Justin Trudeau “Not A Free Man–It’s Sad” Says Half-Brother Kyle Kempler

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“Justin Trudeau surprised diners when he stopped by a restaurant in Toronto for a bite this week. North York Turkish joint, Mustafa, shocked and wowed their audience on social media when they posted a photo of their staff smiling alongside Trudeau.”

In fact, reaction on social media was awash with sarcasm, many agreeing that this style of ethnic restaurant is the only kind our PM can safely visit. Apart from curry houses in Brampton, ON and Surrey, BC it may well be true.

That Trudeau is an unpopular prime minister is understood by most Canadians. At this point in his tenure, our PM has transitioned to a condition maintained by political leaders in authoritarian states. Hated and reviled they may be, but remain regardless.

Without question, Justin Trudeau is the most “dictator-like” national leader our country has ever had. Not that media position it this way. After nine-years of neo-dictatorial leadership, legacy media still back their funding source, though the degree of elan has certainly subsided.

Interesting to note that one of Trudeau’s most vocal opponents is his half-brother, Kyle Kemper. Interviewed by American news host Tucker Carlson, Kemper recently dropped the following bomb on half-brother’s political career:

“You think your brother will get re-elected?” Carlson asked. “I don’t think he wants to…some of the latest stuff, it’s really sad. It’s not a way to live.”

“Justin is not a free man. They just showed him trying to go to an event a couple of days ago and there were probably 50 cops as his escort because Canadians are pissed off. It’s angry out there, folks.”

As it is for contemporary political despots and authoritarian leaders of history. In terms of dining out, Kemper’s comments suggest that apart from ethnic dining establishments, culinary delights on clean tablecloths are now off-limits:

“Kemper said his brother is so unpopular that he can’t drive a car or go out for dinner in a restaurant.”

An article published in the National Post this week sheds additional light on the darkest that has befallen Canada’s twenty-second prime minister:

A newly published book, The Prince: The Turbulent Reign of Justin Trudeau” delivers the following rebuke:

“Trudeau has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way in his nine years in power. Several people who have worked closely with the prime minister described him as ‘narcissistic'”

“Three of them are former ministers. ‘I think he’s narcissistic,’ said one of them. ‘I think he truly believes that he is needed by Canada, has done great things to save Canada. He really believes he operates above that sort of mortal existence.”

Does our PM suffer from mental illness? Is Trudeau really operating on another plane– the kind which inflates one’s thinking to that of the “saviour-complex” variety? If so, he shares cognitive function with the most destructive characters in political history.

After which Mr. Kemper sheds light on one of the most crucial elements of national leadership:

“Justin’s the captain of the hockey team. He’s not the manager of it, he’s not the owner of it.”

Carlson then asks Kemper who he believes is running things, to which Trudeau’s brother replies “corporations, pharmaceutical companies and the military industrial complex.”

Lord have mercy. If accurate, it stands as an affirmation of what astute political observers and conservative detractors have claimed from the beginning.

Canada is a “hi-jacked nation.” Trudeau is a “puppet errand-boy for globalist grocery clerks,” and other pejoratives of this nature.

As well as recognition of the idea that the installation of this person as PM “coincides” with the greatest degree of democratic deterioration in the history of our country.

Yet, there he remains. Can it really be true that Trudeau is so vehemently dedicated to climate change reduction, LGBT rights, transgenderism, Euthanasia, Sikhism and Islam that no matter what transpires, he will not give up his globalist dream?

“When he had the opportunity to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the prime minister of Canada…he was helped in that journey.” Kemper said.

Helped by whom, half-brother? Is this the reason why our PM has spent nine years bowing down to the government of China? Can this be the reason for fervent dedication of the Nation of Islam, in addition to Sikh militancy and Khalistani nationalist aspirations?

It all sounds pretty screwed-up to CAP. But there you have it. Still, on his high political horse he remains, due to another Khalistani nationalist, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

CAP lay it on the line: Justin Trudeau, 41 million Canadians would like their country back. Difficult to say whether it’s gone away to the degree that it can’t be brought back to life as an authentic democracy.

Still, one thing appears certain– for as long as this person remains prime minister, Canadian sovereignty will continue to be outsourced to foreign entities and international corporations.

In addition to the man himself, we can all thank Jagmeet Singh and his “supply and confidence  agreement” for extending the hi-jacking as long as humanly possible.

7 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau “Not A Free Man–It’s Sad” Says Half-Brother Kyle Kempler”

  1. Leturd’s half brother seems like the decent ACTUAL human being,

    that Klaus Shwab’s MOST eager young global prostitute,

    who rules over us with an iron fist (limp-wristed though) as “King Joffrey”

    could never be, as the sociopathic narcissist the he / it is!

    (Interesting related “factoid”…

    that I learned from listening to one of Dr Jordan Peterson’s podcasts,

    is that apparently one of the notable differences between a psychopath and a sociopath, is that a sociopath will get angry when confronted / called out..

    Does the shoe fit?

    Methinks, YES.

    — Also QUITE enlightening is JP’s very clear and comprehensive presentations on “The Dark Triad”

    (since updated most recently to “The Dark Tetrad”)

    of abnormal and toxic personality traits


    + SADISM

    I’d happily give my next three month’s pay to read / watch

    Dr Peterson’s brief psych-profiles of Ser Sox-Selfie, Jerkmeat S., Freeloader, and ALL the current so-called “ministers”!!!

    Wouldn’t you?

  2. I just HAVE to say,

    Kyle seems like a genuinely GREAT guy,

    But why does looking at him make me instantly think of a cross between Jesus, and “Mr Van Driesen” from the Beavis and Butthead cartoons?

    (YouTube “Mr Van Driesen Guitar Lesbian Seagull Song” if you don’t get the reference…!)

  3. Kyle has his mother’s eyes… We know Justin is compromised. Jagmeet as well. It is a prerequisite of political office.
    Will there be another federal election in Canada or will WW3 break out before then and Trudeau then remains in office with ’emergency powers’?


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