experts are pushing back, arguing that it’s difficult to conclusively prove interference and that any intervention was unlikely to have been so decisive.”

We witness an institutional alignment of Trudeau Liberalism and Chinese Communism in Canada. Media side with government. Add to this Canadian security agencies. While we are at it, we throw in our Anglophone-bashing education system.

All systems are go. Methodically and with intent, our Liberal Government has assimilated Chinese communism into the fabric of Canadian society. With Justin Trudeau as national leader, their influence is growing by the day.

“These operations eschew official bilateral police and judicial cooperation and show the worrying growth of transnational repression and long-arm policing by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” the report said.

China is the number one immigration source nation to Canada over the past 50 years. Thanks very much, Pierre & Justin Trudeau.

11 thoughts on “Trudeau Permits Establishment Of China’s Police Stations In Canada”

  1. And just what would one expect when you allow a full-blown sociopath to hold the office of “Prime Minster”? That is the individual who ought to be, correctly, known as the “Crime Minister.” Any logical argument??

    • I have been warning citizens of Canada to PROTECT THEIR FREEDOM which has been taken over by communist/socialists persons in power right now — look what was done to the peace loving citizens: TRUCKERS demonstration in Ottawa, imprisoned, their donations from the citizens of Canada STOLEN, lies being told the by the CBC MEDIA, financed by our Canadian Citizen’s tax dollars, all to keep taking our FREEDOM away.

      Shame on you Trudeau. There is a higher power that will eventually judge you, even thought Communists don’t believe in God.

  2. My first reaction to the title: A genuinely surprised “What????” Nothing Trudope does should be a surprise; but this sure caught me off guard. Questions: What what the heck is the function of “Chinese police stations” in Bananada? How long have they been here? (Pre/postTrudeau?) Probably a silly question. They’re here unhindered–To get another big foot in the door? To intimidate Chinese expats? To arrest the Euro Man–After their military gets around to an actual takeover? Hopefully; Turdo will be the first tossed into the slammer. Better yet; he can take his place (horizontally) beside the bald guy in the picture. (Do these Chinese cop shops have any presence in other parts of the West?)

  3. All of this insanity has to end…and, as much as possible, be reversed/deleted…NOW!

    covid is a plan/scamdemic…but, specifically on the issue of CommyChinese “Police Service Centres”, there are just way too many questions, like “How the fuck did we get here?” and “Why are we even having this discussion?” Here’s another one, since they’re apparently already here: IF any act of violence occurs against either a CCPSC or any employee of the CCPSC, in which country’s court would the trial be heard? Is that next…Chinese courts in Canada? Or would they handle it CCP-style: No trial, just execute the suspects?!?

    Justin “The Truly Terrible Traitorous + Total Temper Tantrum Tyrant” TURDeau is obviously trying to turn Canada into CHINADA…and he and his plan must be stopped!

  4. so 3 police station or 3 monitoring and eavesdropping centres., how can canadians wrestle control away from the liberal ndp alliance,. we have no recourse against any government that wants to give canada away!!

  5. Contact your local MP and MLA and advise them, don’t ask, that they must throw the Communist Chinese spies out of Canada or we will elect people who will. Remind them of what happened to over 60 church properties.


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