Trudeau Permits Chinese Police To “Violate International Law”

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“These operations eschew official bilateral police and judicial cooperation and violate the international rule of law” reads a report by human rights watchdog Safeguard Defenders.

The government of China claims that the police stations provide vital services to its citizens living abroad. That and a toonie will get you a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee.

Conversely, the Human Rights report argues that the police stations are being used to “enhance China’s overseas law enforcement capabilities in possible violation of international law.”

Always willing to cut China serious slack, mainstream media in Canada are down-playing the ramifications. Ostensibly, China’s military intrusion on Canadian soil will focus exclusively on Chinese nationals, as well as migrants to Canada from the behemoth nation.

Upon which CAP pose a serious question: is it possible that a Canadian citizen with no connection to the motherland could be targeted by the CCP’s police force for anti-China activities?

If one believes harassment of Chinese citizens in Canada is a violation of international law, what does one call the possibility for China’s harassment of Canadian-born citizens?

It should come as no surprise that PM Justin Trudeau’s liberal media propagandists are sublimating the circumstances. Like the Liberal Party of Canada, legacy media are fully dedicated to eroding the degree to which Liberals have jeopardised Canadian sovereignty in order to please China’s government.

Only Canada’s National Post has delved into the reality of the situation:

“In just the last year, reported the group, Chinese authorities have claimed that 230,000 of their expats have been persuaded to return[to China] on various charges.”

According to Safeguard Defenders, “these returns are obtained by visiting extreme sanctions on the families of those targeted, such as asset seizures and prohibition from seeking government health care or education.”

Is it deja vu, or do CAP recall a time when Justin Trudeau applied “asset seizures” toward protestors at a Truckers Convoy in Ottawa? When it comes to communist-inspired crackdowns, Trudeau takes his orders from the very best.

Canada is becoming China’s chew toy. Consider Beijing’s alleged disinformation campaign which helped ‘unfriendly’ Conservative MPs of Chinese ethnicity lose their seats in the 2021 federal election.”

So says a non-Canadian media source. The messaging couldn’t arrive any other way.

Asked by The Globe and Mail about the Chinese police service centres, an RCMP spokesperson said the force would not comment on “uncorroborated media reports or statements.”

“Most of the information we receive about China’s illegal and ‘grey zone’ activities in Canada typically comes from the U.S. government and well-funded security and intelligence-focused think tanks in Australia and Europe.”

As opposed to Canadian sources. Let CAP break it down in simple terms. Fifty-years in the making, Liberal Party of Canada is a political conduit for the communist government of China.

Beginning with former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s invitation to penetrate Canadian business markets, the ubiquity of China’s presence expanded to include educational institutions, our political structure, as well as natural resources consumption.

How did Justin Trudeau respond in terms of protection of national sovereignty? The first major move he made was an attempt to push through a Canada-China Free Trade agreement.

Any common sense Canadian would marvel at the proposal’s structure. The potential partnership was front-loaded with countless advantages for China. Upon purchase of Canadian corporations, China would have the right to fill the workspace with Chinese nationals to the detriment of Canadian workers.

You can’t get anymore Justin Trudeau than that. Or can you?

July, 2020: “The Liberal Government of Canada has awarded a $6.8 million contract to a state-owned Chinese company to supply security equipment for 170 embassies, consulates and high commissions around the globe.”

A lucid synopsis comes from the pen of Charles Burton, senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Ottawa. Burton served as a diplomat at Canada’s embassy in Beijing:

“The more we ignore reports of China’s growing presence in Canada – including its interference in our electoral process, its potential espionage in our universities and research institutes, and so on – the more emboldened and manipulative Chinese agents become. With no sign that it will be held accountable, China will only increase the size and threat of its operations.”

Stop the press. In fact, we don’t have to do anything of the sort. Our press has already been stopped by our government. Together, Trudeau’s Liberals and establishment media partners have done it for us.

Have you heard the news? Institutional Canada is pro-China. Government, media, academia, corporations. Beginning in 1970 when Pierre Trudeau met for the first time with Chairman Mao Tse Tung, so-called son Justin Trudeau carries on the family tradition:

Communism For Canada is the name of the woke Liberal game.

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  1. Ironic. For every Chinese expat who’s pro-Canada….There are likely five well-connected Canadian government workers who are pro-CCP, and anti-Western. The subversives are our own kith and kin. We need a Joseph McCarthy style cleansing….Beginning w/ Chairman Justeen, and work down from there. By the way: ““In just the last year, reported the group, Chinese authorities have claimed that 230,000 of their expats have been persuaded to return[to China] on various charges.” Question: Where are the Islam police stations? Why aren’t “disobedient” Muslim expats being targeted? Tit for tat.

  2. Justin Trudeau should be tried for treason. He is giving Canadian sovereignty over to China as well as to the WHO. He is a Canadian traitor and daily shows contempt for the Canadian people he is supposed to serve and protect.

  3. One thing for sure Justin Trudeau will screw it up And he will damage Canadian sovereignty and he will do it again and again and he will and is the lousiest Prime Minister we have ever had Trudeau must go

  4. please step this way Mr. Turdoh

    you were asking what we do with our trangendered population

    as you can see this one’s anus is on his forehead and over here

    we have sowed this one’s feet on his arms and so forth


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