Trudeau On Trump’s “Racism”: That’s”Not How We Do Things” In Canada

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today denounced tweets sent by U.S. President Donald Trump over the weekend that told a series of first-term congresswomen of diverse ethnic backgrounds to “go back” to their countries of origin rather than tell U.S. politicians how America should be governed.

Trump’s tweets on Sunday ignited a political firestorm in the U.S. and have been widely denounced as racist, as only one of the four Democrats he targeted — frequent critics of Trump who have called for his impeachment — was born outside the U.S.

“That’s not how we do things in Canada,” says Justin Trudeau.

You got that right, buddy-boy. How we do things in Canada under the rule of Justin Trudeau is much, MUCH different. For one thing, rather than take pride in our nation, Trudeau grinds our history and heritage into the dirt.

Also, rather than work toward punitive damages for Islamic terrorists in Canada, we re-instate their citizenship. Canada also imports ISIS terrorists, funds Mosques with hate-preaching IMAM’s, and ignores ALL Charter-breaching aspects of Islamic Sharia Law.

Additionally, Canada pumps tens of millions into the hands of Islamic non-profit organizations. As it happens, I am on the mailing list for the National Council Of Canadian Muslims. Business is BOOMING for them. At least twice a month I receive a notice that they are looking for new employees. Accountants, Marketers, Lawyers, Journalists--this group is in major growth mode, and the funding–at least a significant portion–comes directly from the pocketbooks of tax-paying Canadians.

THIS is how things are done in Justin Trudeau’s Canada. Here is CAP’s opinion on Trump’s comments: they are typically boorish, and off the mark. Three of the Congress women were born in America. Telling them to “go back to the Third World countries they came from”  is therefore erroneous.

This said, we agree these American senators are nothing but trouble. One of them, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, was born in Somalia. She should go back there POST-HASTE, and take Canadian immigration minister MP Ahmed Hussen with her.

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This woman is a trouble-making nuisance. She belongs in the Third World, and not the United States. As with Hussen, she does NOT work for her adopted nation–she works for the Nation Of Islam.

Justin Trudeau is a feeble, hollow shell of a national leader. He does not OWN Canada, much as he believes otherwise. Yet, we should not expect anything different from this man. Trudeau knowingly and with INTENT placed people like Ilhan Omar into the Liberal Cabinet.

These people are the Canadian equivalent of this trouble-maker.  MP Iqra Khalid, Minister of Women’s Affairs, Maryam Monsef are two examples. How do we verify such a thing?

What does Ilhan Omar have to say about Islamic transgressions such as ISIS terrorism, and murdering innocent non-Muslims in the name of a 7th century Middle Eastern religion?

Answer: the same thing as Khalid and Monsef– nothing at all. Bingo, case closed. These people are INCAPABLE of viewing their religion with any element of critical thinking. If it Islamic, it is the way to go–female genital mutilation be damned.

How do we “do things” in Canada? Exactly the way Justin Trudeau says things should be done— run down Christianity while empowering the Nation of Islam within our borders. Protect ALL aspects of Islamic practice and ideology. Stay SILENT ON ILLEGAL and immoral archaic religious behaviour.

For what it is worth, Cultural Action Party of Canada AGREE with Donald Trump. Not in the choice of words, but in the overall sentiment. If Islam means so much to you, then live in an Islamic nation. Ilhan Omar— get lost. You are nothing but nuisance to the western liberal democracies of the world.




2 thoughts on “Trudeau On Trump’s “Racism”: That’s”Not How We Do Things” In Canada”

  1. It is odd how no one accused any of the female members of the squad of being racist when they accused Pelosi of being racist because she tried to reign them in. They accused her of not only being racist and attacking them because they were women of color but they made their gender an issue also.
    These women use the skin color as a cudgel to suppress criticism of what they say, but they are the ones who make their gender and race an issue. They can’t argue a point without attempting to shut down their opponent with the label of racist.
    They are immature, dishonest and foolish enough to think that they cannot be attacked. This is politics. If you can’t stand the way it works then quit. You don’t get to be handled with kid gloves.
    Trump isn’t a racist. Enforcing the border isn’t about making America White again. No politician was given the right to go about deliberately changing the racial composition of the nation. The Democrats didn’t run on that issue and there’s been no national discussion in Canada or the U.S.
    People are not just interchangeable cogs. You can’t change the ethnic and cultural make up of your nation without changing the nation. And that is something that no politician can claim for his right. She or he can’t say trust me. I know what I’m doing.
    Trudeau is embarking on a dangerous journey and he has given no thought as to its consequences. Diversity isn’t inherently a strength. Diversity can also destroy. I see no contributions that Muslims can make to Canadian society that would improve it. When you look at Islam as an ideology all that can be seen is oppression, xenophobia, segregation, apartheid, mutilation, misogyny, murder, and the destruction of the native culture that it encounters. There are no Muslim countries that are known for their human rights records. None that are known as being friendly to women and none that are Democracies. Indonesia isn’t a functioning Democracy. Just talk to the non-Muslims who live there or the women.


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